Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015

I started coaching softball -- I flew back to TX after spending the holidays in MN --The ceiling in my townhouse started leaking -- I went to my first drive in movie since 2009 -- I visited my friends up in Dallas -- I learned the hard way I was allergic to penicillin.

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I resigned from my first teaching job after 3 years -- Superbowl Sunday #GoLeftSharkGo -- Softball consumed my life -- I went to the San Antonio Rodeo -- I met Bart Crow -- I went to the Humble Rodeo

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I met Mr. Oklahoama -- I saw Tim McGraw at the Houston Rodeo -- My family came down to visit me -- I visited my friend in Corpus & we met Josh Ward -- My friend Alicia came down to visit me -- I Saw Eric Church at the Houston Rodeo

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Softball season came to an end -- I got my 5th tattoo -- I saw Wade Bowen for the 3rd time -- I started moving my stuff into storage -- Blue Bell went away -- I went to Luckenbach with my friend Abby

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I pulled off prom almost entirely by myself -- It rained so much that month that one day I couldn't even get home
Not pictured: I moved out of my townhouse into a hotel -- I found a roommate -- I accepted a new job

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I saw Mr. Oklahoma for what would be the last time ever -- I saw Jon Wolfe & Shane Barnhill in concert with my friend Abby as a farewell to Houston -- I went on a road trip with my cousin that included stops in New Orleans, Panama City, Chattanooga, & Chicago -- I got my 6th tattoo -- I spent lots of time with friends

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I spent more time at concerts with friends -- I hung out with my dog a lot -- I went on a day trip with my cousin up the north shore -- I found my MOH dress for Sep 2016 -- I won an autographed guitar (that I still haven't learned how to play) -- My grandpa turned 80 & we hosted a birthday party

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I celebrated my grandma's 80th birthday -- #TeamHashtag reunited at WeFest -- I made the 2 day journey back to TX -- I started my new job & made new work friends -- I got to see the Vikings beat the Cowboys in preseason

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Football Fridays & Thirsty Thursdays became a frequent thing -- my car got broken into & my credit card info also got stolen -- I got my first SNS powder dip manicure & never looked back -- I flew to MN to attend my friend's baby shower -- I got to see the MN Wild take on the Dallas Stars -- Mr. Oklahoma called me after 3 months of silence & put me in a near 2 week funk

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I went on my first date with Mr. Midwest -- Basketball started -- I went to Houston to visit friends -- I went to the TX State Fair -- I finally got my bedroom set up -- I flew to Chicago for my 27th birthday to see Kip Moore

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Lots of time was spent with friends & Mr. Midwest -- I saw Kip Moore VIP style for the 2nd month in a row -- I flew home for Thanksgiving -- I got to meet my friend's baby for the first time -- Basketball consumed my life

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I flew home to Minnesota for Christmas -- I spent time with friends -- I went to see It's A Wonderful Life put on at the school I work at -- I went to the Vikings v. Bears game at TCF -- I dyed my hair -- Took the basketball girls shopping for the family we adopted for Christmas -- Had 3 back to back Christmases

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Don't forget that if you're playing along with my 2016 Project 365 Challenge that it starts tomorrow!



  1. What a great year you've had! Love these roundups.
    Happy new year, love. xoxo

  2. Love the format of your recap! Also love your reference to Friday Night Lights. Loved that show!!