Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The More You Know...

While I was catching up with blogs I saw Pinky & Tiffany do similar "about me" posts.  I'm still trying to get my bloggin mojo back, & don't have my apartment as set up as I'd like it to be to give you a tour, so here is a little bit about me for those of you that are new, & a little bit more for those of you that have been around.

Favorite Food? 
My favorite food is bacon.  However, if you ask me my favorite meal it's a medium rare steak with a loaded baked potato & salad with ranch.

Flip Flops or High Heels?

Boots.  But if I have to only choose between those two then flip flops.

Favorite Places to Shop?

Target I guess.  I don't really like to shop.  I get in these rare moods where I want to shop but that usually just means anywhere I can get cheap/cute clothes.

Standard Coffee Order?
If I go to Starbucks my favorite is the salted caramel mocha (which should be a thing all year)
If I go to Caribou I get either the Turtle Mocha or Campfire Mocha.
If I make my own coffee or go to a gas station it's usually black...sometimes creamer if I'm feelin fun!

Road Trip Must Have Snack?
Crack dip
Meat & Cheese Tray
Veggie Tray

DIY or Hire It Out?
It depends on the project.  If it's something I can do myself...I do it.  If it's all complicated or super time consuming then I'll hire someone.

Top Five TV Shows?

The Walking Dead
Favorite Book?

Kite Runner

Favorite Form of Exercise?

Ha!  Just kidding... I need to start doing something again.

How Tall Are You?

Do you try something new at restaurants or stick to favorites?

9 times out of 10 it's one of the same few things I always order.  If it's somewhere I've never been I'll try something I wouldn't normally get though.  

One make up item you can't live without?

I almost never wear make up as it is so none of it.  When I do put it on though it's just eye liner, mascara, eye shadow...sometimes lipstick.  Does chapstick count?  I'm a chapstick addict!
What's on your nightstand?

First of all, my night stand is a joke & I should probably hit up goodwill today because it's currently a box.  But on my box is chapstick (told you), my contact case, & my cell phone.
One thing being single has taught you? (for the record Pinky has this as marriage & Tiffany had it as motherhood...)

To enjoy MY time & figure out who I am.  To focus more on myself & my life and if a guy comes into my life that fits into all of that then good...but not to settle for just anyone that comes along so I don't have to be alone.  I've also learned I'm VERY good at being independent.

Music That Reminds You of High School?
Early 2000s rap & emo rock.

If you could live anywhere in the world other than your current city where would you live?

Any small town in North/West TX or Colorado/Wyoming. 

Tell us something about you we might not know.

 The fact that I'll be 27 in 10 days is killing me but the thought of turning 30 in a few years doesn't bother me at all.

Websites you read//browse [besides blogs]: 

I've gotten bad at social media/the internet in general.  I used to be on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Blogs all the time.  I used to be on Buzzfeed a lot too.  Now I don't really do anything on them at all.  I check my email, usually respond, look at Twitter sometimes, usually close it.  Quickly scan Facebook.  I spend a lot more time actually talking to people or being out & about...which I suppose is a good thing.

Morning person/Night owl?

Neither & both.  I'm becoming less & less of a night owl though.  I was out on Saturday & at 12:30 I was sitting outside a bar, not drunk at all, eating a taco wondering why the hell I wasn't in bed sleeping.  I hate waking up for work though.  If it's the weekend I love being up no later than 8-8:30 & getting shit done.  There are some nights when I want to stay up late but those are rare.  So I guess morning person...thanks for letting me talk myself through that one ha.

Favorite/least favorite chore?
I don't love any chore but I don't mind cleaning the bathroom actually.  I hate dusting & I hate laundry. 

What's your best feature?
I love my smile & my eyes the most I guess but my hair is pretty sweet too...In general I just think I'm beautiful.


  1. Are you all caught up with The Walking Dead? Season started already OMGGgGGgGggggG!


  2. Can't wait to see your apartment tour! And agreed with what you said about being single. At least I'm learning a lot about myself :D

  3. I too love the Walking Dead. Did you watch the other night? So good. Daryl Dixon can do no wrong.

  4. I love being up early on the weekends but getting up for work, different story.

  5. I usually order the same thing when I go out to eat, too. The main reason you usually go to certain places is because you have a craving for a particular thing!

  6. I'm with you on the food - bacon is mouth watering delicious and so is a steak with a baked potato and a salad. I think I'll go to the Texas Roadhouse now! Cleaning the bathroom is one of my least favorite chores - it may be because I live with three boys, and age doesn't matter!! Great post - love these!

  7. Love the what bring single has taught you answer!!

  8. The song that makes me think of HS the most: Nelly - Country Grammar.. OMGGGG so much of that song. /wrist.
    I'll do your laundry if you clean my bathroom. I think we'd make great roomies.
    Also, KITE RUNNER, YAAAAAAASSSSSS. 2nd favorite quote from a book: “And that's the thing about people who mean everything they say. They think everyone else does too.”

  9. You are almost an entire foot taller than I am.... Im 4'11 o.O

    Also boots rock! P.s I may steal this post lol