Wednesday, February 26, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

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What I'm Eating
Salads, Philly Cheese Steak, Spaghetti, Tacos, Tamales, Pulled Pork Sandwiches

What I'm Reminiscing About
Having students that were more respectful and that I bonded with more

What I'm Loving
Living with Danny & not having a roommate 

What I've Been Up To
Working on my real estate license 

What I'm Doing This Weekend
Houston Rodeo BBQ Cook-off

What I'm Excited About
The possibility of not having to teach in a year or so

What I'm Watching
Blacklist -- We're on season 6 which is the last one that's on Netflix.  We've been watching this show since we started dating & now we're almost done & we need to find a new show.  Suggestions??

What I'm Listening To
A lot of Tik Toks...

What I'm Working On
My real estate licence

What I'm Wearing
A lot of workout clothing now that I actually go to a real gym 5 days/week

Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday Favorites *2/21*

1. President's Day
Thanks to Presidents' Day, I had no work on Monday & a 3 day weekend.  I had really planned to be a lot more productive than I was, but I was still productive nonetheless.  I spent the morning blogging & just relaxing with the dogs but then I headed to my old apartment to pack up more things to put them in storage as well as get my bedroom, closet, & hallway cleaned.  The before & after picture is an example of why I am so in love with my vacuum cleaner.  #ThingsAdultsSay  I do still have a few things there but I'm taking a half day next week so that my roommate & I can get everything emptied, cleaned, & our keys turned in.

2. Working On My Fitness
I finally found a workout program that I think I can stick with!  Well, I actually combined a couple of different ones that I found.  I knew that first & foremost I wanted to work on running so I found something that would build my stamina back up since I haven't REALLY ran in years.  I also knew though that I wanted to tone up the rest of my body but wasn't quite ready to go balls to the walls with all of the machines at the gym so I found another 10 week program that I could do equipment free or with free weights if I so choose.

3. Love Your Pet Day
Yesterday was Love Your Pet Day & I obviously couldn't let the day go by without recognizing Nasho & his new friend Loreli.

4. Money Moves
I got my tax refund yesterday!  What normally happens with my refund is that half of it goes into savings, 30% goes towards bills, & 20% goes to something a tattoo.  Well this time around that did not happen.  First of all, my roommate & I had to break our lease in order to move... so 70% of it is going towards that.  The rest of it went towards courses to get my real estate licence!  I have been *thinking* about it since about 2013.  I have been *talking* about it since 2017.  So here we are 3-7 years later & I'm finally doing something about it.  The courses are all online & I'm hoping to complete the whole thing by the end of the school year!

5. Funnies

Monday, February 17, 2020

Monday Morning Coffee *217*

Normally I'd have this all typed up by Sunday night so that I could have it auto-published at midnight.  However, I knew I had the day off today so I am literally writing this on Monday morning while drinking my coffee...  I was trying to also watch the new To All The Boys movie but it's not working right now.  That's probably God's way of telling me that I should in reality get my butt to the apartment & clean now rather than wasting my day away.

For Valentine's Day we opted to stay in.  I made Oven Roasted Shrimp w/Parmesan Risotto & garlic bread.  Danny got me *the* sweetest gift ever.  He got me a super sweet present that had me in tears.  He wrote me a little letter, got me a date night change shadow box, a picture frame with pictures of us, a cube for my desk at work with different sayings, & chocolate/candy covered strawberries.  I had also planned on making dessert but forgot my mixer at the apartment so no dessert was had.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed Saturday morning & for no real good reason was an emotional, kind of whiny, bitch most of the day.  Luckily for Danny I had a baby shower that morning so he got a few hours of peace before I came back home.  My friend's sister in law is a baker so she made the cutest cookies & cupcakes for the shower, of which I took 0 pictures.

When I got home we went to the storage unit to drop some things off, grabbed the mixer from the apartment, & then went to the grocery store.  At the store we got into, I don't know not really an argument, & I couldn't even tell you what it was about at this point anymore, but we had a silent car ride home & then I just laid in bed for a hot minute when we got home because I knew my bad mood self would just make things worse if I didn't.

That night we met up with one of his friends/co-workers at a bar where we Danny wound up making all the friends & what was originally going to be "get crawfish & a couple of drinks" turned into 2 am & Whataburger.

Sunday morning was rough.  Luckily some water, meds, & bread cured me.  Danny & his friend Alex that we had met up with the night before moved my couches from the apartment into storage & my bed into our new place so that Danny's daughter can have her very own room when she's over.  While the boys did the heavy lifting, P & I went to Target & then watched Zombies on Disney+.  We were both exhausted from the whole weekend that we ate supper, put on Ironman, & were asleep before 9 PM... which is also part of the reason that I didn't write a blog post last night.

How was your Valentine's Day weekend??

Monday, February 10, 2020

Monday Morning Coffee *2/10*

Friday after work I went & got my nails done.  I wanted them to be sort of Valentine's Day themed without being in your face pink.  I gave 3 options on Instagram & let people decide for me which set to get done.  They ultimately chose what I had first intended on getting before I then saw 2 other sets.

That night Danny & I went to a fire to celebrate one of his friend's birthday.  I naturally made friends with all the dogs.  When we got home that night Nash was not impressed that a)we had left him alone & b)we smelled of other dogs.

Saturday we packed up a lot more from the apartment & brought it over to the house.  On the way from the apartment to the house we stopped by Gold's Gym to sign up for a membership since we will no longer have access to the gym at the apartment.  We had originally planned on doing the middle plan which is like $35/mo and allows a free guest and free childcare so we were just going to split that but for an extra $15/mo I also get access to all the classes, personal trainers, and a monthly body scan which is super cool.  So we just split the membership since he’s my free guest.

After we dropped stuff off at the house we went to his sister’s for a seafood boil.  I am IN LOVE with their backyard.  It’s so pretty and peaceful.  We were going to to to our friends’ afterwards but I was so exhausted that we went home and I was asleep by like 9-9:30.

Sunday we just unpacked.  I spent all day getting everything into my closet and going through boxes trying to decide what to keep and what to put into storage.  Nash spent all day running around outside and was so exhausted at the end of the night.  Normally when we’re eating he’s still crazy and begging for food but he pretty much put himself to sleep while we were cooking and the just calmly laid by us while we ate.  It was another early night last night too.  After supper we pretty much went to bed.  Danny watched a little bit of One Strange Rock but I was out in no time.  

Friday, February 7, 2020

Friday Favorites *2/7*

1. No more nights at the apartment!  Last night was our last night staying there which means I now get an extra 30 minutes of sleep every morning!

2. I'm becoming kind of a big fan of TikTok & so I made a Social Media Choice Board for my students today where they have to take what we've been learning & choose 3 types of social media to show what they've learned.  I made TikTok an option in hopes that kid would pick it because I also want to start making videos.

3. Having a post up everyday this week made me realize that I do enjoy blogging & I'm hoping that this week has been the jump start I needed to get back to it regularly.

4. Driving into work yesterday I decided that if I don't get the job that I applied for earlier in the week, I'm going to ask if I can move up with my students next year.  While some of them drive me bat shit crazy, there are some that I am super attached to & care about.

5.  And just because...

Thursday, February 6, 2020

What's New With Me February

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**I'm moving -- which isn't new news anymore.  I've been blogging about it every single day this week.  But in case you are new here, or just haven't caught up, Danny & I are officially moving in together.  We're going to be staying at his dad's for awhile so we can save up money to buy or build our own house.**

**I applied for a job this week that would still be working for a public school district, but would get me out of the classroom.  The actual title is "District Classroom Management Consulting Teacher"  Essentially I'd do trainings on different methods for relationship building, classroom management, & setting up behavior plans.**

**We're trying to have a baby**

**I'm joining a gym.  I haven't belonged to a gym in close to a decade.  I've worked out at home, or ran on the treadmill at apartment gyms, but I haven't actually gone to a gym since like 2013-2014.  However, now that I'll no longer live in an apartment, & I don't have Beachbody On Demand, or the space to do it, it's back to a gym.  I'm actually kind of looking forward to it & am planning on going to going to a class 2-3 days a week & then just working out on my own there the other days**

**I've been toying around with the idea of being a virtual assistant and/or doing something like Door Dash/Uber Eats on the side for extra money**

**I did a DNA test on Nash through Wisdom Panel & these were his results:

37.5% American Staffordshire Terrier
25% Australian Cattle Dog
12.5 % Labrador Retriever
12.5% Pembroke Welsh Corgi
12.5% Breed Groups:
The only part that really surprised me was the Lab**

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Currently In February

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Loving... where life has taken me

Embracing... my last few nights in the apartment

Tasting... bone broth.  I've been curious about it for awhile now but then someone mentioned it in a message board I'm on saying that it has helped them in the past with something.  (Super vague & annoying I know...)  I've always loved broth though & now that it's so readily available I've been drinking a serving of it during the day.

Wearing... dresses.  Since tomorrow night will be the last night Danny & I stay at the apartment, I packed up all of my clothes except for what I'd need to get through this week & brought them over to the house.  I figured dresses was easier than tops & bottoms.

Preparing... to move.  Tomorrow night will be the last night that Danny & I sleep at the apartment.  The 15th we will get the big stuff & anything else we've got left moved out & then the power will be cutoff on the 18th so I can clean up a bit on the 17th since we don't have school that day.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Hello February

Oh hey!  Don't mind me, just over here blogging 2 days in a row!

I just wanted to pop in quick, mostly in hopes of getting the blogging mojo flowing, & share a few things that I am looking forward to this month!

-Officially moving
Even though our lease doesn't technically end until March 3rd, the last night Danny & I will be sleeping at the apartment is this Thursday & we'll be moving the remainder of the stuff on the 15th

-My friend Meg's "baby sprinkle"
She is due with her 2nd baby, 1st girl, mid-April

-Valentine's Day
Even though we don't have any real plans...I haven't truly been with someone on Valentine's Day in about 4 years...

-Doing my taxes
I'm actually sad I couldn't get them done in January this year but I'm a nerd about doing shit like taxes...

What are you looking forward to this month?

Monday, February 3, 2020

Goodbye January

The first month of 2020 is officially over & yet again, no blog posts.  That wasn't my intention.  I honestly had intentions of sitting down while still on Christmas break to type of some posts, & then again back on the 20th & cranking some out since I had the day off.  That obviously didn't happen & then before I knew it it was January 31st & I had nothing written or posted.  I *did* however manage to comment on a few posts...  I'd like to be able to promise I'll be around more in February but it's probably best I don't make promises I may not be able to keep.

Anyway, moving on...

When I last posted I was finishing up my last recap of 2019.  I had mentioned that I had had an interview for a marketing position at a real estate company & was waiting to hear back on if I would be getting a round 2 interview or not.  I suppose then that that's a good place to start my January recap:

-I DID get a 2nd round interview.  It was set for Monday January 6th & I did not go.  That's right, I didn't go.  Despite how badly I had wanted a marketing job, & to get out of teaching, I turned the interview down.  When the offer of the 2nd interview was set up, the salary range was also sent out.  To take that job would have meant a 15k-20k pay cut & that is not something that I can financially do at the moment.  Had the interview happened while still on break I probably would have still gone just for the experience.  However, it was the first day back of the 2nd semester & I wasn't about to waste a day off on a job I knew I wouldn't take even if I got it...

-On January 3rd my roommate & I signed the paperwork to terminate our lease early.  Our lease wasn't supposed to end until July 17th of this year.  We both knew however that we weren't going to be renewing when the time came & we both had other plans so we mutually agreed to start the process of getting out of our lease early.  As of today we have exactly one month left in our apartment, although we're both moving out sooner.

-Danny & I finally went to go visit our friends for the first time since we had helped them move back in the middle of December.

-My friend Tay & I had a much needed date & got our nails done.

-Danny & I went to go see Bad Boys For Life, which was really good, & the first movie I had seen in a theater in well over a year.

-Danny & I went on a little mid-week overnight getaway to Georgetown, TX where Danny fell head over heels in love with the town & we agreed that moving  there would be part of our 5 year plan.

-We started packing up stuff at the apartment & bringing it to the new place.  We're actually going to be moving in with his dad for a hot minute so that we can save up some money to buy/build our own place.  Bonus: Nash gets a backyard & a dog friend!

Looking back at January my calendar doesn't really have much on it, & I was only at work 17.5 days, but holy shit January 1st feels like forever ago...

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

September-December 2019

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!  I know I pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth as far as blogging goes over the last 4-6 months, but I hope that 2019 treated everyone well & that 2020 is even kinder to you.  One of my goals while I'm still on break, is to catch up on bunch of unread blog posts.  I have been following along with some of you on IG though & if there are any of you out there that I'm not following, I'd love to so let me know!

Last Monday I recapped Jan-Apr & yesterday I recapped May-Aug.  That means today I'm wrapping up 2019, which is actually a lot more fitting than I had planned seeing as it is actually the last day of 2019...

Anyway, onward with the reacp!

In September Danny & I went to our first concert together & saw Chris Young (who he is obsessed with.)  We also went on our first mini roadtrip/out of town stay together when we drove up to Fort Worth for my friend Trey's wedding.

For awhile I was also meeting all of the dogs...

Nash being the spoiled only child that he is was not pleased with me about this.

I'm not really sure exactly when it happened, but at one point Danny & I unofficially moved in together.  It was around then that I knew for sure that he was the one because instead of wanting him to go away so I could have all the me time like normal, I wanted him around all the time even if we weren't doing anything.

October brought more adventures such as me turning 31, our first Halloween together, briefly joining a weekly bags (corn hole) tournament at a bar across the street, & getting together with friends.

In November Danny & I went out of town together again.  We went back to Dallas but this time to watch the Vikings play the Cowboys.  It was a nail biter of a game but the Vikings pulled off a win.  We also had our first Friendsgiving!  A couple of days later Nash & I set off on a 5-6 day road trip to Minnesota for actual Thanksgiving.  It was the longest Danny & I had been apart since we met.

Having been fed up with my job since pretty much day 1, I began applying for new jobs some time around October-November.  Finally in December I was given a shot to interview for my first ever non-teaching job.  Luckily the interview took place during dead week right before finals.  Of all of the people that applied I was one of 22 that were selected to send in work samples.  Of those 22 only 8 of us sent in samples & so each of us was given a shot at a first round interview.  While I was fairly certain that I was going to get a second round interview, I went into the holidays unsure.

I had originally planned to drive home for Christmas, as I had done every year since getting Nash, but a little before Thanksgiving between Danny, my parents, & I, we all decided it would be best to fly home.  So I did.  Danny watched Nash & they had the time of their lives.  I got on a plane for only the second time since getting Nash & I spent 5 nights away from him which is the longest I ever spent away from Nashy.

While I was home though I got to catch up with 5 different friends as well as spend time with my family.

And now here we are, December 31st.  The end of a month, year, decade.  Danny & I don't really have any big plans for tonight.  Possibly going out to a bar across the road for supper, possibly just getting food to go, watching Netflix, & finding a ball to watch drop online.  

2020 has some big things in store though & I can't wait to share those things with all of you!