Friday, November 1, 2019

Goodbye October, Hello November

It's been 5.5 weeks since I last blogged.  It's also been that long since I last read a blog... my apologies.  I haven't even really been posting on Instagram as much as I used to.  I just looked & I only have 17 photos posted on IG since my last blog post.  So what have I been up to in that time?  A whole lot & a whole lot of nothing at the same time.

**It's the 52nd day of school today & I've already missed 4 days.  2 I took off & the other 2 were for a lesson plan creating committee I got put on.  Those days are boring but at least I'm not at school.**

**Danny & I went to Dallas-Fort Worth for a weekend for my friend Trey's wedding**

**I met all the dogs**

**Danny & I joined a weekly bags (corn hole) tournament at a bar/food truck place across from my apartment**

**I turned 31 & had the most grown up birthday of my life.  For the first time since graduating high school I didn't have some big dinner, trip, or concert planned.  I took the day off because I didn't want to be at work.  Nash & I went to the dog park for a few hours, I got an oil change, & then Danny & I just ate at home that night since we already had plans to be out Thursday, Friday, & Saturday night.  He surprised me with flowers, cake, wine, & a sweet card.**

**I celebrated my birthday buddy's unicorn themed birthday**

**I stopped being Team Android & started living the iPhone life when I got the iPhone 11**

This month is going to fly by.  Danny & I have plans to go to Dallas again this month but this time for the Vikings/Cowboys game.  I'll also be going home for a few days over Thanksgiving.  I'm most looking forward to the fact that I'll only have to be at work a whopping 14 days this month...

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Linking up with Sheaffer & Shay.

What I'm Eating
Danny is sick so I made Chicken Noodle Soup for the week but then also made Mississippi Pot Roast

What I'm Reminiscing About
Not having a roommate

What I'm Loving
Wine in a can

What I've Been Up To
Trying to not lose my shit in class on a daily basis.

What I'm Doing This Weekend
Danny & I are going to Dallas-Fort Worth because a friend of mine is getting married.

What I'm Excited About
Getting to visit DFW for the weekend.  We'll be staying with Danny's cousin but I'm hoping we can go out somewhere at least one night that we're there.

What I'm Watching
Blacklist & Shameless

What I'm Listening To
A lot of Logic & Skitz Kraven

What I'm Working On
My resume & cover letter so I can start applying to non-teaching jobs.

What I'm Wearing
Jeans & leggings.  I've lost pretty much all f*cks when it comes to my work wardrobe & just want to be comfortable.

Friday, September 20, 2019

It's Been Awhile

Remember on August 1st when I shared my goals & one of them was to blog every single day in August & then I didn't blog again until right now...

I actually didn't really complete any of those goals.  I'm also only really back because Jess sent me a message the other day on Instagram & told me I had to write an update lol.

I had set the following goals for August:

1. Start Transform20 again
Instead I cancelled my Beachbody On Demand altogether...

2. Get through 2 grad school classes
I also quit grad school... not only was I set back because of being in a new district & not having any data, I also realized just how much I actually hate teaching & have no desire to work on a degree that will only get me further in teaching...

3. Blog every day

4. Get my new apartment set up
I did do this one!

5. Get my new classroom set up
I found out the very next day that I wasn't actually going to be teaching US History but instead 9th grade World Geography so my theme & joy went right out the window... if you've read any of my posts about teaching you know just how much I HATE teaching 9th grade world geo...

6. No fast food
7. Meal plan/prep each week
8. Track spending
9. Restart a gratitude journal

10. Find a new hobby
I didn't really find a new hobby but pretty much right after I moved into my apartment I got myself a boyfriend & a group of friends to hang out with all the time sooo same difference.

Because it's been nearly 2 months since I last posted a blog post, it's also been 2 months since I last did a Currently post.  So what better, and easier, way to update ya'll on what I've been up to.

Accomplishing getting rid of things that no longer matter to me & are/were causing stress.
Buying mostly food...
Day Dreaming about no longer being a teacher.  Ya'll it's bad.  My new district isn't even bad.  I have been thinking about getting out of education for awhile but this year has just shown me just how much I actually dislike being a teacher.  I've been looking at non-teaching jobs since about day 18 of this school year...
Drinking lots of water
Eating "like a king" according to my roommate.  Mostly because I cook for Danny & I every night to every other night.  And because I have someone else to cook for rather than just myself, I put more of an effort into it.  This week for example I've made both pulled pork stuffed poblano peppers & pulled pork nachos.
Enjoying that my drive to work is now only 35 min instead of over an hour
Feeling grateful
Knowing that everything happens for a reason.  If you all remember, all the way up until about July 23 I was still holding out hope that I would get a teaching job in Minnesota & I wouldn't have to move back to Texas.  Ya'll I sobbed when I realized I was moving back to Texas.  I got ready to start my grad school classes August 1st so that I could finish by the end of January & be able to apply for jobs back in Minnesota.  But then I did move back to Texas & 4 days after I moved into my apartment I met Danny & we have basically been inseparable since.  He is everything I wanted & didn't know I needed.
Listening to a lot of Chris Young
Looking at pretty much daily.  If I was offered a job today that paid me at least what I'm making right now I would walk away tomorrow & not even feel bad...
Loving Danny

Making lots of new to me recipes
Needing a long break from work... and it's only the end of week 5.  Luckily there is a 4 day weekend coming up in October!
Waiting impatiently for next weekend when Danny & I are going out of town together for the first time for a wedding.
Wanting to get my refund from school so that I can pay off some debt.
Wearing a lot of dresses.  I'm still refusing to wear dress pants so that means I wear dresses 3 days a week to work & jeans the 2 days I'm allowed to wear jeans.  As soon as I get home though I'm in yoga pants & a tank top.
Wondering what kind of job I could get that would pay me at least the same amount that I am making now as a teacher but doesn't require a master's degree & I could preferably do from home at least some of the time.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

August Goals

I haven't done a goals post since March, & I'm pretty sure I didn't complete most of them...

1. Start Transform20 again
I had started Transform20 back when it initially came out in January.  I made it through 4.5-5 of the 6 weeks & then quit.  This time I'm not quitting.  I actually just started 21 Day Fix again this week but when that's done I'll jump into T20.

2. Get through 2 grad school classes
My courses at WGU start today actually.  I am going to try my hardest to get it all done in 6 months & since it's 12 courses I'm aiming to get at least 2 done per month

3. Blog every day
I actually wrote down post ideas for each day Mon-Fri for all of August last month.  Now the trick will be sticking to it.

4. Get my new apartment set up
I got back down to my apartment this past Saturday & got all of my stuff moved in on Monday.  Now I just need to get everything set up & decorated how I want.

5. Get my new classroom set up
The school year starts on the 19th & I'll be teaching a new subject this year, US History.  This year I want to have a theme to my classroom.  I'm aiming for Instagram themed.

6. No fast food
Besides the fact that I need to start being healthier again, I also need to start saving money.

7. Meal plan/prep each week
Being at my parents' for the last 2 months meant that I didn't have to meal plan/prep.  Sure I helped with ideas & cooking but that was usually on a day to day basis.  Now that I'm back to completely fending for myself, & going back to work soon, I need to get back into the habit of planning healthy meals for the week & getting them all prepped on Sundays.

8. Track spending
A lot is & needs to change this year financially.  First of all, I'm starting a new job which means my salary is different.  My bills will also be different because I'm living in a new place & have a roommate again for the first time in years.  Not only that though, my debt & spending are ridiculous.  There are certain things that I can't control because what's done is done, but I can control what I spend from here forward.  So first things first, detailed tracking of what I spend my money on for the month of August & then seeing where I can make cuts.

9. Restart a gratitude journal
I had one before & I could definitely feel a change in my mood.  I was just happier in general while doing it.  Then life happened & I stopped doing it.  I really need to get back at it.

10. Find a new hobby
Preferably a free or cheap one.   I just need something to get me out of my routine without breaking the bank.  I have a habit of getting stuck in a routine of work, home, work, home.  I don't want that to keep happening but know that unless I actively try to figure something out it's going to.  Especially since I'll also be throwing grad school work on top of it.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Linking up with Sheaffer & Shay.

What I'm Eating
Lots of frozen food, specifically burritos.  My stuff still has yet to be delivered, although it's supposedly coming today, so I have nothing to really cook with or more importantly put leftovers & such in.  Not the best for getting back into being healthy but it'll have to do for the time being...

What I'm Reminiscing About
My time in Minnesota

What I'm Loving
How cuddly Nash has been.  Granted it's because he's having a rough time adjusting not only to not having my parents, brother, & 2 other pets around, but also having to move into a new place.

What I've Been Up To
Moving & trying to get settled into a new place & new school year

What I'm Doing This Weekend
I have 0 plans as of right now.  I'll most likely keep it that way so that I can get everything settled in my new place & get some grad school work done since classes start tomorrow.

What I'm Excited About
The fact that I seemed to have lucked out this time around with my roommate.  The last couple of times I had roommates it was awkward AF.

What I'm Watching
Nothing because none of my stuff has been delivered!

What I'm Listening To
Either Spotify or relaxing music for dogs on Youtube to get Nash to feel calm

What I'm Working On
Getting settled into a new routine

What I'm Wearing
Lots of shorts & tank tops because it's hot as hello outside

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Monday Morning Coffee Vol. 19

Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone had a good weekend!  Yesterday was a whole thing with my moving company & then me driving down to Houston which is why this didn't get posted yesterday.  As of yesterday I am officially back in Houston!  In case you missed it on Friday, I left a day later than originally planned.  It honestly all worked out for the best this way & made a whole lot more sense.  This week is a big week.  Moving yesterday, paperwork today, hopefully getting all of my stuff delivered today by the moving company, otherwise it'll be tomorrow & grad school classes start Thursday, & I go back to work on Friday!  Basically summer for me has come to an end.

My mom had the day off Friday & so we went to go run some errands.  At 30 years old I lost my mother in Walmart.  Y'all I can only think of one time I got lost as a child & that was my own damn fault because I wandered off & really it was just 2 rows over in the same clothing section...I was just too short to see.  This time however, we were in the grocery section & she told me to grab this & that & as she was walking away told me where she was going so I didn't really hear her.  I grabbed the two things, waited around that area for a hot minute, & then went into stationary so that I could grab myself a planner.  I was pretty sure she had said that she was going to the bathroom so then I went back there to wait figuring she would call me if she couldn't find me.  I sat back there for a hot minute...nothing.  I knew she had left her purse with me but just assumed she had grabbed her phone.  Nope!  Well swell... so I wandered back over to grocery & called my dad.  I told him I had lost his wife & asked how embarrassed he thought she'd be if I had her paged over the intercom.  Just at the moment I saw her walking nearby.

My dad got off work early on Friday & was able to be home around 5 pm which means I actually got to see him again before leaving which I wouldn't have been able to do if I had left Friday morning.  My brother had plans with his girlfriend but he stopped in after work too to say goodbye.  We grilled some brats & just relaxed at home until it was bedtime for everyone.

Nash & I started our journey back to Texas.  We didn't leave until almost 11 am because I knew we would be stopping in Kansas City which is "only" a 7-8 hour drive & I didn't want to spend hours upon hours just sitting at the hotel before bedtime.  We stopped in Southern Minnesota for lunch & just ate it in the parking lot so that we could kill a little more time.  I also talked to my mom on the phone while I ate my lunch.  We stopped again a couple of hours later so that Nash could go potty again but then didn't stop until we were about an hour & a half away from our hotel.  There is a DQ along our route in Missouri where I first learned that dogs get free ice cream there so now we always stop.  I got a mini Sour Patch Kids Blizzard, got Nash his free ice cream, & fed him his supper while we sat in that parking lot.  I also grabbed a salad for supper at the gas station across the street so that I wouldn't have to stop again or get food delivered.  

Nash was pretty much an asshole all night long.  He barked at pretty much everything.  It didn't help that the pool was right outside our window.  The pillows were also the worst hotel pillows I've ever had.  We always stay at La Quinta because Nash gets to stay for free at every location, but we will never stay at this location again.  Honestly, if the booking hadn't been so last minute we wouldn't have even stayed in Kansas City at all since Wichita is our new normal.

Nash & I had quite the day on Sunday.  He was in desperate need of a bath so because the tub in the hotel room had higher sides than normal I decided to just give him the bath there.  He hates baths!  He's also really strong.  I picked him up & as soon as I started getting towards the tub he started thrashing around like a shark & head butted me causing me to split my lip a little bit.  Ultimately I still won as he got the bath.

A little ways into our drive I stopped at a gas station to get food, go to the bathroom, all that jazz.  I got a little snack pack that had apples, crackers, cheese, ham, & grapes.  Nash could have literally had anything out of there except the one thing I gave him.  Without thinking because he was all up in my face as I was eating I gave him half a grape.  99.9% of the time I Google everything before I let him eat it.  The one time I don't I give him something potentially toxic.  I quick looked up a number for an emergency vet clinic & asked them what to do.  She told me that every dog was different but just to be safe I should get some peroxide & make him vomit.  It should also be noted that we were on the Kansas Turnpike at that point meaning there are VERY FEW places to stop.  Luckily I wasn't far from an exit that had a Walgreens so I picked up some peroxide & baby medicine, because I needed the syringe & apparently you can't buy them separate.  I'm sure I then looked like a blast & a half as I was holding Nash down in the parking lot half crying & half pleading with him to just let me give him the peroxide.  Afterwards we trotted around the parking lot for 20 minutes while he looked happy as a clam & super pleased with himself.  It had been a little over 20 minutes & nothing... I called the vet back & as I was asking her what to do he threw up in the parking lot & so we were on our way.

We stayed in Fort Worth with a friend of mine who I used to work with.  She has a couple of dogs so Nash was in heaven, the other dogs not so much because they're 8 & 10 whereas Nash is 2.  We went to Chuys, put together an IKEA dresser, & then just hung out watching TV until bedtime.

Not to leave y'all hanging in suspense with my moving company drama, but I will update you on that on Friday.  Partly because this post is getting long & a day overdue, partly because I have to get ready to go sign paperwork, & partly because the drama hasn't officially ended.  Fingers crossed it ends today!  I want/need my stuff!

The Week Ahead
1- Theme of the week: 5 of Wands - Hold my head up high & remember that I will end up exactly where I need to be
2- Monday & Tuesday: 4 of Wands - A sign of moving place of residence.
3- Wednesday & Thursday: Reverse 2 of Wands - Make a change & try new things in order to fully enjoy life
4- Friday: Hermit - Make sure that doing the right thing is also the right thing for me personally
5- Saturday & Sunday: Reverse 5 of Cups - Don’t get stuck in things that are already over & done with
6- Advice for the week: Reverse World - Getting close to who I really am at my deepest level - take a moment to rest & relax

Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday Favorites *7/26*

Happy Friday!  Today is my last full day in Minnesota.  I was planning on leaving this morning until my moving company & threw a wrench into all of that.  Now I will be leaving tomorrow morning.  I'm not complaining!  I get an extra day in Minnesota, Nash & I will get to have a sleepover with one of my friends & former co-workers in Dallas, & I won't have to make a trip back up to Dallas just to get my stuff.

From the Phone

Moments of Gratitude
**Getting to see Becky twice in one week**

**Getting clarity from the medium**

**The MN vs TX roller coaster coming to an end**

**Getting to go to the county fair for the first time in years**

**Hour long massage**

Events of the Week
Monday: Monday morning I had a call with my new grad school advisor.  She seems really awesome & it got me ready start my courses (6 more days!)  At noon I had an appointment with a medium that a couple of my friends have gone to before.  I'm going to do a whole post about that next week but it got me all pumped up about life.  After that I met up with my cousin at a little dive bar for lunch.  I was hoping to hear from the MN school that day but didn't.  I did finally get a date set up to do my paperwork for Houston though so at least I got that accomplished.

Tuesday: Tuesday morning I made a call down to Houston to find out what my salary was going to be.  Honestly I did it because I was thinking at the time that it would be financially smarter to stay in MN & was worried that it was going to be really rough if I didn't get the job in MN & had to go back to TX.  I was wrong.  I was very wrong.  I knew I had to go back to Texas.  Financially it's what made the most sense.  Even though I knew it was the right thing to do, & I didn't even know if the MN job was an option or not yet, I still bawled my eyes out, a couple of times.  I know it's going to be ok.  I was previously super excited to be moving back to the Houston area, & that had been the plan for over a month.  I think it was more about the fact that I had spent the last 3 weeks convincing myself not only that it was possible to stay, but that I was going to stay.  Also, I spent the last 2 months at my parents' house surrounded by friends & family & that was by far the longest I had been home at one time in like 4 years.

A few hours after I had made the decision I got a call from the MN school saying they had offered the job to someone else & they had accepted.  I didn't answer the call because I honestly thought that since they were calling they were going to offer it to me & I didn't quite know how to turn it down yet.  But then I listened to the voicemail & found out I had in fact not gotten the job.  The principal was super nice about it though & told me how well I had done & that they would definitely be keeping my info on file for the future.

I had gotten the call as I was on my way to meet Becky at a dog park so our dogs could play.  Mostly I was tired of Nash being an asshole & was hoping it would tire him out.  If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you know that a man showed up to the dog park, without a dog, in his underwear.  My cousin wound up calling the cops because he kept trying to pick up a girl's husky & force him to swim in the river.  He also kept talking to himself & at one point laid down by a tree & put his hands in his underwear.  Needless to say the cops came & he left...

Wednesday: Most of the day was spent doing nothing.  I should have been productive but I just didn't want to be.  I did get a much needed massage, & probably my last one for awhile because needs vs wants.  After my massage I went to the county fair with my mama, brother, & his girlfriend.  It was technically set-up day so there wasn't a whole lot there but I did get my pork chop & to see some animals which is really all I care about anymore.

Thursday: I spent most of the day thinking it was my last day in Minnesota.  That was until about 4 pm when my moving company called to confirm my moving date & told me that they could only give me a 4 hour window of when they'd be showing up to my storage unit & I would only get a 30 minute heads up.  My window is from 8 am-noon & my apartment is 3.5 hours away from my storage unit.  Ultimately I decided it made 0 sense to drive down to Houston on Saturday only to either drive back up Sunday & find someone to stay with or have to leave my apartment at 4 am just in case they were to get to the storage unit at 8 am...

I went to the county fair again.  This time it was pretty much just to say goodbye to my friend Kristie & hang out with her for a bit while she volunteered in the EMS tent.  I did get some cheese curds & ran into a few other people from HS that I had got to awkwardly talk say hi to.

I had intended to pack because I thought I was going to be leaving this morning but when I found at 4 pm that I wouldn't be I obviously put it off because I'm a procrastinator...



Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Three Things In July

I was originally going to post something else today but then Steph posted her Three Things: July yesterday & I decided I wanted to play along as well.  

If I'm really being honest I started this yesterday because I was just trying to avoid all of my laundry but then went to the dog park instead.  It's all clean but it needs to be put away & I was refusing to do that until I heard from the MN job because if staying meant it would go in the closet & dresser and not staying meant it'd all go back in the suitcase.  The verdict on all of that is actually what today's post was originally going to be about but then I decided to just add it to my Friday post.  #SorryNotSorry

Three Movies I've Watched More Than 20 Times
Mean Girls
Friday Night Lights
Dazed & Confused

Three Things I Don't Do
Wear make-up
Go to the movie theater
Pay for cable

Three Things I'm Always Up For Doing
Getting coffee
Road trips
Seeing live music

Three Good Things That Happened This Month
Getting to spend almost all of the month with my family in MN
Going to see a medium
Having so much support from my friends, family, & all of you

Three Things I Wish Everyone Knew So Well It Was Engraved In Their Bones
Just because YOU don't like/agree with something, it doesn't mean you need to ban it for everyone
Just because someone does something differently than you, it doesn't mean they're wrong
A random kind word can go a long way

Three Things I'm Tired Of
Deer flies
Hot humid weather outside/freezing cold inside

Three Things I'll Never Tire Of
Sour Patch Kids Blizzard
Coffee first thing in the morning

Three Things I Like To Photograph
Wide open spaces

Three Things I Can't Resist
Ranch dressing
Cuddling with Nash

Monday, July 22, 2019

Monday Morning Coffee Vol. 18

Today is the day people!  Or perhaps tomorrow is the day...  Today or tomorrow my fate will be sealed for this next school year.  The principal was hoping to make a decision by the end of the day Monday & then let candidates know.  Either way I'm probably leaving for Texas on Thursday.  If I get the job I'll need to head down there to take care of some apartment stuff.  If I don't, well it's still time to head back so I can start settling in...  I keep telling myself that either way I'll make the most of it, & I will, but Lord I don't want to go back.  I keep just trying to tell myself that I got the job & am hoping that putting those positive thoughts into the universe along with all of the prayers from y'all ass well as my friends & family is enough to seal the deal.

I was fully prepared to write about how absolutely nothing happened on Friday.  And for the most part, that would still be true.  For most of the day not a lot happened.  I started my orientation for grad school but that was about it.  That is until I got a tornado warning on my phone & Nash & I had to seek shelter in the basement.  Luckily there was no real damage at my parents' house.  That tree that is down in the pictures is one that they have been hoping would come down for quite some time now.  It's also the only thing that came down & it didn't hit anything so all was well.  The storm left just as quickly as it came.

Saturday I met up with some friends from high school to go four wheeling.  I am pretty sure it had been about a decade since I last did any real four wheeling.  We rode around for a few hours before heading to a resort for some dinner & drinks on the patio.  We had planned on bar hopping around the lake but instead went to another friend's place for a bonfire.  As soon as the sun starting going down though the mosquitoes got insane so we just went inside to hang out for a few hours where everyone decided to try to play matchmaker for me.  By the time I got home around 10:45 I was EXHAUSTED & yet still couldn't manage to fall asleep for quite awhile because I had so many bug bites they were driving me insane.

Sunday was a true day of nothingness.  I woke up far too early & super sore from sitting on a four wheeler for hours the day before.  I finished up my grad school orientation (10 days until my coursework starts!) & just laid on the couch watching movies all day with my mom & Nash.  We watched Forever My Girl, Always Be My Maybe, Unfinished Business, & started Hell or High Water.  My dad came home towards the end of Unfinished Business & I passed out pretty much right as Hell or High Water started.  I took a solid hour long nap & it was glorious!

The Week Ahead
Theme of the week: Reverse Death - Changes are coming
Monday & Tuesday: Reverse 10 of Swords - Coming up with plans & solutions to improve my situation 
Wednesday & Thursday: Reverse Fool - New beginnings & a fresh start are coming
Friday: 4 of Cups - Put focus on the things & people in life to be thankful for
Saturday & Sunday: 2 of Cups - Things are going well.  Feelings of love, care, & contentment
Advice: Reverse Queen of Swords - Be on the lookout for stumbling blocks created by others

Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday Favorites *7/19*

Happy Friday everyone!  Even though temperature wise summer is still heating up, and according to the calendar we still have a couple months left of summer, my summer is rapidly coming to an end.  Whether I wind up going back to Texas (fingers crossed that's not the case though) or I stay in Minnesota, I only have 3 weeks max left until I return to work.  In just a few days, hopefully Monday or Tuesday, I will find out about the Minnesota job.  

I want to thank you all for the well wishes & good vibes you've been sending me throughout this process.  I could really use some more positive energy & prayers over the next few days until I hear the news because I am not mentally or emotionally prepared to return to Texas.  I'm also just flat out not prepared as I haven't set up an appointment with any moving company to get my stuff from Dallas to Houston...

From the Phone

This was on the wall directly in front of the toilet at the restaurant my friends & I went to on Monday

Moments of Gratitude
**Finally getting to attend Restaurant Week**

**Feeling confident about my interview**

**Officially getting cleared to start grad school August 1st**

**Being close to my bank this time around when my debit card info was compromised**

**Being able to push back my orientation date with Houston so I can wait to hear from the MN school**

Events of the Week
Monday: I *finally* got to attend Restaurant Week!  Nearly a year ago I had made reservations for a restaurant during the Dallas-Fort Worth Restaurant Week, I woke up that morning super sick & couldn't go...  So when Kayla & Sonja asked if I wanted to go to Baja Haus for Minnesota's Restaurant Week I jumped at the chance!

Drink: Bad Hombre: Habanero/serrano infused Mezcal, tattersall orange crema, agave nectar, haus sour
Baja Caesar Salad: avocado, jalapeno, heirloom tomatoes, cotija cheese, chipotle caesar dressing
Divers Scallops
Not pictured: Coconut flan

It was all SO good!  Well, the flan was eh but that's because I hate coconut.  The 2 dessert options were a coconut flan & a pineapple 2 ways tres leches... I hate both coconut & pineapple but pineapple more so.

The drive to the restaurant was intense.  About halfway there it started pouring so hard that I could only see the road if there was a car right in front of me.  I even had to pull into a gas station for a few minutes because it was so bad.  I made it safely & it was totally worth it.

Tuesday: I had an interview in the morning for a school in Minnesota.  I honestly feel like it went really well.  For once I wasn't nervous at all & the people that interviewed me were all so nice & laid back.  I emailed all 3 of the people that were in the interview when I got home because if I took one thing away from the time we had a principal come in & talk to one of our classes in college, it was when he said that a thank you note goes a long way & can sometimes be the deciding factor.

That evening I had a date.  When he asked I was excited for it.  Day of I was all.  Then I got there & holy shit it was bad.  Trying to have a conversation was like pulling teeth.  I basically had to force conversation & if I stopped asking questions the conversation would pretty much stop...  No second date will be happening...

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said that the Guy from HS out of nowhere pretty much ghosted me... while on my date of all times he sent me a snapchat.  I didn't see it until the date was over but WTF.  It was simply a picture of 2 of our mutual friends.  Not even a caption.  It took everything in me to not respond with "are you fucking kidding me right now?!"  But I did not.  All I said was "I miss Gregg" (one of our friends in the picture).  He half ass tried talking to me as if he hadn't blown me off & disappeared a week & a half earlier but I was so short with him that it quickly died & he hasn't attempted to say anything to me since.

I also got an email from Houston *finally* trying to set up a time for me to do my paperwork.  However they wanted me to come in at 8:30 am on Thursday 7/18.  They also said that if that didn't work they had several other options available throughout July & August.  Seeing as a)I'm waiting to hear back from MN & b)there was no possible way for me to be there by then I responded and asked what other dates were available.  Nothing like trying to set something up fairly last minute 6.5 weeks after offering me the job...

Wednesday: I got a response to my thank you email from one of the principals that had interviewed me the day before.  I'm trying not to read *too* much into it but that is literally the first time someone has EVER responded to a thank you email in the 7 years I've been interviewing for jobs...  Really though all he said was a thank you for the note, that it was a pleasure to meet me, & that he would keep me posted on where they're at early next week.

I also got a response from Houston since I told them was out of state & had asked what other dates were available.  When I asked that question I sort of assumed/hoped they would give me a list of the dates available.  Nope.  They asked if 8:30 am on July 24th would work.  No.  Mostly because if I do wind up getting the Minnesota job I'll find out on Monday or Tuesday but I'd have to leave here on Sunday in order to get down to Houston on time & I don't want to have start that drive if I'm going to get the MN job.  But also because I still haven't found a moving company & the chances of getting one to help me in just 5 days wasn't likely...

My friend Bridgette was telling me about the movie Little & since I had nothing going on I went to Redbox for the first time in FOREVER to rent it.  I thought it was cute.

Thursday: I got an email from WGU saying everything was completed & I was cleared to start my orientation.  Once I complete that I will officially be able to start my coursework on August 1st!  

I never did get a response email from Houston though so even though I'm pretty sure they're closed today, I'm going to have to attempt to call them to see what dates are available for me to do my orientation/paperwork for them.  I was telling a few of my friends that while Houston taking forever is helping me out on the Minnesota front, it's super frustrating & has me dreading potentially having to work there.  I was interviewed & offered a job 7 weeks ago... I am just now getting emails about setting up a time to do orientation/paperwork & those responses have been taking a day or more to even complete that process...

I got a call from my bank's fraud department saying there had been a couple of suspicious attempts to use my debit card.  Luckily the purchases were too big & automatically got declined, & luckily I'm actually in Minnesota this time so I can just run to the bank quick today to get a new card printed.

Nash (& Jack)