Friday, July 22, 2016

This Summer Is Coming To A Close

To most people, summer is June 1-August 31.  According to the calendar, summer is June 21-September 21.  To teachers, summer is approximately June 5-August 15.  I don't know what my plan is yet, I have just over 2 weeks to figure that out.  I may teach again this fall, I may not.  But right now I'm still in that WeFest is the end of my summer mindset.  This was such a weird week in that Monday & Tuesday flew by but Wednesday just drug on & on.

Has anyone seen the bandwagon that I've fallen off of??

I needed to find a dress for my friend's rehearsal dinner so while I was at the mall I stopped at Maurices because a friend had told me that they were having a huge sale.  I got the top dress for the rehearsal dinner & the bottom one for a family get together & WeFest.  I spent $35 total for both of them.

This week has been a scorcher.  I'm not quite sure how I plan on ever being able to live in Texas for an entire summer.  That same day Fort Worth was at 97 (104 RealFeel) & they weren't under an excessive heart warning because that's just normal!

Pardon me while I pimp out my music blog again that I co-write with my friend Alicia, aka Music Soulmate.  This week Cody Johnson (Texas Country singer that I l-o-v-e) liked one of our pictures on Instagram. I may or may not have geeked out a lot.  Feel free to follow along with us via:


Every week we share new songs, upcoming shows, & reviews of artists/songs/albums/shows

My mom had a meeting for work so I decided to tag along.  To kill time I first went to the mall to use Shopkick as much as I could.  I reached 500 points, which is what I needed for the original gift card I picked (Target) but decided to switch it to iTunes so now I need another 2000 points.  Afterwards I found myself driving by my old apartment & through campus getting all nostalgic.  I also had to see my torn down dorm for myself.  I had nothing left to do so I went to Caribou Coffee & sat in their parking lot to use their wifi & read blogs in my car.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer Playlist

In all reality I'm listening to the Maren Morris album Hero on repeat a lot of the time.  You can read my post about her & the album here.  But here are 10 fun songs I'm loving for summer.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fun In DFW

Last week I shared a list of restaurants I want to eat at in the Fort Worth area, & next week I'll be sharing a list of restaurants I want to eat at in the Dallas area.  This week however I'm bringing you a list of fun things I would like to do in the DFW area.  There are way more things to do in the DFW than those that I have listed here but I didn't want to go overboard.

Fun in DFW
1. Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM

2. Fort Worth Water Garden

3. Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge

4. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

5. Dallas Art Museum

6. Klyde Warren Park

7. Dallas Arboretum

8. Fort Worth Botanical Garden

9. Dallas Zoo

10. Fort Worth Zoo

11. Dallas Farmer's Market

12. Ice skating at the Galleria

13. Deep Ellum Brewery Tour

14. Rahr & Sons Brewery Tour

15. Reunion Tower

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bachelorette Parties

This past weekend I was at my friend's bachelorette party & it got me thinking, what would I want my bachelorette party to be like?  I've been to parties with varying extravagance, costs, & activities.

When I attended my friend Melissa's bachelorette party 6 years ago, we all stayed in a hotel in the cities one night, went out for dinner, & bar hopped.

When I attended my ex-boyfriend's sister's bachelorette party 6 years ago, there was a pure romance party, party bus, & bar hopping.

When I randomly attended a girl I graduated with's bachelorette party 5 years ago, we drank at a bar in our hometown.

When I attended my cousin Elizabeth's bachelorette party 4 years ago, we went to a piano bar.

When I attended my friend Heather's bachelorette party 3 years ago, we went camping for a weekend.

When I attended my friend Meg's bachelorette party 2 years ago, we went to dinner, bar hopping, & a strip club.

When I attended my friend Kristie's bachelorette party this past weekend, we stayed at a resort for a weekend, did a wine tasting one night, went out to dinner/bar hopping the next.

So what would I want? I'm not sure EXACTLY what I want.

What I don't want:
I don't want a party bus.
I don't want strippers or a strip club.
I don't want anything fancy.
I don't want to have to stay up late/drink a lot for more than one day.

Monday, July 18, 2016

What Happens At The Lake Stays At The Lake

Friday afternoon 6 of us set off for my friend Kristie's bachelorette party weekend.  We headed north to Manhattan Beach Lodge in Crosslake, MN.  When we got into town we stopped at Riverside Saloon Eatery.  The weather was perfect to sit out on the patio overlooking the river.  I had the calamari.  It wasn't bad, I'm just more of a fan of the rings than the fries.  The presentation was really cute though.  One of the rooms had a deck off the back facing the lake so we hung out around there waiting for two more girls to show up.  Once they arrived we started a wine tasting, ordered a giant 26 inch pepperoni pizza from Rafferty's, & played Cards Against Humanity.  We tried to start a fire once it got dark out but it had been so rainy the week before that we weren't successful.  Instead we all crowded into the hot tub until bedtime.

The next morning we all slowly woke up, ate breakfast, had some bloody marys & mimosas, & then tried to decide what to do for the day.  While we waited for five more to show up the eight of us went into town to see if we could find any garage sales.  We didn't find any but we did find a flea market.  We also hit up The Chocolate Ox for some chocolate & candy as well as Crafts & Cones for some ice cream treats.  

We talked about renting a pontoon but by the time they finally answered my call, 1 message & 3 calls later starting when they first opened, we were told that they were all booked for the day.  We also talked about going to a nearby beach.  Once the other five arrived however we decided to just make the most of the little beach area off the back of our resort.  We talked, drank, & played a scavenger hunt game while there.  Dares included arm wrestle a stranger, kiss the top of a bald man's head, & pose prom style with a stranger.  We spent a few hours soaking up the sun & entertaining everyone else on the beach before it was time to get ready for dinner & going out.  We ate at the resort restaurant.  The waitress was terrible.  She brought out extras of some things, mixed up orders for some people, & waited until she brought everyone their food to tell me they were out of what I ordered.  Pretty sure she just forgot to put my order in because it went like this:

waitress: are we missing anything else? 
me: just mine. 
waitress: what did you order? 
me : the loaded tots
waitress: oh we're out of that, would you like something else?

I wound up ordering another order of the same appetizer that the girl next to me had but we really just shared hers & then brought the leftovers back to the room because even though it was just pretzels, it took her another 15-20 min to bring that out.  The place wasn't busy by the way. Luckily, I had eat a bunch for lunch & then continued to eat buffalo chicken dip the entire time I got ready for dinner.  Otherwise I may have gotten hangry on her.

We caught the shuttle & then spent the rest of the night at a couple of different bars, The Bourbon Room & Moonlite Bay, where we met some interesting people, hung out, & danced the night away.  When we got back to the resort we ate some cake & goofed around for awhile before everyone decided to call it a night.

Sunday. Was. Rough. I was so exhausted from the weekend.  We slowly woke up, packed up, & headed home.  When I got home I napped for a couple of hours.  I'm still not sure if that was a good decision or not because I woke up even more exhausted.  I sat on the couch & watched a lot of Bonanza.  My brother came over & made chicken fried steak & potatoes for supper.  It was really good.  However, I was so exhausted I couldn't even muster up the strength to eat all of it.  At one point I sighed while cutting up my steak & then announced that I had reached the point of exhaustion that I was about to get emotional, started crying, started laughing, & had to get up & walk away for a moment.  After supper I returned to the couch, curled up with a blanket, blogged, & watched game shows.  #TooOldToHang

Friday, July 15, 2016

Slow Down Summer

July is half over?!  Say what?!  I will be back in Texas in less than a month.  How is that possible??

I went to go visit my friend Laura.  I hadn't seen her in probably 2 years.  I love that we have the type of friendship where we don't talk all that often, & see each other even less, but when we do talk & see each other again it's like no time has passed at all.  Because it was a rainy day we decided to get lunch & then do a tour of the Glensheen Mansion since neither of us had ever done that before.  Not gonna lie, very quickly into it once we noticed that there were random rubber ducks, & asked why they were there (the world's largest rubber duck is coming to town in August), the self guided tour became less about the mansion & more about how many ducks we could find.

This is the only picture I have, & it' of one of my mom's coworker's backyard, but it doesn't really do the flooding justice.  Monday there were crazy storms in Minnesota.  There were tornadoes accompanied by massive amounts of rain.  My parents' place got somewhere around 8 inches that day/night.  By the middle of the week, even though Tuesday & Wednesday were dry, there were back roads that were still washed out & flooded as well as highways that were shut down where there were bridges because the water was just too high.  Brag on my brother moment, my mom & I had barely gotten back home from an appointment I had & errands out of town, when he showed up to borrow my dad's truck so he could take it into down & go help sandbag.  Makes a big sister so proud.  *sniffle*

Over on my other blog, Country Music Hipsters, that I write with my friend, we have a weekly post of songs, both new & old, that we highly recommend you add to your playlist.  If you like country music you should definitely check the playlist out.

This picture serves no real purpose other than the fact that my dog is adorable & I love him to bits.  Clearly he loves me too.  Plus, I didn't have a picture to fit my job interview news so I figured, "who doesn't love a dog?!"  On Wednesday morning I had THE weirdest interview of my life.  Even weirder than this one I had back in June.  It was a phone interview for an ESL (English Second Language) teaching position.  I should know by next week how it went.

Thursday was cold & rainy so I decided to spend the day like I was 7 instead of 27.  I worked on my puzzle, watched Disney movies, drank hot chocolate with whipped cream, & ate smores...all in my sweats.  Throwback Thursday at its finest.  On the same day that I decided to act like a child & not adult anymore I also got accepted to grad school!  I will officially be starting my Master's in Communications this fall at Tarleton.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

If I Could I Would...

Kayla did a blog post about the things that she & Caleb would do if they could.  I thought it was super fun & had to steal the idea for myself.

If I could I would....

Take a year off from everything, work/school, & travel the world.  I still always think about a blog that I used to read where this couple sold pretty much all of their possessions & traveled the world for I believe just over a year documenting the entire thing on their blog.  That.  I would do that.

If I could I would...

Follow Eric Church and/or Kip Moore around on tour...not in a stalker a attend every show for an entire tour kind of way.

If I could I would...

Buy a plane ticket on a whim & spend a day/weekend in a city/state I've never been to.

If I could I would...

Get a fancy camera & spend at least one day a week acting like a tourist.

If I could I would...

Cross off every single item on at least one of my goal lists (preferably a 101 in 1001)

If I could I would...

Have unlimited data back on my phone...thanks Verizon...

If I could I would...

Have a beach home in Charleston, a city loft in Chicago, a mountain home in Colorado, a ranch in Texas, & a lake home in Minnesota.