Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Good Movies Make You Care

I saw both Michael & Stephanie post about a movie challenge.  Seeing as I don't have cable & am a Netflix, as well as challenge addict, I had to join in.  The challenge actually started yesterday & you have until the end of November to finish.  If you want to read all the rules, and see the possible prizes, you can check Jenn's post here!

Here are the movies that I am choosing along with the category that they belong to:

1) Any set in NYC
Coming to America

2) Any incorporating hot air balloons
The Importance of Being Earnest

3) Any featuring a child as the main character
The Kid

4) Any Disney film
Kronk's New Groove

5) Any set in Egypt/has an Egyptian character/has an Egyptian actor or actress

6) Any friend or family member's favorite movie
Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid (daddy)

7) Any with the word "great in the title
The Great Gatsby (1974)

8) Any with Harrson Ford

9) Any where the main character is an idiot
Pink Panther 2

10) Any mentioned in the Levi Strauss: Denim in the Oscars list
Breakfast at Tiffany's

11) Any about a knight

12) Any love story
Days of Thunder

13) Any about something miraculous
The Way Back

14) Any starring someone with your first name
Horrible Bosses 2 (Brianne Howey)

15) Any about the Olympics

16) Any from Time Magazines Top 10 Newspaper Movies list
His Girl Friday/Welcome to Sarajevo (It'll be one of these 2)

17) Any with a question in the title
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

18) Any with a 90% or better rating on rotten tomatoes
Hurt Locker

19) Any about a superhero
Batman (1989)

20) Any with subtitles
City of God

21) Any with unicorns
Virgin Suicides

22) Any with a personal victory
The Perfect Game

23) Any with black or white in the title
Into The White

24) Any set in a country you'd most like to visit
Never on a Sunday (Greece)

25) Any set in a zoo
We Bought A Zoo

Monday, August 31, 2015

Leave Dallas In The Dust

I had every intention of going home directly after work & sleeping because I was so exhausted.  I hadn't gotten home until 2 am that morning because I was on a date with a boy who lives about 2 hours from where I'm staying (I'll talk about it at some soon as I figure out where, if anywhere, it's going)  One of the football coaches asked if I was going to the game that night & I said no because I was still living over in Dallas.  But then, my friend KState said she'd go if I went, turns out she already lives in the apartment complex I'm moving into.  So, after work we went to Walmart so I could buy a non-school shirt for happy hour & she could buy a school shirt for the football game.  After Walmart we hung out at her place for a bit before heading out to happy hour.  After happy hour we headed to the football game, we arrived late & left a little before the end but I'm pretty sure based on what the score was when we left that we lost.  We were trying to decide if we should be grown ups & just go home & go to bed or if we should go out.  Going out won.  We went to a couple different places & only had a beer at each so I guess we adulted pretty well.  We spent most of our time trying to find bars to go to because neither of us is originally from the area.  I didn't get home until 2 am again because Fort Worth is about an hour from Dallas so I promptly passed out.  #TooOldFor2AM

I slept until 10 am on Saturday & then headed to Whataburger for breakfast with Mrs. Hipster.  We got there with like 10-15 minutes to spare on breakfast, ordered breakfast to go, waited, only to find out that they put a burger in my bag... I was devastated.  I even tweeted Whataburger about it...they never responded.  After Whataburger I napped because again #TooOldToBeOutLate  I didn't do anything but lounge around all day.  I finally read blogs from Thursday & Friday while waiting to head out for a football game.  Months ago when I found out that the Vikings would be playing the Cowboys for preseason in Dallas while I was down there I looked up tickets.  The shitty seats were $65!  I looked around and found Seat Geek I got the exact same tickets on there for like $9-10 after the fees.  When we actually got our tickets it said they were valued at $79 so score for saving $70/ticket!  The Vikings won which made the experience even better.  They are now 3-0 in preseason which doesn't mean squat but it still makes me happy.   Still tired from the previous 2 nights I went to bed pretty much right when we all got home.

Aaron Watson - For What It's Worth

In the morning we all had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast before being individually productive.  Mrs. Hipster cleaned the house & graded while Mr. Hipster worked on lesson planning & I worked on repacking all of my stuff so that I could move over to New Roommate's 1 br apartment in Fort Worth which I'll be sharing with her & her boyfriend for 1-2 weeks until ours is ready on the 12th.  It's getting so close!  Just 12 more days & I can stop feeling like I'm in the way!  I hung out at Mr. & Mrs. Hipster's packing up & blogging for awhile before heading over to put more stuff in storage & then to New Roommate's place.  When I got to New Roommate's her boyfriend, she, & I watched Dumb & Dumber To.  Then, those 2 went for a bike ride & I started watching Wet Hit American Summer.  While doing so I started messing around on Tinder where I came across her boyfriend.  Y'all I have met her ONCE before Sunday & had only met h moi 2 hours prior so if anyone has any advice... I also messaged Thursday Date Boy (he'll get a better name if he sticks around) wondering if he wanted to see me again & spent the entire day wanting to throw up because putting yourself out there is scary & I knew he was with his kid (apparently guys with kids have a thing for me ha) so I tried to calm the eff down knowing he wouldn't necessarily be able to reply until late that night or even another day.  (For the record as of 9 pm Sunday he hasn't said anything.  I figure if he doesn't say anything by Monday afternoon I'll say something Monday night or Tuesday during the day.  If that's met by silence I'm out because I will not chase a man)

Friday, August 28, 2015

If The Light Starts Fading Baby Don't Move

Kip Moore "Running For You"
Also on the new album...also it makes me cry...

According to the Phone
Monday was the first day back to school!

I got my hands on (& paid a pretty penny for) Eric Church's Carolina album on vinyl.  It's a rare one.

I finished putting together the "believe" wall.  The theme for the district this school year is believe so I had all of the kids write something they believe on the first day of school.



Because it’s nacho business…  :D

Green lasers FTW.

Word, sister.



omg I'm dying.

duck dynasty | Tumblr

yes i will

Thursday, August 27, 2015

101 in 1001 3.0 2 Month Check In

I have officially completed the first 2 months of my 3rd 101 in 1001 list so it's time to check in again to see how I did in month 2.

#4 Workout Weekly

#11 Volunteer Monthly
We had a movie night for the student athletes...I didn't take any pictures but it was MacFarland USA

#12 Drink a 1/2 gallon of water daily

#17 Save change for 1001 days

#21 Try 101 new bars/restaurants
Greek Cravings - St Cloud, MN

Olive Burger - Richardson, TX

Golden Chick - Dallas, TX

The Truckyard - Dallas, TX

Spin! Neapolitan Pizza - Richardson, TX

Custer Wok - Richardson, TX

Taco Joint - Richardson, TX

#36 Send monthly letters

#61 Bake something monthly

#77 Listen to a new artist every month
Logan Mize

#87 Dance in the rain
I had this on the last one...but the last one had happened prior to the start of my list.  We had a dance party in the rain at WeFest so this time it counts for real.

#91 Take a picture of myself on the first of each month

#100 Go on a date once a month
Friend dates.  Because online dating is the worst...

**I was such a failure at taking pictures or even really keeping track of any of these this month.  August is always a rough month for me with WeFest, moving back to TX, & school starting again.  Next month I'll do better at actually keeping track of stuff.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

School Time Confessions

**Knowing that I have to basically write all of the curriculum for World Geography for this year because there is none stresses me out to no end**

**I am so happy that I finally have kids & am done with all day err day staff development**

**Freshmen are SO different from seniors**

**Less of a confession, more of a request...the cheerleaders at my school are competing (well as of Monday they're the only entry but entries aren't due til Nov) in a Friday Night Lights competition.  If you could click the link & vote for them it'd be much appreciated!**

If we have enough votes, 95.9 will visit our school during our pep rally and the football game that night.  The winning school showing the most school spirit, pride, and love for 95.9 will receive a free concert (William Clark Green) and a scholarship for one senior!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Four More Things Vol. 6

Vol 1 Vol 2 Vol 3 Vol 4 Vol 5

Four Things You'd Do With $400,000
I'd pay off all of my debt

I'd travel the world

I'd put some in savings

I'd buy this bad boy

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Official End To Summer

While I technically started back to work on the 12th, today is the official end to summer.  Today the kids come back.  Today school kicks off in full swing.  Today freedom is put on hold for the next 41 weeks.  Don't worry I won't actually start the countdown now.  So here's how I spent my final weekend of summer...

Friday was just a teacher work day.  It was also the day that Kip Moore's 2nd album came out.  I had pre-ordered it so I downloaded it the night before & then listened to it the whole way to work, the entire time I was at work, & the entire drive home from work.  For those of you that don't have it yet...why?  I spent the day putting my classroom together & "wasting time" with a couple of the coaches/teachers in my department.  It started with lunch, which led to a couple bank errands, which led to a Staples & Walmart run for school supplies, which wound up meaning we were out of the building for 2.5 hours... oops.  After work I made the drive back to Dallas (this coming Friday will hopefully be my last Dallas to Fort Worth commute) & then went to a get together with some of Mr. & Mrs. Hipster's friends.  We just ate pizza & junk food (that stops today) & played games all night.

I started my day off with a scheduled pedicure & last minute added in a basic manicure because I decided I was too lazy to attempt to take off my chipped glitter nail polish.  So now I have pretty pink toes & fingernails.  Afterwards I drove the hour to my school so I could finish cleaning up/setting up my classroom.  It's still not the best but it will get me started.  I at least have some posters up, the start of a "Believe" wall that the kids are actually going to make, & the first 2 months of birthdays written on the birthday calendar.  Side note on that, I have 139 students and FIVE of them have the same birthday, not one of them is related...  I left work around 2 so that I could get back to Dallas in time to go to a movie with Mr. & Mrs. Hipster as well as someone she works with.  We saw Straight Outta Compten.  I really liked it.  I've also been listening to NWA Pandora ever since because hardcore over here... for real though in HS one of my friends & I would drive around rappin Eazy E ha.  We just hung around the house after the movie & I got some lesson planning done.  Lesson planning has been its own stresser but I'll do a school related post on Wednesday & talk about it then.

I started my morning with coffee, the TV, & the computer...all alone because The Hipsters were at church...which was kind of nice.  The TV didn't last long because the "country" music on CMT & GAC sucked & I couldn't get into Say Yes To The Dress.  So instead I just turned NWA Pandora back on while I caught up on blogs (I'm really sorry that I've been so behind on reading blogs & responding to comments in for about a month now.)  When they finished with church I met them & a couple of others for lunch.  Despite it being lunch time I had amazing breakfast burritos.  I also finally booked my flight & hotel for a concert I'm going to in Chicago on my birthday.  I did it through swagbucks so yay for a shit ton of points!  After running errands we all just relaxed around the house drinking all the beer because starting Tuesday they are starting a eating program that doesn't allow alcohol so obviously we had to get it out of the house ha.