Friday, June 12, 2020

Friday Favorites *6/12*

Linking up with Andrea

1. What I'm Grateful For
-No complications during surgery
-Danny being able to take the day off to take care of me after my surgery
-Phone calls with my mama & daddy
-Amazon Prime
-Finally being able to take a shower on Wed after my Mon surgery

2. What I Accomplished
-Having my gallbladder removed
-Ordered my dress for my friend's wedding in July
-Booked a hotel for my friend's wedding in July
-Mailed out my June cards
-Getting a boudoir shoot booked

3. From The Phone

Monday I got my gallbladder taken out... luckily it was just 4 fairly small incisions.

One of my 101 in 1001 goals was to send at least one card or letter every month.  So far in both May & June I've sent out 6 each month.

4. More Than A Moment (Netflix)
These are just ones I've already watched:
-Dear White People
-LA 92
-Innocence Files
-Teach Us All

5. Funnies

Monday, June 1, 2020

Monday Morning Coffee *6/1*

It's June!  And if I'm being honest, with how the last few months have unfolded I don't know how I feel about that.  June for me has a couple of big things, surgery & a photo shoot, but mostly a lot of DoorDash.

Friday I was in a mood.  Like a should have just never left the house mood.  Everything going on in Minneapolis was the biggest part of it.  I then also found out that despite being one of the very first people to volunteer, I did not get a summer school position.  I had scheduled myself to do DoorDash already that day but really didn't want to.  However, because Monday had been Memorial Day I had decided not to go & then Tuesday it was so slow I made $0 so I ultimately decided to go out.  In the end it was a waste.  It was a mixture of slow & low offers.  For the record, as a general rule, at least in the Houston area, DoorDash has a base pay of $3 & then the rest is tip.  95% of drivers will not pick up your order if it equals out to less than $1/mile.  So between the low offers & my bad mood, I decided to call it quits about an hour into the shift so I could go run errands & just be home.

Saturday we took P to go see our friends that used to live in the same apartment complex as we did.  It had been over a month since we had seen them & P and their daughter hadn't seen each other since before Covid.  Actually, I'm pretty sure they hadn't seen each other since before they moved back in November.  The girls had a blast running around & tiring themselves out.

Sunday was a lazy day.  We didn't even meal prep.  In the morning I took P to get donuts before she went back to her mom's & then Danny & I just watched movies most of the day.  Well he did bathe the dogs while I did a couple loads of laundry.  Other than that though it was a movie day.  We re-started & finally finished Avengers: Age of Ultron and then watched Ant-Man (finishing the 2nd phase of the Marvel movies) & Four Brothers because Danny had never seen it & somehow it had come up the night before.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Friday Favorites *5/29*

Linking up with Andrea

1. What I'm Grateful For
-Lunch with a co-worker
-That the weather has been warm during the day & cool at night
-Being able to talk to people from back home about what's going on in Minneapolis
-Crossing things off my 101 in 1001 list
-Talking on the phone with both of my parents

2. What I Accomplished
-Dyed my hair
-Passed my 4th real estate exam (3 to go!)
-Finished grading
-Watching lots of Married At First Sight: Season 9
-Stripping the towels & sheets (it wasn't as satisfying as the video I saw on TikTok)

3. From The Phone

4. Coming In June
-Gallbladder surgery.  Other than having my wisdom teeth cut out in college, this will be the first time I've ever had surgery.  Luckily it's outpatient.
-Messina Hof Winery with a co-worker.  I've been to wine bars before but never an actual winery.
-Hopefully teaching summer school
-10 months with Danny
-So many birthdays!

5. Funnies

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

Guess who is slacking when it comes to blogging again?  THIS GIRL!

Linking up with Sheaffer & Shay.

What I'm Eating... Leftovers made from stuff that was grilled over the long weekend.  We grilled steaks, chicken, pork tenderloin, asparagus, & jalapenos.

What I'm Loving... That the weather has been warm/hot during the day but cool at night.

What I've Been Up To... still working on my real estate license.  I'm taking my 4th exam today & then have 2 more classes & my final exam to take.

What I'm Excited About... Summer school.  That's right.  I said it.  As a general rule I do NOT do summer school.  I was a sub/alternate summer school teacher my very first year of teaching & vowed to never do it again.  To me the time & what you deal with during summer school simply wasn't worth the money.  However, this summer it's all online!  I volunteered to do both sessions although the jury is still out on whether I'll be doing one or both.  Either way it's just 4 hours a day M-F that I have to be available to students online.  That kind of time/being able to be at home IS worth the extra money to me.

What I'm Watching... Danny & I are still slowly but surely getting through House of Cards on Netflix.  We're in season 4 right now.  I think we've already decided to watch/re-watch Sons of Anarchy next.  He's seen the whole thing.  I didn't start watching until season 5 so I have no idea what happened the first 4 seasons lol.

What I'm Wearing... lots of workout clothes again.  My gym is back open at 25% capacity, although there hasn't even been close to that many people in there.  Every other machine is blocked off & on top of everyone using the equipment having to sanitize it after use, there are workers sanitizing machines not being used the entire day as well.  

Monday, May 18, 2020

Monday Morning Coffee *5/18*

Happy Monday everyone!  Last week was such a blur for me that I didn't even get a Friday Favorites post up like I had intended to.  This past weekend though was excellent.  The weather turned out to be really nice & it was the perfect combo of fun, productive, & relaxing.

Last Week
Last week I did my first full week of DoorDash.  A couple of the days were slightly frustrating, due to restaurants not customers, but overall it was good.  I got to deliver to an over 2 mil dollar home.  I was awestruck driving through the security guarded neighborhood.  

I also got my first DD paycheck so part of it went into savings & part of it went onto a credit card.  At the time that was my plan.  Every Tuesday 20% would go into savings & the other 80% would go on my credit card, or lowest debt.  However, on Thursday I had to have a virtual consultation with a surgeon because my "liver" issue has been solved.  Apparently I have little polyps on my gallbladder & at least one possible gallstone.  So, on June 8th that bad boy is coming out!  Luckily it's just an outpatient procedure & I can pretty much return to life as normal instantly.  I mean I can't drive myself home & I can't do anything super strenuous for 4-6 weeks, but I can eat/drink like normal & do light exercise.  So now I'll be saving the next 3-4 DD checks to go towards that because I have mediocre insurance at best so not only did I already have to pay $200 out of pocket for my 15 minute video consultation, I owe $800ish 2 days before my surgery... But at least I know what the problem is & it's a simple fix.

I also made carrot cake cupcakes last week because we had/have a shit ton of carrots.  I don't even really like carrot cake so I couldn't even tell you if they were good or not because I sent them to work with Danny.  According to him everyone at work loved them so I'll take his word for it.

Friday was chill.  We stayed at home, finished watching Guardians of the Galaxy, & ordered Dominos.  A girl I follow on Instagram had posted about how she had just discovered Topo Chico.  I LOVE Topo Chico but it got me wanting to make some different cocktails with it.  Friday night I made "Ranch Water" since I had been wanting to try it for well over a year but just never thought about it.  Honestly, didn't love it.  Mostly because I'm not a huge tequila person & all it is is Topo Chico, tequila, & lime juice.

Saturday we picked up Presley in the morning & went down to Danny's mom's for the day since we couldn't last weekend for Mother's Day because he had been on call.  It was SO weird driving there because even driving THROUGH Houston at like 10 am on a Saturday there was NO traffic.  I have never seen it so dead.  It's kind of hard to tell but there was a lizard trying to catch a ride.  He held on for quite awhile!  We had a little mini spa day where we painted our nails, bejeweled our hair & clothes, & then put some temporary blue dye in Presley's hair.  She already had pink tips & a couple of months ago had a full head of pink hair so now she has blue & pink streaked hair.  She got to ride her bike around for a bit & play with slime & then we had some steaks for supper before heading back home.

That night Danny & I just sat in the driveway listening to music & drinking since we couldn't go anywhere.  I made a couple more Topo Chico cocktails.  One with grapefruit vodka & another with watermelon vodka.  The watermelon vodka one was hands down my favorite.  It tasted exactly like watermelon laffy taffy.  So much so that I almost ran out to buy some the next day because I was suddenly craving it.

Sunday was the productive day.  I got all of the laundry done & vacuumed while Danny picked up the bedroom, cleaned the bathroom, & bathed the dogs.  Nash HATES baths.  The upside for bath time is that afterwards I get all of the cuddles because Danny is the one that does it.  I also tried one last cocktail with Topo Chico.  I did one with a pomegranate liquor.  It was really refreshing & my second favorite of the different concoctions.  Once all of the cleaning was done we settled in & started watching Avengers: Age of Ultron but Danny passed out SUPER early.  I half ass finished it while getting all of my grades up to date & then watched Roped & a Jerry Seinfeld comedy special on Netflix.  I was still wide awake but it was around 10:30 at that time so I put on some That 70s Show so I could half ass watch that while trying to fall asleep.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Monday Morning Coffee *5/11*

Happy Monday y'all!  I hope that everyone was able to enjoy Mother's Day yesterday, even though I'm sure it looked different for a lot of people this year.  Having not lived in the same state as my mom on Mother's Day for nearly a decade now mine really didn't look all that different.  As always, I called her in the morning to wish her a happy Mother's Day, talked to her for a little bit, & then we went on with our days.

Friday morning I had an appointment to get an ultrasound done on my abdomen so they could see what, if anything, is up with my liver/kidneys since I've been having a weird dull pain.  I won't know the results of that until at least tomorrow, possibly not until Thursday.  Fingers crossed it's nothing too serious.  On the bright side I asked the doctor if she could look at my ovaries while she was there just to see if she could see anything & she said that she couldn't tell if there was anything like endometriosis, which is what I was wondering, but there were no cysts that she could see.  I have my annual woman physical next Monday where I'll really talk to her about all of that stuff.

After the doctor I called my mom to let her know what I knew, which was essentially nothing, & then decided I liked Steph's idea of OPC (other people's coffee) & went through a drive thru for a coffee shop I had never been to before on my way home.  OPC & working on a 101 in 1001 goal for the win!  By the time I got home I didn't really have time to go to the park before my DoorDash shift so I just ate breakfast really quick & then headed out for a couple of hours.  

When I got home I decided I wanted to take Nash to the dog park since another one of my goals is to start taking him at least once a month so that he stops being so anti-social in public.  He wasn't too sure about the first few dogs he met, & mostly stuck by my side or met all the people, but then he met another dog who was also unsure of the other dogs & they hit it off.  Unfortunately it started to rain so we didn't get a ton of time there before heading back home.

Saturday morning when I woke up I got an alert on my DoorDash app so I opened it & it said that an area nearby was "very busy."  When I signed up I really only had plans of doing it Monday-Friday during lunch, but Danny saw it & wanted out of the house so he said, "LET'S GO MAKE SOME MONEY!"  So we did.  We did it from about 9-1:30 before heading home.  There was a bonus $2 for each delivery from 4-9 so we went back out for that.  At 5:30 though a friend said that they had bought a sack of crawfish & got one free so he asked if we wanted to go help eat some so we went to go do that instead because crawfish >> one $8 order in 1.5 hours...

We had been up crazy late Saturday, like I don't think we went to bed until between 1-2 & I slept like shit.  According to my Fitbit I got 4 hours... so I woke up, drove to the donut shop & got us a couple of kolaches to share, called my mama for Mother's Day, & then went back to bed for awhile while Danny started prepping some food.  Around 12-1 I finally got back out of bed, made some coffee, & then hung out outside with Nash & Danny for a bit.  Our neighbors were outside, & while we always wave to them, we never actually talk to them.  They don't really speak English, & we don't really speak Spanish.  But they were outside grilling & we were outside smoking some corn on the cob & pork so we somehow wound up over there.  Now I *really* want to learn Spanish.  We spent a couple of hours over there eating & talking, mostly through the help of the poor little 9 year old girl who played translator for us & her grandpa.  Later on the mom & some other relatives showed up who could also speak a little English.  But now even more so I want to learn Spanish.  I mean I should have started 8 years ago when I started teaching in Texas but it is what it is....

Danny was on call for work & there is almost never actually a call that comes in.  They are on call Monday-Sunday & we even chose not to go down to his mom's on Saturday for Mother's Day because on Friday he was told there was a really good chance that in the afternoon he'd be getting a call for a shipment.  The call never came.  It wasn't until 8-830 Sunday night that he got called in... and wound up not getting home until nearly 1 am...  He was not happy... So as I finish up this post at 8:30 on Monday morning, he is sleeping in bed because he took today off.  Some Sunday afternoon he always says he's taking Monday off, & never does because adulthood, but having to be at work until 12:30 this morning he chose to use a day & stay home rather than have to wake up at 6:30 & go back to work.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Friday Favorites *5/8*

Happy Friday everyone!  Yesterday I had a doctor appointment because I was having dull pain & I wasn't sure if it was back related (I desperately need to see a chiropractor & get a massage) or if it was lingering from a UTI I had a week or so ago.  Turns out maybe neither?  The doctor didn't seem super concerned when I talked to him but told me that he wanted me to get an ultrasound done on my liver & my kidneys.  Luckily when I went to make an appointment they had one for this morning so I can just get it out of the way.  Fingers crossed it's nothing too serious & an easy fix!

I also signed up for DoorDash at the beginning of the week & had my first shift yesterday.  I have another one scheduled for 11-1 today & if Danny winds up working late since he's on call, I might try to pick up an early supper time shift too.  I figured why not?  I won't be physically going into work for AT LEAST another 13 weeks (we'll see what fall brings with all of this...) so I might as well do something that occupies my time during the day & makes me some $$!

Linking up with Andrea

1. What I'm Grateful For
-My mom forever being my voice of reason
-Passing my 3rd real estate exam
-Emails from students & parents for teacher appreciation week
-Release of the NFL schedule (I miss sports)
-Danny fixing the backyard fence for me

2. What I Accomplished
-Finishing my 3rd real estate course, & starting my 4th
-All the laundry -- I like that I'm able to do it during the day during the week now as opposed to at night after work or on the weekend
-I finally started my bullet journal for my 101 in 1001
-My first DoorDash shift (I have another one today)
-My first doctor's appointment since WELL before Covid

3. From The Phone

4. 101 in 1001 Goals Completed in Week 1
#35 - Start a journal to track goals
#82 - Make homemade hummus

5. Funnies

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Currently In May

Linking up with Anne.

Making... my first ever bullet journal to keep track of my 101 in 1001 list

Missing... the freedom to go wherever I wanted whenever I wanted

Learning... all I can about Texas real estate.  I passed my 3rd exam on Monday & am now working on my 4th course!

Loving... the motivation I feel at the beginning of every new 101 in 1001 list.

Reading... The Good Soldiers.  Well, I'm listening to it on Audible.