Friday, March 24, 2017

The Countdown Is On

As of today there are only 47 school days left in the year.  Doable.  Totally doable.  I'm meeting up with a guy tonight for drinks.  We haven't talked a TON but enough.  We started talking right as my parents were coming into town & then I was busy with them so I stopped going online to check messages or send any so after like 3 or 4 days of not talking he sent me a message saying "So... can I buy you a beer?  Who knows we might hit it off or hate one another."  Good logic.  So I agreed  

So I basically disappeared again from blogland this week both in posting & reading/commenting.  Seriously I know I've complained about this 100 times but I hate that bloglovin is blocked on my work's wifi.  There are far worse things I could be looking at on my conference period that I still have access too.  I'd like to promise that next week will be better but really until grad school is over in like a month & school is out for the summer there will be 0 consistency here.  Please bear with me.  (side note: I assumed it was "bear" not "bare" but thought I should double check.  This is what I got... Bear with me,” the standard expression, is a request for forbearance or patience. “Bare with me” would be an invitation to undress. And then I busted out laughing because I started imagining proper people saying bare with me when about to do the deed.)  Moving on...

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What I Was Up To
Monday was the worst.  I seriously had such an awful day.  Going back after a long break is already hard but then my kids were just on my last nerve all day.  I could not get out of there soon enough.  I had won some free wings from Old Chicago for March Madness so I went up there after work for a beer & some wings.

BLOG: I recapped my entire spring break.

Tuesday I saw Flogging Molly in concert with a friend, the best friend, & the best friend's girlfriend.  I'm going to leave it at the bad was really good & I enjoyed the show.  The rest of it was not really good.  In hindsight I should have just stayed home like I debated that morning & even that afternoon.

BLOG: I had a post drafted about the songs I feel explain me as a person but I haven't finished it...

Wednesday I had the day off because of the concert the night before.  I was so grateful I had taken it off.  I slept in, headed back home, & then got some work done for grad school.  Still not nearly enough though.  I decided that I need a break from school.  I'm only going to register for one online class for the summer instead of one online & one face to face.  I'm also only going to register for two online classes for the fall instead of two face to face classes.  I am feeling so burnt out on school & I also don't feel like anything we do is actually relevant to what I want to do... I had been told before I even actually applied to grad school by someone in the field that it was unnecessary since I already had some type of degree & real world experience but I went & applied anyway.  I've made a great friend from it but I'm going to take the next semester or 2 to decide if I actually want to continue on.  

Remember that guy I cancelled on a couple of weeks ago because I was into someone else?  And then it didn't work out with that someone else?  Well the guy I cancelled on text me asking how it was going with that other guy because "it would be terrible if it turned out he wasn't that great & I had to take you out to dinner to cheer you up" I was in such a mood from the night before that when I read that I just started crying.  We have a date next week.

That night I met up with above friend from Tuesday for supper.  He's basically my saving grace when it comes to anything with the best friend.

Thursday was probably the best day of the week which really isn't saying much.  This post is way more debbie downer than I wanted it to be.  It's just been a shit show of a week & I'm in all sorts of funks with work, school, where I live vs where I want to live, my love life, & the best friend.  Anyway, Thursday wasn't bad.  I skipped class because I wanted to actually be able to get work done for it & I just wasn't feeling well.  

However, the silver lining to the day.... on a whim I agreed to go to Colorado for a few days this summer with some friends.  I haven't been to Colorado in SIX years!  Back when I first went I told myself I was going to go every other year if I could.  I also haven't really been on a vacation since 2015 when I went on a road trip with my cousin to from Houston to New Orleans, Panama City, Chattanooga, Chicago, & then Minnesota home.

BLOG: I gave an overview of where I'm at on my 3rd 101 in 1001 now that I only have a year left.

Things That Made Me Laugh

But for real though... I get more annoyed than necessary at this...They are two very different places

My brother sent me this while my parents were visiting me in Texas & he was house sitting for them

Moments I'm Grateful For
20 - A phone call from the best friend
21 - A friend being there for me when the best friend & I are at odds
22 - A random day off of work
23 - Booking a trip to Denver this summer!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

I Only Have A Year Left

When I last checked in with my 101 in 1001 goals at the end of December I had 19 goals completed, 14 in progress, 13 failed, & 55 I hadn't even started yet.  As of tomorrow I have exactly 1 year left to finish out this list.  So, let's what I've managed to do in the 3 months it's been since I last checked in as well as what I have left to do over the next year.

1. Begin 101 in 1001
2. Have student loan debt at 60k or less
3. Fall in love
4. Workout weekly
5. Project 365 2015
6. Project 365 2016
7. Project 365 2017
8. 50 Book Challenge 2015
9. 50 Book Challenge 2016
10. 50 Book Challenge 2017

11. Volunteer Monthly
12. Drink a half gallon of water daily
13. Spend NYE with someone special every year
14. Donate $1 for every failed goal
15. 30 Day Fitness Challenge
16. Go to a psychic
17. Save change for 1001 days
18. Go zombie paintballing
19. Go to Harry Potter World
20. 52 week money challenge

21. Try 101 new bars/restaurants
22. Donate to Locks of Love
23. Pay off my car
24. Run 3 new races
25. Visit Niagara Falls
26. Get motorcycle license
27. Go kayaking
28. Track spending for a month
29. Host a cocktail party
30. Attend Daytona 500

31. Visit 3 museums
32. Road trip
33. Attend MLB All Star game
34. Choose an actor & watch all of their movies
35. Create recipe book from Pinterest
36. Send monthly handwritten cards/letters
37. Attend trivia night
38. Visit a new country
39. Make homemade bread
40. Watch all Best Picture movies 2005-2015

41. Go to Disney
42. Donate blood 6 times
43. Visit Makers Mark Distillery
44. Save $500
45. Frontier Days
46. Renew passport
47. Visit West Coast
48. Travel to Europe
49. Host a themed dinner party
50. Go to an outdoor movie

51. Go ziplining
52. Keep 6 word a day journal for 6 months
53. Write a letter to open on day 1001
54. Buy a house
55. Attend Austin City Limits
56. Talladega
57. Stone Mountain - Georgia
58. Food Festival
59. Photograph the same spot each season
60. Make a pie on Pi Day

61. Bake something new each month
62. Visit 3 new MLB ballparks
63. Attend 6 MLB games
64. Brazilian wax
65. Get lasik
66. Run 1/2 marathon
67. Sing karaoke
68. Visit Kristin
69. Pay off credit cards
70. Go a year without a car payment

71. Watch 2 movies in a theater in 1 day
72. Make a year in pictures album
73. Don't watch TV for a week
74. Write a song
75. Attend a Civil War reenactment
76. Visit an old teacher
77. Listen to a new artist each month
78. Make AZ playlist
79. Learn to do a backflip
80. Host NYE party

81. Watch the sunrise on NYD
82. Make a list of what I want in love
83. Visit Grand Canyon
84. Build a snowman
85. Hike Appalachian Trail
86. Send Christmas cards every year
87. Dance in the rain
88. 30 miles in 30 days
89. Document music taste over a year
90. Visit Nashville

91. Take a selfie on the first of every month
92. Go a month without buying anything unnecessary
93. Travel to 10 new cities
94. Canoe
95. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle
96. Visit Grand Portage State Park
97. Hike the Ice Age Scenic Trail
98. Go back to school
99. Watch all of Netflix playlist
100. Go on a date once a month
101. Make a new 101 in 1001 list

Passed: 23
In Progress: 14
Failed: 14
Not Yet Started: 50

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Break 2017

Being back at work is rough.  Spring break should have lasted forever.  51 school days left until summer... not that I'm counting... Linking up with Biana!

What I Did
Monday 13th I spent the entire day being a girl wondering if really cute country guy even wanted to go on our second date or not.  That evening we met up at Crooked Crust for some pizza.  We had a jalapeno popper pizza & it was so good!  We had fun talking & get along great.  I even kissed him at the end.  As in I kissed him first.  Which is a first for me.  I have never kissed a boy first.  However, despite the fact that he thinks I'm pretty, funny, easy to talk to, & a lot of fun...apparently there is a spark missing for him.  It sucks because we have a lot in common, want the same thing, & everything previously mentioned.  However, in the end it was only 2 dates.  And maybe there really was a spark missing for him but I also think that a bigger part of the reason is that he is potentially leaving relatively soon for 7.5 months for training & then could be sent anywhere in the state but would most likely be sent to the opposite side of the state.  I say that because of what he said & also the fact that he deleted his profile pretty much right after we started talking & it's still gone.  And if this training thing happens it'll be in like a month.  

Tuesday 14th I met up with a current coworker for lunch at On The Border & ice cream at Braum's.  Afterwards I drove out to my friend Emily's.  We drank some wine & then went out for some food & beer at Antebellum's.  It was nice to get out of the house for the entire day & hang out with some girl friends.
Wednesday 15th Nothing.  I left my house long enough to get some elote from Fuel City Tacos & tacos from Tacos Los Tovares.  Other than that I spent all day napping, watching Netflix, & drinking beer.  What I had planned on doing was working on my case study for my ethics class.  Fail. (which is also what's going to happen if I don't get on it soon...)

Thursday 16th I got my hair dyed!  I was tired of the dull brown & grown out blonde/red highlights.  I had originally wanted to get it done in Houston a couple of weeks ago but wound up not going down there at all.  I'm glad I didn't make the trip down there because I wound up finding a place near me that I really like that's also about half the price of the place I went in Houston.  I decided to go dark dark brown.  That evening my parents got into town & we went out to eat at Pappadeux & then just hung out for awhile.

Friday 17th We went to breakfast at Waffle House & then checked out Texas Tulips.  I kept seeing ads for in on Facebook so when I saw it was only an hour from me I knew I had to go.  I had actually considered going on Wednesday but then didn't leave the house so I figured it'd be a good activity for when my parents were in town.  I also fell in love with the area up there.  It's where I want to be.  It's the Texas I had in mind when I first moved to Texas.  I applied for a summer nanny job up there already that I'm really hoping I get & have started looking at school districts up there as well.  It's out of the city which is ultimately what I want but still only an hour from city center of both Dallas & Fort Worth.  After the tulips we stopped at a saddle & boot shop in the area & then headed back towards home.  My dad fixed a couple of things at my apartment, we hung out for a little bit near a large pond behind my apartment.  That night we just ordered appetizers to go from Chili's & hung out by the fire pit at my parents' hotel.

Saturday 18th I took my parents to Pecan Lodge for lunch.  I love that place so much.  Their brisket is amazing & OMG that mac & cheese.  I want some of the mac & cheese right now.  I was looking for an end table so we went to B4 hoping I could find a used one.  No such luck.  It was a cute little store though.  We had no plan after that so I drove over to Four Corner brewery.  We didn't go in.  It was so packed.  We thought about doing the pedestrian bridge but it was really warm out.  I did not want to just sit around for 8 hours so we drove down to Glen Rose & went to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.  It was cool.  We got to see lots of cool animals like giraffes, rhinos, cheetahs, ect.  You even get to feed some of them from a bag of food from your car.  The worst part about it though was the people.  Oh my goodness I hate people.  We somehow wound up behind 2 different cars that were full of super annoying people.  By the time we left early that evening I was so exhausted & over humans.  We got back to my place, ordered a pizza, hung out for a bit, & then my parents went back to their hotel.  I promptly passed out.

Sunday 19th We went to IHOP for breakfast for the second day in a row & even had the same waiter.  After lunch we headed down to Grandview so that we could go on a trail ride at Beaumont Ranch.  It was such a perfect day for it.  I know I said it back in November/December (whenever I last went) but for real I need to get on a horse more often.  I love riding.  I want to go back to that place again because they have more than just horseback riding.  You can also go ziplining, ride ATVs, shoot clay pigeons, archery, & cattle herding/roping.  We headed back towards my place & went to Lupe's Tex-Mex for a late lunch.  After lunch it was time for my parents to head out.  I thought about taking a nap, I even laid down, but I didn't actually fall asleep.  Just laying down felt great though.  I went to the store for some food for the week...nothing that required actual cooking... & then got some froyo from Sweet Frog.  I spent the rest of the night watching a couple of episodes of Love on Netflix & then Lone Star Law.  I went to bed at 10 but didn't fall asleep until probably closer to 11:30-midnight.  I was so good about not staying up crazy late or waking up that late all spring break to avoid getting my sleep pattern out of whack.  So of course the night before I had to go back to work I would be unable to sleep.

Moments I'm Grateful For
10 - Start of spring break!
11 - New tattoo
12 - Date w/really cute guy
13 - 2nd date with same really cute guy
14 - Girls day & night
15 - Elote & tacos
16 - Parents in town
17 - Visiting Texas Tulips
18 - Drive through safari
19 - Horseback riding

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I'm still on spring break & my parents are in town so rather than split up what I did over spring break (which is not much of anything) I'll just give y'all a big recap on Monday.  I hope that y'all had a great week & enjoy your weekend!  If you're celebrating for St. Patrick's Day today have an awesome time & be safe!  Linking up with Amanda!

I leave you with this...St. Patrick's Day 2011

As roommates the 4 of us agreed that we weren't going to do anything big or go out.  What actually happened was 2 of us decided to dye cheap vodka green & take shots all night...  Those shots led to dancing around the apartment, drunk texts, trying on clothes, & a little photo shoot.  (Kayla if you're reading this...that's also how the sand got spilled in your room... sorry!  It wasn't me!)  I somehow woke up hangover free the next day.  Oh to be 22 again...

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Body Is My Journal & My Tattoos Are My Story

When I saw Kylea post about the stories behind her tattoos I immediately knew I wanted to do the same.  The timing seemed pretty perfect.  Her post came about a week & a half after Mr. Hates Tattoos decided to end things because he couldn't look past my tattoos.  It also came about a week before my appointment for my 8th tattoo.  So it seemed like a good way to show off my new ink, share my old ink, as well as explain why I have each of that tattoos that I do.

Please excuse the poor photo quality.  With the exception of the last one, I just now took pictures with my cell phone of all of the others because I didn't feel like trying to dig up the originals for the rest.

This one is clearly in need of being touched up again.  I got this one at 22 (6 years ago).  I am so glad that I waited until I was 22 to get my first tattoo.  Why?  Well because that is not originally what I wanted for my first tattoo.  When I was like 17 I wanted a double nautical star in black, blue, & green.  Thank you Jesus I didn't get that one.  Anyway, so at 22 I got my first tattoo.  I was slightly intimidated walking into the shop.  I chose a hibiscus because at the time it was my favorite flower.  I got it in pink with green accents because my birth month color, & my mom's, are both pink.  The green is because that is the birth month color of my dad & brother.  Which considering none of us are born in the same month was pretty convenient.  Location: right shoulder blade

I got my 2nd tattoo at 23.  I got it when I came back from student teaching in Texas.  I have always loved dandelions.  My mom & I used to argue whether they were flowers or weeds.  I got it with the idea in mind that I felt like the seeds being blown in the wind.  I didn't quite know where I wanted to end up or be at the time but I knew I wanted/needed to get out of Minnesota for at least awhile.  Location: left hip bone

Number 3 came at the age of 24.  I love Eric Church & that was & is my favorite song by him.  Plus, the lyrics are true.  It says "Funny how a melody sounds like a memory"  They're from "Springsteen"  Location: left collarbone 

Number 4 came at the age of 25.  Basically my plan was to get one a year...that plan got shot to shit lol.  It says "Roots of an oak & a tumbleweed soul"  They're from the Granger Smith song "Bury Me In Blue Jeans"  The meaning behind the lyrics kind of goes along with my dandelion tattoo.  I felt (still sometimes feel) like I just don't know where I want to be.  That I want to see & live as many places as possible.  Location: right rib cage.  This is the one & only tattoo that about halfway through I wanted it to just stop.

Number 5 came at the age of 26.  I wanted a tattoo that represented Texas.  I didn't want one that was big & gaudy though.  So I chose a simple star outline.  I am originally from Minnesota which is the north star state & now live in Texas which is the lone star state.  Location: left wrist.

Number 6 is where my whole one a year got shot to shit.  I was also 26 when I got this one.  My cousin Becky & I got matching foot tattoos on a road trip we took.  Mine says "Faith when I fall" & hers says "Strength when I stand"  They come from back to back lyrics in the Kip Moore song "Faith When I Fall" Location: right foot.

Number 7 came just after my 28th birthday.  Which means not only did I get 2 at the age of 26...I got 0 at the age of 27.  It's a compass with the coordinates of where I grew up.  I am obsessed, OBSESSED, with globes & maps which is how I wound up with a compass but I wanted it to be more personal & meaningful so I had the coordinates to home added in.  (Coordinates blacked out so ya can't stalk my parents lol)  Location: left arm.

Number 8 also came at the age of 28.  A few years ago I decided that when I have kids I wanted to get tattoos of their birth month flowers.  I also decided that I would start it with the flower that represented me, my brother, & my parents & work off of it to turn it into a partial sleeve.  But first, before I had any kids of my own I wanted to get my birth month flower.  I've wanted this one longer than most of the other ones I have but knew that it'd be more expensive because of color so I just kept putting it off.  Location: right shoulder blade.

Do you have any tattoos?  What are they?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Tacos, Tattoos, & Tequila

I took basically no pictures this weekend.  I have a date set up tonight with the guy I went out with yesterday.  Of course I'm being a complete girl & praying that it actually still happens even though I have absolutely no reason to believe it won't.  Until then I'm just getting stuff done around the house because SPRING BREAK!  Linking up with Biana!

Friday was pretty much just a waste of a day at school.  It was the day before spring break & there was a pep rally at the end of the day so my classes spent all day watching Zootopia.  I had never seen it but it was on Netflix & that's what a coupld of other teachers in my department were going to show so I jumped on board.  I thought it was cute.  My kids HATED the sloths.  In each class they were like "OMG this part makes me so mad!"  Yeah, well that's how I feel dealing with y'all sometimes.  After work a couple of girls & I went out for happy hour at On The Border.  We shared a pitcher of margaritas, whined about school, and rejoyced that it was finally spring break.  I was supposed to have a date that night but I had cancelled it that morning because I just wasn't feeling it with that guy & had a date lined up for Sunday that I was way more excited about.  Instead I went home & watched Mad Men on Netflix.

Saturday morning I got a couple of things done around the apartment.  A little after noon I headed out to get some tacos before my tattoo.  I went to El Come because I'm obsessed with their tacos.  This time I got chorizo, cow head, & veal brain.  Tattoo hater & one of his friends met me there & yes it was just as awkward as you're imagining.  They said if I wanted to hang out with them at the St. Patrick's Day stuff in Greenville after my tattoo to text them.  No thank you.  I got to the tattoo place insanely early so I sat in my car for awhile talking to the best friend on the phone.  Finally it was time to go in.  A little less than 2 hours later I was done!  I was ready for tattoo number 9 before he even started on number 8.  The addiction is real y'all.  I'm in love with it.  I think my next task though will be to get my first one, also kind of seen in this picture, redone.  I got it 6 years ago & it's in desperate need of being touched up.  After the tattoo I called Helen & Caleb to meet up with them.  We went to Mena's for some Mexican & margaritas.  It was really good!  After supper we went to The Line Bar to prove that we aren't old.  We had a couple of drinks & witnessed some really bad karaoke.  I felt like I was back in my hometown.  I was back at my place by 10-10:30 because we are in fact old.

Around 11 I met up with my date at Cabela's.  From there we went to lunch at Hard Eight BBQ.  After lunch we didn't have a plan & the weather was gloomy so we went to a nearby  coffee show, The Brew Junkie, so we could hang out & talk some more.  After a little while there we headed back to Cabelas to get my car & went our separate ways.  He is so cute y'all.  Because I'm a girl & second guess everything I called the best friend when I was back on the road & whined to him.  He told me I just needed to be more assertive & if I wanted to see him again flat out tell him & make it happen.  None of this "well if you want to hang out again some time let me know..."  So I text him, said I wanted to see him again this week before my parents came into town this weekend, & we made a date.  We live almost an hour & a half apart so he said during the week was more difficult but we could make supper work one night.  He had driven an hour & I had driven a half hour to see him Sunday so it's only fair that we reversed it for our next date, especially since I'm on spring break & he's not.  He loves the show Lone Star Law so he told me I should watch it that night.  I don't have cable but I found a way to be able to watch it live anyway so I caught up on the 3 episodes that have already aired this season & then when the new one came on we texted a little while watching it.