Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Confessions

**I was better at confessions when I did them weekly because I would just add to it every day**

**On the flip side I don't feel like I have that much to confess on a weekly basis**

**At least once a week I get fed up with the education system as a whole & just want to quit**

**I don't know that I can truly imagine doing anything other than teaching though**

**I was planning on using my last 2 allotted days off for a 4 day weekend in May...then late Monday I wound up with the flu & had to take yesterday & today off**

**Granted it's only been a week & a half, but I haven't gone a single date, or even gotten one lined up, since Mr. Awesome turned out to be NOT Awesome**

**Dating sucks**

**I find Tinder slightly addicting**

**I'm getting my 8th tattoo in just 10 days!**

**I wasn't going to even write this post because I had nothing in it but then at like 7:15 I got blogger guilt because I've been super shitty at blogging & IG lately, especially blogging...**

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Only 90s Kids Will Remember

First of all, I hate those posts.  Why?  Well because I didn't have cable until 2007 when I went to college.  That means I know about almost none of the stuff they post in those articles because I didn't have access to Nick & all of that fun stuff.  Ok pity party over...

About a month ago Steph & Nadine both did a fun little survey about the 90s.  As an avid lover of the 90s, I had to play along.

I was born in 1988, October 23 to be exact.  The 90s was basically my adolescence.  I rang in the 90s at the ripe age of 1 & was 11 when the 2000s came about.

Favorite Disney Film
The Fox & The Hound
The Little Mermaid is my favorite princess movie though

Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie
None because again, I didn't have cable until 2007

Favorite Music Artist
Backstreet Boys.  I once hyperventilated on my way into one of their concerts.  No shame.

Favorite Candy
The pink & purple nerds or the watermelon laffy taffy with the fake black seeds

Favorite Game (Board/School/Etc)
My favorite board game was Life

In school I loved playing dodgeball

Favorite McDonalds Happy Meal Toy
The beanie babies of course.  Beanie babies pretty much ran the 90s.

Favorite Book
The Little House on the Prarie series & the Babysitters Club Series.  In like the 1st grade my friend & I were so obsessed that we tried to start our own club.  Because obviously people were going to hire 7 year olds to watch their kids...

Favorite Show
Does the entire TGIF line up count??  If not it's a tie between Full House & Boy Meets World.  Sabrina & Step by Step were up there too.  Yeah, I stand by my original choice of the entire line up.

Weirdest Fashion Trend
Platform shoes.  Thanks a lot Spice Girls... I actually owned a pair of these, except in bright blue.

Monday, February 27, 2017

5 Years of the San Antonio Rodeo

I hope that y'all had a great weekend!  Linking up with Biana!

Pretty much as soon as my conference period started on Friday I was out the door.  When I made the decision to leave at 1:30 I had big plans of being in San Antonio around 5:30-6.  Austin traffic of course had other plans.  When I got into my car my ETA was 5:55.  When I arrived it was 7:15.  Between construction in Temple, & the never ending suck of traffic that is Austin, some serious time was added to my journey.  From now on I will be taking the toll road to avoid it whenever I drive down.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my story in which I was taking bets on how long it'd take me to actually get through Austin.  In case you didn't see it... it was an hour & 10 min.  I normally hate toll roads but the $8 is worth avoiding sitting in traffic for that long.  When I did finally reach Travis & Robyn's house we ate some soup, watched some movies on TV (I saw Whip It for the first time), & went to bed.

This was our 5th year going to the San Antonio Rodeo together.  We have somehow managed to screw something up every single year we've gone so we were bound & determined to get it right this year.  And we did...for the most part.  Travis & I were up before Robyn so we went & dropped my car off in a parking lot right near the stadium so we wouldn't have to walk a mile & a half like we normally do & then picked up breakfast tacos.  Robyn was up when we got back & we just sort of hung around for a couple of hours & got ready before heading out.  Not only did we get there in time this year, we were early.  We were able to eat some food & see some animals BEFORE the rodeo even started.  The only hiccup, & it wasn't even technically a hiccup, was that we apparently chose to attend on Xtreme Bulls day which we were unaware of.  So instead of the full blown rodeo it was only bull riding & mutton bustin.  Which, those are my two favorite parts anyway so whatever.  We got to see Aaron Watson who had me crying when he played Bluebonnets In The Spring.  He & his wife had a little girl who died just hours after she was born & the song is for her.  The song makes me cry anyway but he started it by saying how he wasn't going to play it because he didn't know if he'd be able to get through it, but during the meet & greet before hand he met a mother & a little girl who had recently lost their husband/father who was a fire fighter & had played that song at his funeral.  After the rodeo we went to Buffalo Wild Wings & then a bar for a while with some of Travis & Robyn's friends

I had planned on going to a concert Sunday night with my friend Kevin, & I had part of a paper to write, so I had planned on leaving by 8 am so that I could get back, get stuff done, & make it to the concert.  Kevin text me at 4 am saying the show was sold out & resale tickets were now $90 instead of the original $18.  He asked if I still wanted to go but I declined.  There was no way I was paying that kind of money for a small bar show of a band I hardly know.  I still left at 8 anyway which was good and bad.  In my mind I was going to stop in Austin on my way home to get some BBQ from Stiles Switch because it's pretty much my favorite place & I'm obsessed with their potato salad.  What I didn't think through was that by leaving at 8 I'd hit Austin around 9 & the place doesn't open until 11.  Oh well, it saved me money.  There are 2 Buc-ees, which is no lie one of my favorite places ever to stop at, between San Antonio & Fort Worth.  I had planned on stopping at both.  Why?  Just because I love that place that much.  However, I was on the phone with my dad when I was getting to the first one & I hadn't been on the road long enough to want to stop.  So instead I drove straight on through to Temple, stopped at the Buc-ees there, got some fudge, pecan kolaches, & a new CD because that's how I always do when I stop there.  When I got to West I stopped again but this time for a jalapeno & cheese sausage kolache from Slovacek's.  

I was fairly tired when I got home & all I wanted to do was nap.  Instead, like a good adult for once, I knocked out my paper & then went grocery shopping.  I have not done any type of meal prep in probably a month.  I am going to try to give up carbs as much as possible.  Now, this doesn't mean I'm giving them up 100%, just most of the time.  For breakfast I made "burrito bowls" but really it's eggs, sausage, jalapenos, green chilies, cheese, & onion.  For lunches I made broccoli, cheese, & chicken casserole.  It's those 3 things.  For suppers I made more burrito bowls.  Those ones have brown rice, turkey burger, salsa, cheese, & onion.  I finally did some laundry.  I have free electricity from 8 pm- 5 am so I waited until 8 to start it because I'm cheap.  I ran my dishwasher for the first time since moving in.  Something is wrong with it... the soap dispenser doesn't open.  So until that gets fixed it's dishes by hand.  Which, the dishwasher is so old I might just do that anyway.  Around 10 I got my second load of laundry into the dryer & finally went to bed.

Friday, February 24, 2017

To San Antone I Go

Today I am leaving work at the start of my conference period so I can head to San Antonio for the weekend to visit my friend Robyn.  I'm not saying it's the worst drive, because that would be Dallas to Houston, but if you wind up anywhere near Austin during rush hour life is a nightmare.  That's why I'm ducking out early.  Otherwise I'd hit Austin somewhere around 5:30-6 & would sit there for forever.  Linking up with Amanda!

What I Was Up To
Monday I sort of had a day off of work.  There were no students but we teachers had to sit in profesional development all day. I spent most of it exhausted & also trying not to cry.   I was exhausted from getting less than 5 hours of sleep the night before & then trying not to cry because about mid day Mr. Awesome decided to end things via text.  That night I got back on Match to continue the search as well as go back to watching Shameless.

BLOG: No post

Tuesday At staff development the day before I had learned that curriculum wise I was ahead of the rest of the district.  So I used that, & the fact that my A day kids had watched a movie with my sub on Friday, to have a screw it day & watch Finding Dory all day because I was not in the mood.

BLOG: I recapped my long weekend of concerts, an awesome date, & a break up.  Is it really a break up if it was only 2 weeks??

Wednesday After a quick little meeting during my conference period I ducked out early (seriously having the last period off is the best/worst thing ever) & headed to Old Chicago so I could start the next little mini tour.  I apparently had enough points for my next reward so I got my deck of cards.  Not quite sure was the next prize is.  I know that if I go 3 more times by March 19 I get a free shirt, & if I go 7 more by then I get 2 free shirts.  Granted, if I get either of them they're going to my best friend because I don't really want them.  After that I continued to get annoyed at Mr. Awesome because the day before he had decided to text me again saying if I ever wanted to hang out again let him know... but then it came to light that he had looked up the cost of tattoo removal so I went off on that.  So I vented & cried to best friend some more, watched Shameless, & went to bed.

BLOG: It was National Margarita Day so I shared 10 awesome recipes.

Thursday I spent a large portion of my day catching up on blogs, because I should have been working on a paper.  So if I blew up any of your inboxes I'm sorry.  I also ran into one of my old students.  Apparently one of my freshmen from last year now goes to the school I teach at this year.  Small world.  I couldn't remember the poor kids name though.  Ooops!  I remember the kid, & their screaming high pitch when there was a cockroach in the classroom, but I couldn't remember their name.  After work it was of course off to my ethics class followed by some after class food & drinks with Emily & Katherine.

BLOG: Tomorrow is my 7 year blogaversary so I recapped my past 7 years of blogging.

Help A Girl Out
So basically since the beginning of February I've been eating like crap.  Between not wanting to cook/make food the week before I moved so I wouldn't have any left overs, moving, & then being busy/gone during the weekends, I haven't really cooked (as in I haven't at all) since January.  So I either eat out, which is rarely healthy, or just have easy to eat crap at home.  I have Pinterest boards full of healthy things to make but I'd like to know what you love.  I am out of town this weekend, & next, so the easier the better since I won't have all weekend to shop/cook.

Things That Made Me Laugh

Moments I'm Grateful For
17. A day off work to spend time with a friend from out of town
18. Mardi Gras Texas Style (Texas country music festival)
19. An awesome 12 hour date with a guy
20. Having a best friend who lets me cry when awesome guy turns out to be not awesome
21. Watching Finding Dory all day in class because I found out my classes are ahead of the rest of the district
22. Starting the next mini tour at Old Chicago
23. Running into a student I had in class last year, at my new school

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Seven Year Itch

On Saturday this little blog turns 7.  Say what?  How is that even possible?

Here's a little look back at my blog over the years.

The very first post!

My top 5 most popular posts of all time
(It's a post about 2 people I went to high school with who had been killed in a car accident)
(Don't bother clicking.  As is made clear in many of my old posts, I didn't understand the concept of actually saving pictures to my computer & then uploading rather than just copying & pasting.  It's basically a blank post.  All of the picture links are broken & since it was nearly 6 years ago I have no idea what the pictures were.  Blogging fail!)
(The time I bitched about having to miss WeFest in 2010)
(A confession post from 2014...only 2 broken images woo!)
(An article, that I did not write but loved, about why passionate women, like me ha, are so awesome)

My blog has been all over the place over the past 7 years.  It went from random rambling diary to all the link ups all the time to somewhere in the middle.  It's been brought up on more than one occasion lately by bloggers everywhere how much blogging in general has changed over the past couple of years.  There are things I miss about each phase.  I miss old school blogging where people were real & genuine.  Where they wrote to actually write about their life & such.  I also miss the a billion link up days because that's where I found most, if not all, of the blogs that I follow now.

7 Posts Chosen Completely At Random
(Just as the title suggests it is literally just a post telling you what my favorite movie was at the time. 7/30/2010)
(A Friday Favorites post. 12/19/2014)
(A look back at 2013 in pictures. 1/1/2014
(Back when I actually gave a damn & worked out/ran. 1/18/2013)
(My very first So True Tuesday post, which I continued for a little over a year, where I posted things I had found on Pinterest that I found to be extremely accurate. 11/25/2014)
(A link up that I used to participate in where we'd answer 5 different questions each week about ourselves & such. 10/20/2013)
(From when I used to share a song I was loving every single Monday. 11/13/2010)

Back when I started this blog I was 21, living in Minnesota, going to college to be a teacher, & had been dating a guy for 4 years (who I would break up with 8 months later.)
*This was right around the time I started the blog*
First of all, no ever better let me cut my hair that short again.  EVER.
Second of, I definitely fell off that chair I'm sitting in at some point that night...

I'm now 28, living in Texas, teaching but going back to school for my Master's in Communications, & single.
*New Years Day 2017*

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

10 Recipes To Help You Celebrate Margarita Day

Today is Margarita Day!  

I love frozen margaritas.  When I lived in Houston there was a place near my first apartment that my friends & I would go to all the time.  They had an awesome happy hour special on margaritas & this make your own guacamole that I would order pretty much every time after I was 1 or 2 in even with my friends telling me not to because despite how good it was, I would always get so annoyed that I'd have to sit there & mash it all up with my fork.  

But I digress... here are some recipes so that you can celebrate today!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Music Is Life

Friday morning I picked up my friend Abby from the airport & we were off to find some tacos!  I got on Yelp & found a place called El Tizoncito.  So good!  One of the people next to me was drinking some frozen drink that looked really good so I ordered one as well.  I was not disappointed.  When we got to my apartment we went to the office to pick up the couch that was supposed to be delivered to my door.  There was no way we were getting that sucker out of there so the office lady said that once the maintenance guy returned he'd help us.  While we waited for him we sat on my patio drinking beer.  Once the couch arrived we started the adventure of putting it together.  We both wound up with battle wounds but we got it together!  On my way to the airport I had noticed that I lived right by an Applebee's & they had $1 draft beer all day everyday.  We went there to eat some food & drink a couple of beers before heading to the Stockyards.  We hung out down there for awhile at various bars before finally going to the Whiskey Girl Saloon for a concert.  We saw Micah Cheatam, Shotgun Rider, & Rich O'Toole.

The next morning we headed out for brunch.  I wanted a place with a good bloody mary so it was back to Yelp.  I found this place called Chef Point.  Apparently this place was on Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives.  Neither of us knew this.  In fact my friend Abby made a comment about how it looked like a place that might be on there...only to later find out it had in fact been on there.  The massive bloody mary did not disappoint me.  We stopped back at my apartment for a nap & then headed off to Dallas.  We checked into our hotel, Hotel Indigo, which was awesome!  I got back on Yelp to find us a place to eat & drink a little bit before heading to Mardi Gras Texas Style.  I found a place called the Crafty Irishman like a block from our hotel.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  We wound up going there 3 separate times.  From the Crafty Irishman we took an Uber to Fair Park.  I got to check quite a few artists off my Texas Country Bucket List.  We saw Dalton Domino, Mike Ryan, Brandon Jenkins, Shane Smith & The Saints, Kyle Park, Cody Johnson, & Casey Donahew Band.  Cody Johnson was the only one I had seen before.  I love live music regardless but the weather was perfect for an outdoor music festival.  When we left there it was back to the Crafty Irishman for a midnight snack & a drink.

Sunday morning we took our time waking up & getting ready before heading to the Crafty Irishman one more time for a morning drink & some french fries.  From there I found us some tacos, because tacos, at a place called La Ventana.  Once we were done with our tacos it was time to take Abby to the airport.  After I dropped her off I headed to Pecan Lodge to meet up with Mr. Awesome for what was one of the most fun, best days I've had in a long time.  We started at Pecan Lodge for lunch.  That place is in my top 3 for BBQ.  After there we went to a place called Mantiques because he had seen it on Day Tripper & wanted to check it out.  It was my turn to pick after that so we walked across the pedestrian bridge.  We were both finally able to check that off our to do lists.  When we got across we went to Four Corners brewery for a beer & some corn hole.  He won.  Back across the bridge it was.  We stopped at a little gas station to get some elote, & because there were cows right there I needed to see the cows as well.  I suggested the Truckyard but we wound up sitting on the HG Supply Co roof top for like 5 min before heading to Deep Ellum to hang out at a roof top bar there for a drink.  Then it was time for the main event.   A few weeks ago a song by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus had come up on YouTube & I got to googling them because I used to love them.  I was mostly wondering if they were even still a band.  Not only did I see that they were, they were to be playing in Dallas.  It was SUCH a weird show.  It was all acoustic.  We missed the opening act but were there in time for Red Jumpsuit.  The band is two guys but only one was there.  I still loved that part of the show.  Next up was Hawthorne Heights.  I had seen them in high school & back then it was exactly how you'd imagine an emo/alternative rock show was.  Not this time.  Imagine a bunch of suburban dads acoustically singing songs that used to be screamed.  It made me feel SO old.  Last but not least was Secondhand Serenade.  I know like 2 of his songs...and after a couple hours of acoustic music I was over it.  I had wanted to ask Mr. Awesome so many times if he wanted to just leave but I was like "this was your idea...don't be lame!"  Finally, I couldn't take it anymore & was like I don't mean to sound lame but do you want to go get pizza.  Apparently he had been hoping I'd ask that for like 3 songs.  So we got some pizza at his favorite pizza place & then he dropped me off at my car & we each went home.

Monday was awful.  First of all, I was running on like 5 hours of sleep max after a super fun, long, adventurous weekend.  Second of all, staff development is always long, boring, & pointless.  And finally, Mr. Awesome turned out to be a little less awesome & he will no longer be mentioned on this blog.  In case you don't know, Mr. Awesome just got that name 2 seconds ago.  He was Mr. Still Needs A Name For The Blog who I had an awesome 6 hour first date with & did the whole tacos on Valentine's Day with.  Anyway, he decided, through text, to let me know that as hard as it was for him to say so, despite the fact that I'm really really awesome, we have so much in common, & have a really great time together, he just can't get over the fact that I have tattoos.  Alrighty then dude.  I know tattoos are a deal breaker for some so I explicitly put it in my profile that I have 7.  He also saw a few of them, & we talked about them, on our first date.  I'm pretty sure that when he found out that I'm getting another one that was the breaking point for him.  His parents are ultra conservative, like they don't drink so he won't drink around them.  So even though all of my tattoos can be covered, & aren't obscene in any way, pretty sure he just didn't want to have to bring home a girl with tattoos someday.  Whatever.  He's an idiot.  Next.  So that night I sat on the couch, ate pizza, watched Shameless, cried to my best friend on the phone for awhile, & went to bed.