Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Confessions To Kick Off February


**I was going to wait to potentially look for new jobs until after I signed my contract for my current job...that's not gonna happen anymore**

**Feb 23, 2015 I resigned from my job in Houston...I'm at the point where that's looking super tempting this year**

**I've decided that I'm going to audition for the Dallas Stars Ice Girls as soon as they post the audition dates**

**Whenever I think about leaving my co-workers & certain students/athletes I want to cry**

**There are certain students where I just can't hide my disdain**

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Thoughts During Jury Duty

If this elevator doesn't hurry up I'm going to be late

Oh good another line

Was I supposed to fill this out

That guy has his filled out

But I did it online if it's a big deal I'll borrow a pen

Juror #41...makes me feel like I'm reading a part in a play

Ooh the guy said he has good news maybe the case got dismissed

I could have the whole day to myself

No such luck the case is still on but now I have 3 hours to kill before I have to be back

I have nowhere to be & my dumbass took an Uber so I wouldn't have to deal with parking

I should've driven so I could go home for 3 hours

It's tempting to Uber home again

I don't want to spend  $30 on Uber today though

That girl brought a book...I should've brought a book and a charger...rookie mistake

Calm down buttercup your phone isn't going to die within the next 2.5 hours

He said if we get picked we'll be back tomorrow...not gonna lie missing 2 days of work and a basketball game sounds kinda nice...

Great now I look like a fool trying to keep it together cause I'm sitting here thinking of Alice's Restaurant.

"I mean, I mean, I mean that just, I mean that just I'm sitting here on the bench, I'm sitting here on the group W bench..."

I should call my dad...he'd get a kick out of that...I wonder if he's busy

68% & 2 I sure do know how to kill my phone...

The asshole that walked out of the courtroom cussing out his wife better not be the guy on trial because I've already formulated my opinion on him

39% & an hour left until I have to be back.  I didn't think this through. I should probably turn the phone off so I have enough battery to get an uber when I'm done here...

I should've worn jeans.  Online it said no jeans but so many other people are wearing jeans.  I'd be so much happier in jeans.

23 more min...just 23 more minutes.  All I ask is that I'm out of here by 2.  I need some time by the pool today before it gets cold again.

It can't take 2 hours to narrow down a jury can it?

That is probably the most naive thought I've had all day...who am I kidding...I could be here forever!

Did these other potential jurors know each other before hand or did they all just decide to turn to their neighbor 3 hours ago and say "let's do lunch at 9 am & bond!"

15-20 more min & 29%.  Regardless of what happens I must turn this phone off at 20% or I'll have to walk the 6 miles back to my apartment and I'm not even fully sure what direction that would be.

A cop just walked by with what appears to be a bag of wine...or maybe it was that for my court room or is it for #9...

Hurry up & wait...that's what this is.  You must check in by 9 but at 930 we'll tell you we don't need you until 1215.  At 1215 we'll make sure you're all back but tell you that you have to wait in the hall until we're ready for you.

Finally we're going in!

Alright people, if your statement doesn't lead to "I don't feel like I can be impartial" shut the fuck up.  Stop stating your opinion just to answer the "do you believe that you could be fair & impartial" with a yes.

Oh no! #39...they're so close to my number!

Please skip #41...please skip #41

#43 phew!  I'm free!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello February

How in the world is it already February?!  Did January even happen?  I'm still off work today.  I wish it was for something fun, or even to just relax.  Unfortunately it's because I have jury duty.  On the plus side, it's still a day off of work which is always awesome!

Friday the girls had a game against their rival team.  Freshmen lost by 5, JV won, & Varsity lost by 1.  Losing that game means we are officially out of the running for playoffs.  Which, in all honesty, we're all ready for.  I'm done, the girls are done, the other coaches are done.  Our last two games are this week.  I'm mostly happy to no longer have to wake up at 5 am anymore.

Saturday morning we had softball practice from 9-11.  The warm weather & softball made me so happy.  It made me want to grill out & patio drink.  After practice I unexpectedly stopped at Cavenders.  Damn the beautiful weather for making me want to shop!  I wound up buying a top & a dress that were both on clearance.  I think I'm going to wear the dress to prom in April.  I'm chaperoning yet again.  I didn't go looking for a dress with the intent of using it for prom but I loved the way it looked & the way it fit but it was too nice for a rodeo & way cheaper than what I probably would have wound up getting had I waited until March/April to find one.  

Around 1:30 my friend Abby showed up & we headed to Will Rogers Arena for the stock show & rodeo.  Turns out however that it was sold out.  So we bought tickets to get into the grounds & walked around for a bit.  Abby bought a couple of bracelets and I bought a necklace and some boot socks.  We then went to the beer tent where they had the rodeo on live circuit.  When that was all over we headed to the stockyards to find some supper but everything was crazy busy so we just headed back to my place so I could change out of my dress and into some jeans.  The Uber ride back to my place was the best ride ever!  The driver had a puppy & I got to hold him almost the entire ride on my lap.  We bonded.  I was sad to say goodbye to Tugboat.

As soon as I had changed it was off to Dallas.  Abby checked into her hotel & then we went to Gas Monkey.  Neither of us had ever been there before & since that's where our concert for the night was we decided to eat there.  She got chicken fried steak that was HUGE & looked so good.  I got a burger with bacon & a quail egg.  The food was delicious.  By the time we showed up the first act was done already.  The place was so busy that by the time we ate our food and paid for we had also missed her friend Rich play.  I could see through the glass door the entire time but we didn't actually get to hear him.  We finished in time to hear Waymore's Outlaws play.  I really liked them.  The drummer is even Waylon Jennings original drummer.  The place sucks as a concert venue however so we only watched like 1 or 2 of Shooter Jennings' songs.  After that we just went to the bar to drink since it was early & the drinks were cheap.  One of the opening acts, Rich O'Toole, who is also her friend, & one of his band members hung out with us at the bar for a bit.  The 3 of us, minus Abby, bonded over the fact that we all have strong Minnesota ties.  It wasn't until the next morning when one of my best friends text me to tell me that her cousin had been playing there that night, that I learned that the other guy, Chad, is her cousin.  Of all the joints in all the world...  They guys left before we did but when we left our Uber driver told us about these awesome tacos & took us there to get them.  It had been so long since I had a good barbacoa taco.  We then passed out talking & watching TV.

Sunday morning we woke up & watched TV for a little bit & then headed off to Waffle House for breakfast.  I inhaled my breakfast.  It tasted so good.  It had been too long since I had waffles.  After breakfast we went our separate ways so that she could make her long journey back to Corpus & I could head back to Fort Worth to get my adult on.  Prior to adulting a nap & talking on the phone with my daddy was needed.  I finally made my way to the grocery store.  I got some new flowers for the apartment & ingredients to make jalapeno popper soup.  Saturday alone felt like it lasted an entire weekend so I didn't really do a whole lot on Sunday because I was so worn out.  Post soup making I sat on the couch blogging & watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Friday, January 29, 2016

The First Week Of Overlap

Softball practice started this week.  I didn't stay on Monday, I left early on Wednesday, & there were basketball games on Tuesday & today, but Thursday I was there the whole time for practice.  I missed softball so much.  It felt so great to be out there with the girls for practice.  I am so glad that basketball is almost over & softball has begun.  This week & next week the basketball & softball seasons overlap though so for these 2 weeks I'm at work from 6:30-6:30.

Wednesday night Mr. Midwest & I went out for dinner.  It was so much fun.  We haven't done that in a long long time.  Like he drove up to my place, picked me up, & we went out.  It was great to have it feel like it did in the beginning again.  He wanted to take me to this place that I had never been to before but they were crazy busy so we wound up going to a place that I suggested that he had never been to before.  We got breakfast followed by frozen yogurt.

Thursday was such a shitty day so after soccer & softball practice Emily & I went out for beers, chips, queso, & salsa.  It was exactly what we each needed.  We were laughing so hard at one point that we were both crying & struggling to breathe.  They guys behind us even noted that it looked like we were going to pee our pants.  (For those of you that have been following along & noticed what I ate above & right here...yeah Whole30 came to an early end...recap coming next week)

I decided that I have too much else going on this month that I'm going to skip my manicure because concerts, rodeos, & out of town trips ain't cheap.  The above is exactly why I don't paint my nails by myself anymore.  I painted those Wednesday afternoon & within a day this is what they looked like.

After 1 pm today I will have no more stupid testing.  Having to sit in a room with 25+ kids testing for 4-5 hours is pure torture.  Especially when they finish early & I still have to make them sit there silently.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

101 In 1001 7 Month Check In

6. Project 365 2016
So far so good.  You can follow along with my on Instagram (briannemcc)

13. Kiss someone every year on NYE
I talked about this Tuesday but I think I'm going to count it & change it to spend NYE with a S/O every year because I'm just too old to see midnight sometimes.

17. Save change for 1001 days
In progress

21. Try 101 new bars/restaurants
Bosses Pizza - Lake Worth, TX

Rosa's Cafe - Lake Worth, TX

46. Renew passport

89. Document music taste over a year
I started keeping track of my top 25 played on iTunes

100. Go on a date once a month - Mr. Midwest & I went to a Wild vs Stars hockey game
He wasn't so amused that the Stars lost but I was beyond happy that the Wild won!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Final Confessions of January

**Driving home Sunday afternoon with the sun shining & a lot on my mind made me miss taking long drives.  I'm talking it made me wish I was doing the Minnesota-Texas drive.**

**My current manicure is looking super ratchet but I'm trying to hold off until the 6th, if not the 12th, to get a new one because I want them to look perfect for my trip to Austin the 13-14**

**I miss living alone**

**There's a lot I used to do that I don't seem to have time/make time for anymore & that makes me sad**

**When I get to the living room before either of my roommates are home & then they go directly to their room when they get home makes me feel like I've won**

**It took me nearly 4.5 months into this lease before I decided to just start being the one to take over the living room instead of being the one to always be in my room**

**I couldn't tell you the last time I had legit weekend plans & now I have plans for the next 5 weekends**

**Benchmark/State testing is the worst.  For 3 days this week I have to sit in an absolutely silent classroom full of freshmen where I can't do a single thing but stare at them taking a test for 4-5 hours**

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

28 By 28 3 Month Check In

1. Get into grad school - as of this moment in time this is off the table

2. Be in a real relationship - I don't really know what I meant at the time when I made this...Mr. Midwest & I have been together since the middle of October so I suppose we'll see where I am/we are at by my 28th birthday

3. Visit a new state - this one could be a tad tricky.  I have no plans as of right now to go on any trips & the only states I haven't been too are on the west coast & the northeast so it's not like I can take a quick trip either to knock one out.  Maybe this summer I'll get someone to drive out to Montana with me or something.

4. Have ECSI loan paid off - this will be completed as soon as I get my refund.

5. Attend 9 concerts - I've gone to 2 so far (which is really low for me...I have 4 coming up though)

6. Try 24 new restaurants/bars - I've gone to 16 (clearly food is a priority)

7. Cut credit card debt to $5300 - yeah about that...

8. Don't use credit card for 1 month - see above...maybe after Feb/Mar this can happen

9. Run a 5k - I really need to sign up for one but that won't be happening until at least April when basketball/softball are over

10. Read 15 books - I've read 1 (there's a chance this won't happen...)

11. Get another tattoo - I already know basically what I want I just need the funds.

12. Weigh 150-155 lbs - Last time I weighed myself I was ____ lbs away.

13. Have $1000 in savings - it's making it's way up there but I'm only counting it if I can have that in my account around the time of my birthday

14 - Stick to my 1-48-5 dating rule - I'm not dating new people so this is irrelevant at this point in time

15. Get CDL - I honestly have no plans on doing this anymore as I don't want to coach next year where I currently work & if I get a job elsewhere I won't be getting it there either

16. - Get CHL - I took the class I just need to do all the payments/paperwork by September

17. Kiss someone on NYE - I don't really know what to do about this one.  Technically we didn't kiss at midnight but Mr. Midwest & I spent all night together with a couple of my friends but I was passing out on the couch by 11 & then passed out pretty much right when we got home again shortly after midnight.

18. Have tarot read - I still want to do this, & had planned on doing it in December with my cousin but time & schedules didn't allow for it so now I'm not sure when I'll do it next.

19. Donate blood - I just need to make an appointment once basketball & softball are done & I feel like I have a moment to breathe

20. Meet a blogger - I have no plans for this as of right now but if anyone in TX, or anyone visiting the DFW area wants to meet up let me know!

21. Learn to play a song on guitar - no progress on this one...but it sure looks nice sitting in the corner of my bedroom ha

22. No traffic ticket - (I type this as I'm doing defensive driving for a ticket I got back in October) Knock on wood so far so good

23. Go horseback riding - I need to find someone to go with me & time to do it.  Apparently Mr. Midwest is afraid of horses so it won't be him.

24. Go to a Twins, Vikings, Wild game - I watched the Vikings vs. the Bears in December & then saw the Wild vs. the Stars on Jan 9th.

25. Attend San Antonio, Houston, & Fort Worth rodeos - I already have tickets to San Antonio, plans for Fort Worth, & possible plans for Houston.

26. Complete 3 30 day challenges - I haven't finished any yet

27. Learn Spanish - I haven't started this either.  I think once softball/basketball are over I'm going to redownload Duolingo & try that.

28. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle - I think about this all the time but I know it won't happen until I'm in MN over the summer because I live with roommates (aka mostly in my own bedroom) so I have nowhere to set it out & walk away from it.