Friday, December 9, 2016

Holiday Favorites

We've made it to Friday!  Actually, this week went by fairly quickly for me.  I really didn't have a whole lot going on this week to share with you, well I did have an interview on Wednesday that I'm waiting to hear on.  I should know by the end of the day.  Other than that I worked on school work, this semester ends for me today, or subbed.  So instead of talking about 5 different things that happened to me this week I'm going to share 5 different holiday related things I'm loving.  Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites!

The 1978 live version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Bruce Springsteen is my favorite Christmas song by far.  It HAS to be this version though.  Not live in any other year.  Not a studio version.  Not Santa Claus is Coming to Town by anyone else.  Bruce Springsteen live in 1978.

I have had this pinned on my DIY board for 3 years.  I still haven't made it.  Someday I'm going to.  Not this year but someday.  I have three tassles currently hanging on my blinker in my car.  I have one from my HS graduation, my college graduation, & one from the year my first seniors that I taught graduated.  I want to turn them all into ornaments like ths rather than just have them hanging on my blinker.  Like I said, not this year because I don't even have my own tree but maybe next year I'll actually decorate wherever I'm living & do this.

Holiday invitations & cards from Paperless Post.  If you haven't already ordered your Christmas cards/invitations, or even if you have those but want to do something for New Year's Eve, you can save 20% if you order from them through tomorrow.  They also have a selection of holiday charity cards that you can choose from in which they will donate a portion of the proceeds to AIDS research.

I have a ton of recipe ideas on my drinks board on Pinterest that would be perfect for the holidays.  However, if I'm being honest here ya know what usually happens?  Beer.  Beer & Rumple Minze.  At some point over the holidays a bottle of Rumple Minze always finds it's way out of the cupboard.  Sometimes it just gets passed around once or twice & sometimes the cap gets tossed.  Someday maybe I'll class it up, throw a grown up holiday party, & make fun holiday cocktails like The Grinch or Merry Cranberry Margaritas.

You know you're an adult when... when asked what I wanted for Christmas this year I was at a loss.  There's nothing super exciting that I really want.  And even things that I would maybe want, like a fancy camera, I don't particularly need right now & know I don't have the time to devote to learning/using.  The top two things that popped into my head were money for bills & money for furniture.  Other than that my list is boring.  If I want something I usually buy it right then & there.  I have a long list of books, some sweet pens, & a new journal so I can start a bullet journal in 2017.  Other than that nothing.  Money.  I want my bills to go away & to be able to have furniture when I move into my new place in Feb.  I have my eye on either that sofa bed or one very similar from Amazon.

What are y'all wishing for this Christmas?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Look Back At 2016 Vol. 1

The post with the most comments: Back To School, Back To School

The post with the most views: #JingleVoxBox & My First Stitch Fix

My favorite post: Sh*t My Students Say Vol. 15

I started 2016 off sick (foreshadowing for what a shit show 2016 would be??)

I tried Barre (& if it wasn't super expensive & hurt my hips so bad I would've kept up with it)

Gor to watch the Wild beat the Stars (& then promptly lost my car keys & had to spend $350 to get a new one)

Softball season started

My friend Abby & I met up in Dallas to see Shooter Jennings

The post with the most comments: Hello February

The post with the most views: Overdue Confessions

My favorite post: Thoughts During Jury Duty

I had jury duty for the first time ever

I got so busy with coaching & life that I stopped blogging until April rolled around

My friend Alicia came to visit me & we saw Roger Creager & hung out in the Stockyards one night...

...& spent the next day/night in Austin

As is our tradition I went to San Antonio to visit my friend Robyn & go to the rodeo

I resigned from my job

My parents came to visit me & we checked out Waco as well as the Fort Worth Stockyards Rodeo

Softball...a lot of softball...

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December Confessions

**When I sub in a messy classroom it stresses me out**

**I have a job interview today & there's a chance I'm feeling over confident**

**I have become a horrible blogger...again...I am so behind on reading/commenting & unless scheduled a week or more ago my posts either get finished day of (like this one) or not at all**

**Grad school this semester has been so chaotic in an unorganized way that if I didn't want to finish what I started I'd probably not continue on**

**One of my professors has my grade currently completely messed up & has not responded to any of my messages about it...finals week is next week...**

**People who don't clean out the refrigerator from time to time...why?!**

**If I land this full time job, I'm getting another, small, tattoo**

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fall Goals Recap

1. Get to goal weight [#12 on 28 by 28] Pass

2. Run a 5k [#9 on 28 by 28/#24 on 101 in 1001] Pass
I didn't actually run this before Nov 30 but I did sign up for it before then & I ran it on Dec 4.  Close enough.

3. Read 4 books [#10 on 28 by 28/#9 on 101 in 1001] Pass

4. Meet a blogger [#20 on 28 by 28] Pass

5. Try 4 new restaurants [#21 on 101 in 1001] Pass

6. Attend trivia night [#37 on 101 in 1001] Fail

7. Donate blood [#19 on 28 by 28/#42 on 101 in 1001] Fail

8. Visit Nashville [#90 on 101 in 1001] Pass

9. Food festival [#58 on 101 in 101] Fail

10. Edit Netflix watch list [#99 on 101 in 1001] Pass

Overall: 7/10.  70% isn't bad at all & I'm happy with that.  Especially since I surpassed my goals on a couple of them.

Monday, December 5, 2016

San Antone San Antone

I hope that y'all had a great first weekend in December!  I had a fun, action packed weekend in San Antonio.  I'm definitely feeling it today.  If only I could have had just one more day to sleep.  Linking up with Biana for Weekending!

Going into work Friday I thought for sure that I'd be able to leave at 12:30.  I subbed for the same teacher two days in a row & on the second day she has the last period of the day off.  I thought for sure that meant that I'd get to leave early because the day before the sub coordinator said that she was trying to move some people around on Friday so that everyone would get at least one off period because some people had two.  Well, an off period I did not get.  Instead, during the last period I got moved to cover another class.  It wasn't the end of the world because the kids were good & I didn't have any set plans for when I arrived in San Antonio but I was hoping to get there earlier rather than later.  Had I left at 12:30 I would have hypothetically gotten there around 4:30.  Instead I didn't get to leave until 3 and then between rain and traffic I didn't arrive until 8 pm.

As soon as I met up with my friend Abby at the hotel we headed out to eat because we were both starving.  Luckily, because traffic had come to a standstill more than once, (it took me a solid hour to get through Austin) I was able to change & get ready on my way there.  We headed to the Riverwalk & ate supper at an Italian place called Michelino's.  We both got the shrimp fettuccine alfredo.  So good.  Our server gave us a few suggestions for bars to hit up but we walked into the first one, pretty much walked right back out except for to go to the bathroom, & then did not trust her judgement after that.  We had been looking for the Buckhorn Museum, which is also a bar, but wound up at a place called The Ticket.  It was a really chill place & they put the National Finals Rodeo on for us.  That combined the fact that it was raining led us to stay there until bar close.  We met a guy visiting from England who was nice & entertaining.  His brother's friend who was with him from Missouri however was a douche & we did not get along at all.  Without ever actually fighting by the end of the night he told me to fuck off because I called him out on being rude & obnoxious.

Our first attempt at an Uber back was a bust.  The guy showed up, kept acting like he didn't know what he was doing or what buttons to push to get the route started, even though from the backseat I could see exactly what he needed to do & even told him, so instead he cancelled our ride while we were still in the car sitting by the curb, accepted a new ride, told us he was sorry he couldn't figure it out & that we'd have to try to call a new one & hopefully it would be him.  Thankfully, it was not.  Also thankfully Uber has awesome customer service because that sitting by the curb cost me $10.  We eventually got a competent driver, got back to the hotel, & went to sleep.

Saturday morning we were up early because Abby was running the the Rock n Roll 10k.  While she ran in that I picked up my 5k packet for the next day & then went to Dennys for breakfast.  Because of the race the place was so busy that by the time I ate & left she was also done with the race.  We met up at Charlie Wants A Burger.  The couple that was sitting next to me at the bar turned out to not only be from Minnesota, but have a cabin on a lake right by my hometown.  Small world!  After a couple of drinks we headed back to the hotel so that we could get ready for a brewery/distillery tour we were signed up for.  We went to Ranger Creek Brewery where we were able to try a couple different beers as well as some of their whiskey.  While we were there we met a couple of other people who told us about another brewery that had just opened, Weathered Souls, so we decided to check that one out afterwards.  There we each just got a beer & then headed to Flying Saucer for supper.  Once we had finished eating we went back to the hotel so that we could drop my car off & then get an Uber to Cowboys.  Cowboys was a blast.  There Professional Bull Riding, dancing, & even non-professional mechanical bull riding by yours truly.  While there I met another person with ties to Minnesota!  Honestly, this happens fairly often.  Apparently Minnesota people don't like to stay put.  After yet again nearly closing down the bar it was back to the hotel to go to sleep.

Sunday morning was an even earlier morning.  We ever so slowly woke up, got ready, & made our way to the Rock n Roll 5k.  We went to the wrong place.  We assumed that the 5k would start in the same location that the 10k had.  It didn't.  So, before even getting to the 5k we had already walked probably a solid mile & a half.  We weren't the only ones however.  On our walk from where we thought it started to where it actually started we were joined by a couple of others who had thought the same thing.  We had already basically decided before even arriving in San Antonio that we'd most likely be walking the 5k.  After two very long nights it was officially decided.  So we walked it.  It started out fairly nice, then started drizzling, & by the end it was pouring rain.  I was not a happy camper by the end.  I was freezing & soaking wet.  We got back to the hotel, put on some dry clothes, checked out, & then went to Pappasitos for some Mexican.  As soon as we were done eating we went our separate ways.  She still had a 2 hours drive home & I still had a 4 hour drive home.  Plus, I knew I wanted to stop in Austin at Stiles Switch BBQ to pick up some food.  That is my favorite BBQ place.  I got the brisket & two sides of potato salad as always.  They have THE BEST potato salad I've ever had in my life.  Because I was still full from lunch I got it to go.  By the time I got home I was basically a zombie.  I heated up my brisket, at some of the food, & then crawled into bed where I caught up on Chicago Fire, NCIS: LA, & This Is Us before going to sleep.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Hello December

I of course must start with the obligatory "holy crap it's already December?!"  But for real, there is now less than a month left of 2016.  And ya know what?  Bye Felicia!  2017 is going to by year so bring it on baby!  As soon as I leave work today I am on my way to San Antonio to celebrate my friend's birthday & run (let's be honest probably walk) the Rock n Roll 5k.

A girl I graduated with & her husband recently found out that they struggle with fertility issues due to an auto immune disease her husband was diagnosed with.  If you could do them a favor & vote for them in the Win a Baby contest it would be greatly appreciated!  They are on page 6 & are the 9th video.  If you watch the video you can see more of their story.  You can vote once per day!

I recently started the Left Behind series & I cannot put it down.  This week I finished the 3rd book, started & finished the 4th book, & then picked up the 5th book yesterday.

When the amazing Marie posted about this book on her blog I told her how I had been wanting to read it & being the sweet person that she is she sent it to me.  I can't wait to read it over Christmas break.

The weather is officially "cold" here.  That means it's soup season.  This week I made potato soup & I can't get enough of it.

Even though I had just bought the ingredients to make the above soup, I was starving.  What I really wanted was a Big Mac (I have been craving them lately!) but what was near me was Taco Bell.  I couldn't tell you the last time I ate at a Taco Bell.  Definitely years ago.  I got the nacho cheese tacos & they tasted horribly delicious.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Winter Goals

Next Tuesday I'll give you a final recap of how I did on my fall goals.  Today however I'm giving you my winter goals.  I still have almost a whole year left on my 29 by 29 list, I've only been 29 for 39 days now, & I have about 15 months left on my 101 in 1001, but because I've decided this is the best way to ensure I get as many of those goals accomplished, all of these came from my 29 by 29...which came from my 101 in 1001.

1. Donate Blood [#3 29 by 29/#42 101 in 1001]

2. Spend NYE with a Significant Other [#8 29 by 29/#13 101 in 1001]

3. Eat at 6 New Bars/Restaurants [#9 29 by 29/#21 101 in 1001]

4. Get My Own Place [#11 29 by 29]

5. Watch the Sunrise on New Year's Day [#14 29 by 29/#81 101 in 1001]

6. Send Christmas Cards [#15 29 by 29/#86 101 in 1001]

7. Read 6 Books [#18 29 by 29/#10 101 in 1001]

8. Do a 30 Day Fitness Challenge [#19 29 by 29/#15 101 in 1001]

9. Build a Snowman [#27 29 by 29/#84 101 in 1001]

10. Visit a Museum [#29 29 by 29/#31 101 in 1001]