Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm Fallin Fast Head Over Heels

Curtis Grimes - Your Love Is To Blame


According to the Phone
For homecoming week we had dress up days.  Monday was America Day...a student asked why I looked 15.  On Wednesday for Country Day the school cop told me he thought I was a student.  Yesterday for Twin Day two students told me they thought I was a teenager...

Sunrise when I got to work

For competition day in athletics we played capture the flag.


Thank God you wished your toddler a happy birthday on Facebook. He never would've seen that tweet.:

Reminds me of Rock Band, aww. :D:

Don't Stop Believing (Hold On To THat Feeeelinggg):

hahahah wowwwww:

Haha wish I could've seen that!!:


Poor T-Rex:


Just kidding...I'm only a turtle.:

*I don't know why I find this so humorous*:

14 days until my 27th birthday!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Four More Things Vol. 10

Four Random Pictures in a Four Hour Time Frame
I had intended on blogging this on Tuesday so these pictures are from Monday.  They also aren't taken in a 4 hour time frame because I was going to turn it into a day in my life post.  But life.

Top left: It was America Day at work for homecoming week so I have an America shirt on & a red bow in my hair.
Top right: working out in the weight room for athletics.
Bottom left: A picture of my board with instructions for my students.
Bottom right: I had a date with a boy & he came over for supper.  He's not even going to get a name because he was so boring that there won't be a 2nd date.  I made bacon wrapped stuffed chicken & lemon parmesan asparagus though.  My food was amazing.

15 days until my 27th birthday!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Low Key Though

**I got the mail this past weekend & saw that my roommate's boyfriend, who wasn't supposed to move in at all, & then only just temporarily, had a piece of mail...a permanent address change to our address**

**I go back & forth on how I actually feel about this.  It's not what we agreed to, I wasn't asked, he's legally not supposed to live here, it's awkward when he is because even though it's MY place it feels like THEIR place....on the flip side, as long as he winds up staying I'll be paying less each month because I'll be damned if I'm paying half the bills when there's 3 of us here**

**I had two freshman try to make out in my classroom the other day while we watched How The States Got Their Shapes after a test...**

**Have I mentioned yet that I'm expected to learn how to drive a bus because I'm a coach?**

16 days until my 27th birthday!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

October Is My Favorite


Fridays are usually my least favorite day at work because I go non-stop the entire day.  I had a really great day at work though.  I stayed later than normal so that I could finish getting grades in & then headed home to chill for a bit before heading out.  I had intended on taking a nap in between work & getting ready but I didn't have time.  Em & I went & got the best steak salads ever at Star Cafe for supper before heading out to a bar in a neighboring town.  It wasn't exactly the most fun night ever.  I was so crabby & tired by the end of the night, & not just because I hadn't napped, that I was so excited when I finally reached my bed at 1:30 in the morning.

Saturday began the best type of that hasn't happened in awhile & won't happen again for awhile.  I was home, all alone, basically the entire weekend, & was the perfect combination of productive & lazy.  On Saturday I got groceries, made soup & brownies, caught up on almost all of the TV shows I've missed since they premiered a couple weeks ago, & napped.  That's what weekends are all about people.  I'm going to need a way to keep track of my shows though, or just get Hulu, but since I no longer have cable I no longer have DVR.  That means I can't just set them to record & watch them when I get to it.  I now actually need to make a conscious effort to remember what I watch, when I can watch it online, & what I've already seen.

Sunday was another perfect day.  For real I was not meant for adult roommate life...I much prefer the being alone.  Since I hadn't talked to either of my parents in like a week, I made myself a cup of coffee, sat out on the balcony, & talked to my mama on the phone for about an hour.  Afterwards I made a trip to Target to get some storage for my bathroom so I could start unpacking.  I wound up making two trips to Target because that $3 spot storage is bomb & I wanted/needed more.  Y'all I am FINALLY almost completely unpacked.  As soon as I get a desk/storage unity thing for my room I can unpack the remaining boxes & I will be done.  I only moved in 3 weeks ago...  As soon as I have the remaining stuff unpacked I'll take pictures & post about my new place.  I also brought some stuff to Goodwill & had supper with Emily at Chuy's before setting down to do my lesson plans for the week.  If every weekend could be this way I'd be as happy as a clam.  I'm out of town all of or part of the next 3 weekends however only to have them followed by Halloween weekend.  There's always November right?  Just kidding!  They should all be super fun weekends & October is my favorite month so this one can hold on as long as possible.

18 days until my 27th birthday!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Six Pack & A Box of Red Wine

Mike Ryan - Girls I Date

**Edited to include this**
Awhile back Tiffany shared a blog with me & today there was a post on there that I found perfectly fitting for my life right now.  With everything that has been going on, & my 27th birthday just around the corner, this post couldn't have been more perfect.


So its Hump Day and it isnt raining, does that mean its a Dry Hump Day ? | How Do It:


...or running into a pull that should be push...:

If you reverse this it's is Minnesota

This mom rocks!:




Bill Murray being Bill Murray.:

There's this thing called a belt...: