Monday, November 9, 2015

Final Taste of Freedom

Ok so the title is a tad dramatic.  This was my one & only weekend this month with nothing really going on.  And even at that it still wasn't completely free.  I suppose technically you could call the weekend following Thanksgiving a free weekend too.  Pray for my sanity y'all.

Not only was Friday our final home football game of the regular season, but it was also senior night & one of the local radio stations. 95.9 The Ranch, attended our pep rally because we are one of a few high schools in the area competing for a concert from William Clark Green & a $1000 scholarship for a senior.  For being a Friday, which is normally one of my least favorite days at work (weird I know,) it really wasn't a bad day at all.  The culinary class prepared a bunch of salad stuff for the teachers to have for lunch as well.  I have second lunch & all of the lettuce was gone by then but luckily I had brought my own salad for lunch & just added all of the extra goodies to my lame one making it 100x better.

I didn't actually attend the football game, bad I know.  I had such a long week though that I was so exhausted.  In fact, after talking to my roommate for like 5-10 minutes when I got home, I wound up laying down for about an hour before I decided I needed to be semi-productive not knowing exactly what the weekend would hold.  For the first time in a long long time I actually planned out what I was going to make for the week & went to the grocery store.  In my state of exhaustion though I left a bag at the grocery store & had to go back for it.  I honestly probably wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't wanted to eat the crackers that I had bought.

Mr. Midwest text me telling me that we were officially going to see Kip Moore together because he had bought his ticket.  I had already bought mine because I was going regardless.  I finished watching an episode of Blood & Oil that I had had trouble watching before, ABC Go sucks as far as buffering is concerned.  After that I passed out at the oh so late time of 9 pm.  I had such a long week that I just couldn't stay awake any later.  I don't know how I'm going to handle next week when I not only have morning practice Mon-Fri, but also bus training Mon-Wed until 7 pm & then games Thur-Sat.

Saturday morning I woke up & headed to work because it was my turn to do Saturday school tutorials.  Zero kids showed up.  Which was sorta nice because I didn't have to deal with anyone but I'm also not entirely sure I'm getting paid for sitting at work for 3.5 hours because I technically could've gone home.  I did get grading done & redid my board for Monday.  *Side note I had it all done & set up & then the custodians completely cleaned everything off**  I also got some blogging done.  It was nice to just get stuff done not at home & in silence.  When I got home I did some food prep for the week.  I made loaded mashed cauliflower, pork chops, & egg cups.  I half watched the first episode of The Walking Dead & wasn't super impressed.  Mr. Midwest & I are going to try to catch up on all of the episodes of the new season so maybe if I re-watch it I'll be more into it.  That evening I went to Dallas to hang out some friends for Netflix & dinner.  We had caprese skewers, brisket, & rosemary ice cream while watching Aziz Ansari's show & Drumline 2. 

Sunday was super chill.  I have a feeling I'm going to start living for Sundays.  I woke up and made a Walmart run but they didn't have what I was looking for so I stopped at Whataburger for breakfast.  I'm going to be giving up fast food soon so I decided I'd give them another shot at getting my order right.  They succeeded.  Every time I've been there since returning to TX in August, which has really only been a couple, they've messed it up somehow.  About an hour into the Vikings v Rams game, which I had to keep up with on my handy dandy ESPN app because #TransplantProblems, Mr. Midwest invited me over.  He did work while I half napped watching the Packers v Panthers game.  In the end exactly what I needed to happen happened.  My Vikings beat his Rams & the Panthers beat the Packers meaning the Vikings & Packers now have the same number of wins & losses.  After that game he finished work while I real napped & then we went out for supper.  We met a really fun couple there that we talked to all night.  After we left the bar we had it out on what was going on & he said he had made a mistake before & that he didn't want to just be friends and he wanted to see where it could go sooo that's where we are.


  1. Wow, I can't believe no kids showed up for extra help. I use to always go in for extra help. It really made a difference in my studies!

  2. Jealous of your taste of freedom! I don't see a free weekend until after the new year, oh how I need a "nothing on the agenda weekend"! And yay for football, and Mr. Midwest wanting more than just friends <3

    Green Fashionista

  3. That's awesome that you enjoyed your weekend of freedom! What a bummer that the custodians cleared your board off though! That stinks!

  4. I was definitely one of those kids that went to the teacher for extra help!! Hopefully some end up taking advantage of it! xo, BIana -BlovedBoston

  5. Sux about Saturday morning! Hopefully they do pay you.

  6. lol i have left a bag at the grocery before, so annoying! i only noticed because i bought chips and dip, and i left the bag with the dip in it, and i wanted my stupid dip. lol

  7. Wow I can't believe no one showed up for extra help! Take advantage of that while you can kids! Glad to hear you had a great weekend and it was relaxing! And brisket?! Yes please!!

  8. I'm still torn on Mr. Midwest, but just because I'm skeptical of people who chicken out.
    Nonetheless, FUCK YES PANTHERS WIN! (I'm totally a fairweather fan. #noshame also, I don't like football. I'm a all the time Carolina Hurricanes (hockey) fan.)

  9. Sounds like you kept busy even though the weekend was free. The caprese skewers and ice cream sound good!

  10. I have totally had to go back to the grocery store after forgetting something, totally sucks. The food looks really good.