Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The One With The Closer Look

I was 6 when FRIENDS first aired.  Yes, only 6.  As far as I know I wasn't watching FRIENDS at the age of 6 but I was definitely watching it later on & have seen every single episode...I'm also re-watching it right now on Netflix.  Now, just over a decade after we all cried our eyes out during that series finale, I'm basically the same age they all were during the show.  I'm at the back side of my 20's which either scares me, exhilarates me, or gives me no feelings whatsoever depending on the day.  While my life isn't really all that similar to the show (is anyone's life really like that?  If so I'm jealous).  However, some things are just timeless & I can relate to 20 years later.  

For real though...maybe not desperate but definitely not where I thought I'd be.

It took some time, & I should still work out more just because it's good for you, but I love my body the way it is.

Bri either Joey, Bri either...

I feel this way at least once approximately 175 days of the year... 

My filter is starting to falter...I should probably replace it...

Life is far too short for regrets

I'm great at listening, great at sarcasm, so so on the advice...especially cause I'm bad at following my own.

Remember my love life...jk.  Except I immediately thought of Chipotle.

If I don't want to do something...I no longer do it.

This one just made me laugh...except I don't think I've once called it making love...even when I was in love.


  1. So can we spend the afternoon at Chipotle and then watch Friends? Because that's really all I want to do now and I really should get moving on some of the things on my list. Seriously love this!!

  2. I loved Friends!! Such a great show.

  3. I feel like I need to sit through the entire show since I really enjoy all the reruns because these gifs are on point.

  4. I can honestly say that Friends is one of the best shows ever!! Loved every episode!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I love Friends! I really need to rewatch that show. I missed a lot of the newer episodes. I never did see the finale...

  6. I love this! I'm actually watching Friends right now haha.

  7. haha i love all of these - friends is definitely timeless :)

  8. i was 4 when friends aired.

    It is my all-time favorite show. i own all 10 seasons on DVD and can relate to almost everything in this show!

  9. Friends is such a classic. You can't go wrong! So many great moments!