Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So True Tuesday

Ya know...if I was really clever I would've called this Totally True Tuesday or Too True Tuesday...

Having that kind of day...

what really makes me sad is I know people personally that have this problem. Priorities people!

When I get home from work…

If I have more than 3 days off work, I forget how to do my job. But if a song comes on the radio that I haven't heard since 1995, I still know every last word.

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My music moods.

Teenager post? Try adult post! Can't afford to shop because we're too broke paying rent and bills! Lol

Especially recently


  1. Hahaha.
    I always feel that way about the 18 year old who said "I need a man who.."
    No you need an education and a job.

    And that ipod mood is too true! :)
    I'm usually in a skip them all mood - unless I am busy and can't be bothered.

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  3. The làst one is so true right now....sometimes I just stay home the people are so....ugh.

  4. oh my god that first one though. seriously when i think about like magic powers and shit i wish i had the power to make birds poop on certain people. is that weird?

  5. Love all of these. If only everything at the mall was free!

  6. Love them all but especially the first one. Oh how Id shit on people!

  7. Knowing all the lyrics to old songs freaks me out. I'm not sure how I do it, but I magically know all.the.words. Even of songs that I didn't like (lookin' at you Backstreet Boys and NSync).