Monday, January 19, 2015

A Weekend In Dallas

I was a terrible blogger in that not only did I take very few pictures, but the fact that I had my real camera with me but only snapped the few I got with my cell phone...

After work on Friday I started my 3.5 hour journey north to Dallas to visit Mr. & Mrs. Hipster.  Those 2 were pretty much my best friends while they were living in Houston & I hadn't seen them since June when I headed to Minnesota for the summer & they moved to Dallas.

I finally got up there around 7:45 & we waited around for a couple of Mrs. Hipster's friends to show up so we could go out for pizza.  We went to a place called Lover's Pizza & Pasta.  So good.  The slices were HUGE!  I just got pepperoni but it was bomb.  Afterwards we all went to Pinkberry for dessert.  I've had froyo before but I had never been to Pinkberry before.  I got the sea salt chocolate with Nutella.  So good.  We closed down the pizza place & Pinkberry before heading back to their place to play Cards Against Humanity.

I woke up before they did so I just read for awhile & tried to get awesome seats for Eric Church at the Houston Rodeo on my phone (but my phone sucks & I ended up having to wait until later & got super cheap seats...I'm still hoping that either Art Teacher's husband got better seats or that I can buy another co-worker's season ticket seats since she didn't know if she was going to see him).

Once we were all up we headed out for breakfast.  We went to a place called Hypnotic Donuts.  They do donuts & chicken biscuits.  So good but so filling.  I got the Express Yo Self donut.  I wish I had a dozen at my house right now.  I also got an Amy chicken biscuit which has bacon, pickles, & honey mustard on it.  I started chowing down on that before I thought about taking a picture.  We all wound up saving the other half of our chicken biscuits for later.  I ate mine for breakfast the next day...still just as good.

We went to White Rock Lake after to walk off all of the calories we had just consumed.  I didn't take a single picture...but it looks like a lake...a man made one at just use your imagination.  I also got 10k (actually 11k something) steps on my fitbit for the first (and only so far) time that day.

Mr. Hipster wanted to see if he could find some new pants so we headed out to the mall.  We went to Nieman Marcus because it's ridiculous.  That hideous vest was $4000!  I can think of 1000 things I would rather do with $4000.  They have baby clothes that are hundreds & thousands of dollars.  Do rich people just like throwing money away??  I nearly gave the well dressed employee a heart attack when I put that vest on.  He kept starting to walk over & then he would stop but his face was priceless the entire time.

We decided to just have a chill night so we watched The Interview & grilled steaks for supper.  The catch was that we wound up spending a solid hour or more putting the grill together.  That part wasn't so chill ha but we did it!

We also played a game that turned not so friendly of Monopoly with cheesecake.  Monopoly can ruin lives.  I'm not sure I'll have that game in my house when I'm married.  Just kidding...but for real I don't know that I've ever sat through a completely civil Monopoly game.

I woke up before they did again so I just read more of my book.  One of the bowling alley's had a Sunday Funday deal that didn't start until 3 so we watched Foxcatcher & played Clue (which was much more civil) while we waited to bowl.  I'm not the world's best bowler but I managed a 100 & a 103...  We also watched the end of the Packer's game (womp womp) & the beginning of the Patriots game.  Well I assume they watched the whole thing but at half time I decided it was time to head back to Houston so I could wake up iin my own bed & get shit accomplished (of course it's 10 am & all I've done is finished my book & type up this post).

I also obviously had to stop at Bu-cees on my way back because I don't live close to an awesome one & once I leave Texas there will be no more Bu-cees.  I have a weird obsession with that place.  I spent more inside than I did at the pump...of course gas is cheap right now.  I HAD to get a fudge sample pack (chocolate pecan, Texas heat, praline, chocolate caramel peanut, mochachino, & something else with pecans.  I love pecans.) I have never once been disappointed by a fudge from Bu-cees.  I also picked up a new CD because my iPod died & I was bored with the ones in my car.  I got Bronco Jr... if you love country you need to check him out!

I have today off because MLK day.  Teaching really has it's perks.  I do plan on being productive I swear!  When it warms up I'd also like to go to the park for awhile.  We'll see where the wind takes me today.


  1. What a fun weekend! I love going to visit friends. And you crack me up with the whole "I woke up before them so I read more of my book." I love it! It sucks to get old, does it? And wake up without an alarm on the weekends? Happy Monday, xoxo

  2. Your froyo looks amazing and now I'm craving it!!!!!

    We went bowling this weekend, too! So much fuN!

  3. that donut is intense. it looks crazy. amazing, but crazy.

  4. Getting a ton of steps in always makes me happy - that was me yesterday and Saturday!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Fun weekend! Visiting friends is the best.

  6. Have fun on your day off!!
    I would love to find a place that does donuts and chicken! Sounds amazing!!

  7. Fun weekend as usual girlie!! That donut tho .. lol