Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites

Tyler Farr - A Guy Walks Into A Bar

According To My Phone
The Houston Rodeo line-up came out!!

I always get chicken so I really couldn't care less that this is out...but not even a week earlier KickAss Cousin told me about this & how the person in front of her got upset when it was their turn & they tried to order the carnitas...the exact same thing happened with the person in front of me.

On Tuesday I got the first 4 hours of work to myself because of how the schedule for finals was set up.  It was bliss.

This picture doesn't actually matter but I thought you'd like to see the ice cream rather than my face.  Last week I was diagnosed with a double ear infection & a sinus infection & was given amoxicillin to take care of it.  It turns out that I'm allergic to penicillin because I now look like an itchy monster with hives all over my body.  Literally head to toe...Not quite sure if it's Texas or 2015 that hates me... On the brightside the infections are gone!



How Bill Nye closes all his argument…

This just feels right

i probably laughed way harder than i should've


You there! Yes, you Camel. Fuck off with your Humpday and fetch me my Friday! #ecards

so. creepy.

Uhhhh theres a few things wrong with this... Example: the person thats supposedly God is texting God. Epic Fail. I want to smack whoever made it.

My life.

THE PIC I POSTED OF MY NEPHEW IS GOING VIRAL!  // Random Funny Pictures – 58 Pics


  1. That last funny is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!! Happy Friday.

  2. "tit tea" oh my gosh! And, now I'm craving ice cream...

  3. Haha! THat traffic kid pic is the best!!! I love Tyler Farr, that song rocks! Mint ice cream is one of my favorites, but I'm sorry you had an allergic reaction. My sister had that happen over Christmas and it's no fun. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  4. OMG that little child with the hair gets me every time!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. That ice cream looks amazing, I need it in my life.

    Love all your funnies, as usual.

  6. oh you poor thing! glad the infection is gone, hope your hives disappear soon - i am allergic to animals and when i first meet them i break out in hives all over my body as well. the more i see them (like my own cats, mother in laws dog etc) the better it gets till eventually it doesn't happen anymore but it really sucks!

  7. hahaha!!! your memes crack me up! Hope your hives gets better soon! that SUCKS!!

  8. You just officially made me want ice cream... and Chipotle. People go nuts over their Chipotle, I'm not surprised people got upset when something was out! Although I would have laughed. Happy Friday girl!

  9. That stinks that you are sick and that the meds made you worse! I had a sinus infection in Nov and it was awful. I hope you feel better soon!!

  10. How do they run out of carnitas!!! Agh! Love that first quote!

  11. Bahahaha... "A slut on her period." That's classic shit right there.

  12. An empty class must be so fun! And as usual your funnies have me cracking up!

  13. Hope you're feeling better!! And I love that cat sign, too true!

  14. I just laughed so hard I snorted at that business in the front, murder in the back photo.
    Too funny!!

  15. AND I'm laughing. Hard. Great way to end my day :) Sorry you had that bad reaction! Hopefully you're on the mend. Thanks for linking up with us at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  16. Penicillin allergy is the WORST! Even my doctors were like, are you sure you can't take it? Really bitches? You think I'd lie about that?

    Carnitas at Chipotle is SERIOUS BUSINESS. I'd be upset if they were out when I went too.

    And I still love all these pinterest quotes.