Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Baby I'm Worth It

Where does a blogger go when she needs advice on products & such?  Why other bloggers of course.  So I'm here to ask y'all today if certain things I've been debating are worth it.

Back when I decided I wasn't going to have cable again I had every intention of just watching Netflix & Hulu.  Well, I still have Netflix but never sit down to watch anything like I used to.  Where did my binge time go??  However, I never got Hulu.  I've just been randomly catching up with the shows online.  I've only recently started thinking about it again because when I try to watch Nashville or Blood & Oil, the lag time is so bad.  AKA ABC Go sucks.  The other channels are all fine.  So my question is... for those of you that have Hulu, is it any better than just watching the shows straight off the channels website?  ... Is the $8-12/month worth it?

This is something I've considered so many times but have never gone through with because I'm just impatient mostly.  It's on my current 101 in 1001 actually.  So is it worth it?  Is it worth spending the however much it costs vs just shaving at home.  Hello TMI & what is the average cost anyway??

3)Grad School
I'm actually already in the process of applying.  I'm just waiting on my admissions essay that I'm having a few friends proof read/edit.  I want to switch fields.  For those of you that don't know, I'm currently in education.  My undergrad degree is a Bachelor's of Science in Social Studies Education.  (Talk about pigeonholing yourself.)  My plan for grad school is to get my Master's in Communication.  My ultimate goal with that is to do something in PR.  Here's why I ask if it's worth it.  I always thought it would be required in order to get into the field.  However, I met a girl when I was out one night who works in marketing & she told me that it wasn't necessary because I already have a degree & real world experience.  All I really need to be able to do is sell myself because they hire people right out of college with no experience so I'm no different in that aspect.  She told me to only go back if after a year of applying no one was calling.  So, thoughts?  Those of you who work in communications/marketing, or any field other than education/medical really, do you think grad school is worth it or should I just start applying like the girl said?


  1. 1- I refuse to use Hulu because I refuse to pay for ads. I'm thinking that part of your buffering issue is that you're watching the shows when the rest of the world is also watching/on the internet, which is giving you such bad lag. Is there a way to turn on the episodes and let them fully play before you leave for work, then when you come home, they will already be loaded then you can just "rewatch" them? I know that's a PITA, but technology sucks.
    2- OMFG please don't do this if you have sensitive skin (like me). I didn't learn my lesson the first time, nope nope nope.. it took me TWO times to learn that I shouldn't brazilian. Let's just say I'm the most awkward person ever when I'm nervous/uncomfortable and add to that, some stranger was all in my downstairs business. It is not a story for this public comment, but I'll be happy to share it with you if you need a laugh. It still makes me cry to this day, the tears and the pain.
    3- I do not believe that a Masters in Comm would help. My BA is in Comm. Media and the only thing that would have gotten me a job in the media industry is to have gotten an internship in college and worked my way up that way. Because I didn't have an internship I was essentially screwed for the Comm world. I'm not sure which side of PR you're interested in, but if it's the selling side, get a Marketing degree. If it's the creation side of PR, I'd go with graphic design or something to that effect. When I started my master's stuffs, I choose a major that was kind of dual hatted so I could be more marketable (Intel Management (like HR management with an intelligence focus). Also, if you know where you want to go, don't hesitate to reach out to some of the advisers (especially if they have a generic advising office (vs major specific advisers)) who would be able to steer you. Sorry that was so long winded, working in an advising office at NCSU made me feel smart.

  2. 1) No, Hulu isn't worth it unless there's something you NEED to see. It has ads so it's easier to just watch on the channel's website. Or allegedly download the episode on pirate's bay and watch it with no ads. Allegedly.
    2) The brazilian was on my 101 list too, i checked it off. Personally, I don't like paying the $. It takes at least 3 times to get it all even because of your hairs different growth cycles, so I did stick it out the 3 times. When your hairs grow in after shaving, it's significantly sooner and itchier but with the wax you have to wait for them to grow out to a good length. Like a grain of cooked rice long, that's what my lady told me. Even though it's not itchy, I do NOT like it being that long. Ever. So I'm much to impatient and cheap to stick with the brazilian. (Plus once you start you have to be consistent. No shaving during winter or whatever, because you'll just ruin the 3 month thing your waxer did.)
    3) I went to law school. Waste of time and money, but anyone who went to law school will tell you that. So I have no thoughts on this topic!

  3. My first job out of college was in marketing (so, no grad school). I can't speak for everything because I left that field but I feel like if you're outgoing, write well, and have a spark of creativity, you can likely find an entry level job in that field. It may be a pay cut but at least a little easier than going to grad school!

  4. I just cancelled Hulu.

    I have been in marketing for 15 years. My degree is in english lit. I have no grad school degree.

  5. I haven't found Hulu to be worth it. I don't think Grad school is necessary most in marketing do not.

  6. I can't really help you with too much of this BUT I can tell you I torrent all my shoes. And I can legally say that because I live in China and it's free here :D
    I enjoy getting waxes. It makes me feel like I have my shit together. And grad school? I believe that no education is ever wasted. So you probably don't need grad school? But it couldn't hurt?