Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Guess What's Back, Back Again

More Coffee Less Talky

Before we get into the confessions, today is Veteran's Day so don't forget to thank a Veteran for all they've done for our nation.

**I could not be more excited that this link-up is back.  Of all of the link-ups I've ever participated in that have died, I mourned this one the most**

**When I spend my time preparing my classroom for the next day, I get irrationally pissed off when I come in to find that the custodians completely erased & cleaned everything off my board.**

**The above makes me even more upset because there are some days that I come in & they haven't even taken out my trash...if you can't take out the trash, don't touch my hard work.**

**Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hated pretty much everything about my job in Houston.  However, not once in 3 years did I ever go home crying.  In the past 2 weeks I've gone home crying 3 times.  The weird part is I actually love the people I work with & who I work's just my actual job I don't love**

**I am fairly certain my phone knows things about my life that I don't actually put into my phone.  I have a whatchamacallit, not an app but a ____, on my phone that tells me 3 upcoming/ongoing games.  It's normally just MN teams because I google the shit out of them & TX teams because I live there.  I just looked though & the 3 games are "Blues v Devils" "Blues v Rangers" "Wild v Jets."  Mr. Midwest is originally from STL & the Blues are their hockey team...**

**How is whatchamacallit an acceptable word but "ok" gets red squiggles**

Widget is the word I was looking for by the way

**Exactly 2 weeks from today I'll be back in MN & I couldn't be anymore excited**

**I said the above just like Chandler from Friends as I was typing**


  1. I am so sorry about your job. Hang in there!!

  2. It scares me how smart my phone actually is. It knows when I am in the area of stores, it randomly tells me how long it would take me to get to it is almost a suggestion that I should go on in. Stop it creeper!

    Sorry to hear that you have been coming home crying from work. That is the worst feeling. I hope it gets better!

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  4. so sorry to hear about your job :( i hope it gets better soon!

    thanks for linking up!

  5. YAY for Confessions link up!
    Suzy2.5 really creeps me out with her knowledge, but often, it makes my life easier, so I just don't question it.
    Work frustration is the worst. :(
    Spell check is so selective.. and stupid.
    YAY vacation/holiday!