Friday, July 24, 2015

I Wanna Be Your Friday Night

Eric Paslay - Friday Night

According to the Phone
Kickass Cousin & I took a random trip up to the north shore -- blog post to come!

My WeFest tickets finally came in the mail!  11 more days!

Sometimes I get a little OCD when I'm eating colored candy.

On Wednesday I posted some dress options for an upcoming wedding I'm in.  I went with none of the above & feel like a complete Askhole because most of you that responded said don't go strapless.  I found one at David's Bridal that combined my favorite two (#4 & #5).  The top has enough bone structure & is tight enough (without stopping my breathing ability) that it doesn't move.  Bonus was that DB was having a sale where all BM dresses were $20 off + you got $20 to shutterfly.

The county fair came to town on Wednesday & will be here until Sunday...guess where I'm eating everyday...

See...fair food...errday.  That was for 4 people btw not just me...




Hahaha! I'm doing this one day


You ladies crack me up!  I'll back up your story for sure <3


hahaha... why didn't I ever think of that?

Don't judge me......hahahaha



  1. Glad you got a dress, it's very pretty. Have a great weekend.

  2. LOVE the new blog title!! Perfect for you!

  3. So many good funnies and quotes! Love that Eric Paslay song and fair food sounds delicious right about now!

  4. Love that song and I do the same thing with skittles. I like the dress you picked and it looks good on you. Win-win!

  5. the dress you got is fabulous, it looks great! i only said don't get strapless because i hate strapless (no boobs!) but it's all about what you are comfortable in. and now i want some skittles.

  6. I haven't been to the fair in years and I really want some of the food!! I love the dress you got!! xo, biana - BlovedBoston

  7. I NEED some fried oreos from the fair. All the quotes, as always, on point.

  8. Lol I sometimes separate my food into colors too. And then I eat each color evenly. And that fair food looks delicious!

  9. I get odd with coloured candy sometimes too hehe I literally saved that spank me funny on pinterest yesterday and may post it next friday! hehe

  10. Love the dress you got for the wedding.
    And I immediately started singing Friday Night in my head as I read the title of your post. I think I am going to walk home from work now and rock out to some Eric Paslay

  11. haha the candy is so me. I had to stop buying M&Ms because it was just SUCH a process.