Thursday, July 23, 2015

10 Things You May Or May Not Have Known About Me

I got this idea from the lovely Michael.

1. What is the most frightening/most exhilarating thing you've ever done?
In January of 2012 I packed up my car & drove myself 1300 miles to Houston, TX (you can read about my first 2 weeks there here.) where I didn't know a soul, so that I could do my student teaching.  I didn't even know the 3 people I was about to live with for four months.  Doing so led to friendships, a job, an unshakable love for Texas, & my first taste of true independence.

Equally frightening & exhilarating was in February/March of this year when I quit my teaching job after 3 years with no new job lined up.  I didn't even have any interviews lined up.  I just quit & prayed for the best.  A few months later I was offered a teaching job & will be starting a brand new journey, still in Texas, but 3.5-4 hours north of where I was living.  I head back in 18 days actually.

2. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

I'm going to cheat because I've answered this question more than once.  In 2013 I blogged about it here.  And I blogged about it again last year here.  There is no one I'd really take out.  I have Miranda Lambert & Emma Stone on there & to that I say "eh...that'd still be cool"  I would like to add Anna Kendrick though.  Regardless I'm way over the ONE the question asks for haha.

3. If you could be on any reality show, which one would it be?

There is zero hesitation in that answer & it is the only one I have any desire to be on.  The weird part is I've never actually watched the show.  I've seen an episode here or there but I really want to be on it.  A friend & I even talked about making an audition tape last October while we were both in San Antonio, she lives in another state, but we never got around to it.  Maybe someday!

4. If you could travel to one place, money not an issue, where would it be?
Tour Map
I included this trip in my last Wanderlust Wednesday post.  I would really love to go.  It's 26 days of backpacking & camping through Europe & it's only $3000.  Which I don't exactly have that lying around but if I put my mind to it, & put off the idea of buying a house for a bit longer, I could do it no problem really.  And $3000 for a month in Europe, the only things excluded being certain meals & souvenirs is nothing.  Hmm I should start saving...

5. Tex-Mex or Chinese food?
Tex-Mex.  I know that it could be argued that a few of  those pictures don't qualify as actual Tex-Mex but they're taco/burrito related.  Do you know how many times I put pictures of some type of Mexican food and/or margaritas?  A lot.  Which means I eat/drink Tex-Mex even more than that.  You know how many times I put Chinese food on instagram?  Once ha.  The hardest decision of my life when I return to Texas will I get BBQ or Tex-Mex first?

6. Would you rather wash dirty dishes or do the laundry, including ironing?

I originally thought about saying laundry because you can do it & walk away & do other things.  Plus, I've never once ironed in my life so ironing be damned...I'm not counting it.  However, I think I'd rather do dishes & here is why... I don't mind putting clothes in the wash machine.  I don't mine putting clothes in the dryer.  But folding them and/or hanging them up/putting them away is like pulling teeth.  I have been known to live out of the laundry basket more than once in my life.  I have a dishwasher... but we'll pretend that doesn't count even though it doesn't say that.  I can wash/dry dishes in just about no time & then it's done.  I have a lot of clothes...I don't have a lot of dishes.

7. What's your most embarrassing childhood memory?

This is going to be such a pathetic answer because I KNOW I had embarrassing moments as a child.  I cannot think of anything though at 26 that I find overtly embarrassing.  So either I've suppressed the horrid memories or I was over it quickly.  The only memory that comes to mind, isn't in reality embarrassing because no one even ever heard the tape, but I still try to guilt trip Kickass Cousin relentlessly.  When we were I don't know how old, we had it in our minds that we could start a nature club.  How were we going to go about this you ask?  Well it was still in the day of cassette tapes & so we made a tape recording talking about this awesome nature club.  We had every intention of mass producing that tape & mailing them out to people.  Who, I don't know but that was the plan.  It was the 90s & we were children...  That in itself would be somewhat embarrassing but that's not what I'm here to talk about.  What I'm here to talk about is the fact that during said recording I had to go to the bathroom.  Well we were still recording our promo, yep I'm going to call it a promo, & I told her SPECIFICALLY NOT to tell the people I had to go to the bathroom.  I told her to keep recording & talking.  Well what did that evil little girl do?  ON TAPE she told the people "Brianne is in the bathroom right now..."  HOW WOULD THE PEOPLE TAKE US SERIOUSLY?!  So much for our nature club ever going anywhere...

8. Are you a hot or cold weather person?

I hate cold weather.  I love fall.  But I hate winter.  It's one of a few reasons I won't be moving back to Minnesota anytime soon.  On the flip side...I don't do well in extremely hot weather.  When I get too hot I get dizzy.  Like under lights in choir in that stupid robe it was even touch & go.  However, I think 75-80ish & sunny is absolutely perfect.  Give me that all day, everyday.

9. What are you deathly afraid of?

I'm not so much a fan of spiders, snakes, or cockroaches.  I will girly scream most of the time when I see one & while I'm killing it.  Snakes mostly...and mostly because I've had the least exposure to them.  Despite seeing 2 in the entire 3.5 years I've lived in Texas, I'm always convinced I'm going to be attacked by a venomous one while hiking.  Those standard fears aside.  I'm so afraid of failing & letting people down.  For no real reason either.  No one has ever put extreme pressure on me to be perfect but I've ALWAYS put that pressure on myself.

10. Would you rather watch movies at home or at the theater?

I really don't watch movies anymore.  I used to watch them ALL the time.  Not only did I work in a video store in high school, there was a year or 2 in high school that my friend & I went to the movie theater every single Friday.  Even in college I went every so often.  Now I never go.  Partly because they are so flippin expensive, & partly because there are other things I'd rather do with my time.  However, I'm much more likely to actually pay attention to the movie if I watch it in the theater.  I am all about multitasking which means if I watch it at home, I don't really watch it because I'm doing AT LEAST one or two other things while it's on.


  1. So much good here! Amazing Race---for sure. Backpacking trip, excellent. And you are seriously super brave for moving across the country and for leaving your old job before having a new one lined up. Leaps of faith work out!!

  2. I NEEDDDD a Europe trip in my life.. and dollas. Please infinite amounts of dollas.
    I could also use some cold weather (or less than 85 degrees AND less than 65% humidity at the same time).


  3. Oh dear that dishes vs laundry question legitimately has me contemplating life. I HATE to wash dishes and I LOVE doing laundry but HATE HATE HATE HATE ironing. Girl I legit am sitting here in my office pondering this like its a case to be solved haha

  4. That bath tub photo is funny. Amazing Race would definitely be an awesome show to be on!

  5. I would go for Tex-Mex too. All day errrry day. Fall is my favorite too so I would go for sunny and 75 just to avoid the snow.

  6. Definitely start saving, a trip around Europe for a month sounds amazing!!
    Love your logic on the dishes and clothes. Ben cleaned the dishes sunday while i had the put away laundry responsibility - took me way longer to do my job then his took.. mostly because I hate it!!
    Don't ask why I took a job once in a clothing store - poor life decision i tell ya.