Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Dream Dinner Party List

I LOVE lists.  LOVE.  So when Tiffany posted this awesome new list I had to jump on board.  It's called Dream Dinner Party List.  You list 10 people you would invite to your dream dinner party.  These are my people in no particular order.

1. Jesus: "Beer With Jesus" - Thomas Rhett pops into my head

2. My future husband: Dear wonderful man, I'm so ready to meet you.

3. Eric Church: I'm in love.  Nothing more. 

4. Miranda Lambert: I love that she's such a strong kick-ass woman.

5. George Strait: Who wouldn't want the king of country at their table?

6. Marilyn Monroe: She has always interested me.

7. Audrey Hepburn: Same as Marilyn

8. Jackie Kennedy: Same as Marilyn & Audrey

9. Emma Stone: She's my favorite actress & I love that she seems so real.

10. Will Ferrell: I just find him hilarious.


  1. Oh good ones!! I wish I had thought of Eric Church (HOTT!) and Emma Stone (she seems like SO much fun and I'm pretty sure we'd be friends!)

    Love your list!


    1. Thanks for the inspiration on so many blogging topics & challenges.