Thursday, March 5, 2015

Creativity Is Just Connecting Things

The topic for February was "create."  The 1st 2 are my goals for the theme, followed by 9 other goals that I made for the month.

1. Make 4 new recipes from Pinterest

2. Make 2 DIY projects from Pinterest
a. I got the inspiration here

b. I got the inspiration here

3. No credit card except for San Antonio & Lone Star Jam

4. Average 5,000 steps a day
I averaged 5727

5. #100HappyDays 32-59

6. Read 4 books

7. Send out my February card

8. Save for 52 Week Challenge

9. Write in 6 word journal every day
I may start doing this again...or not...I don't know... I don't want to waste the journal & I do want to be able to look back at my year but it got so boring.

10. Work on 5 101 in 1001 2.0 goals
a. Finish 5 DIY Pinterest projects - Complete!
--See goal #2
b. Finish a coloring book - in progress
c. Stop biting my nails - in progress

d. Visit 2 National Parks - in progress

e. Complete 100 photo challenge - in progress

11. Complete 28 day squat challenge
I did 21 out of 28 days...

The theme for March is "Relationships."
My first 2 goals deal with that topic & the rest are just personal goals for the month.

1. When people are visiting stay off my phone.
2. Take a 30 min walk at least once a week to clear my head.
3. Credit card for Corpus & Alicia only
4. Complete March workout challenge
5. Average 6,000 steps a day
6. #100HappyDays 60-90
7. Work on 5 101 in 1001 2.0 goals
a. Finish coloring book
b. Stop biting nails
c. Stay off Facebook for a week
d. Don't swear for a week
e. Watch sunrise/sunset in the same day


  1. Great goals! Also, I may be late to the game, but I'm loving your new blog design!

  2. Those pancake bites look delicious!!! I love your March goals. Especially staying off the phone. I don't mind phones if they're related to what's currently going on, but I absolutely hate it when my friends and I end up sitting around browsing our phones instead of talking. I mean, c'mon guys! We could do this at home.

  3. You are a go-getter! Good job on the goals. Wow, very impressive!!! I wish I had that stamina. And your Pinterest-inspired dishes and projects look awesome. That frame is so cute!

  4. I love your music memory box and the flower boots. Great job on the recipes too!

  5. Of all of these not biting your nails is the one i resonate with the most because i know how hard it can be!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. that crockpot potato soup looks DELISH!!! bookmarking that because i've been using my crockpot like it's going out of style. last night i just made the most delish chili!

  7. Good luck on trying different recipes and don't forget to link them up for our Recipe Swap linkup every Tuesday!

  8. I've actually been looking at Potato Soup for a hot minute! I've been wanting to make it and just haven't bit the bullet yet. I LUUURVE the concert ticket shadow box and I also love the lyrics (and the song) you used.

    I'd fail miserably at 7c and 7d, but good luck to you!! :)

  9. way to go on your goals - those pancake bikes look fabulous! good luck on your new goals, taking a walk to clear your head sounds like a great idea! i have been trying to be more present and less on my phone, i find once you make it a habit it gets easier!

  10. Great goals for march. Love the no swearing for a week! i really like the music shadow box you created in February. I need to try the pancake bites.

  11. It looks different around here! You did great on the goals. That potato soup looks yummy!! Great goals for March

  12. You did really good in February! Good luck in March. Love the 6000 steps goal, I need to do something like that. I don't get very high at all since I have a desk job, I need to be better about that!

  13. I know you said only the top two are relationship goals...but the staying off Facebook thing could totally count! More real life relationships, less Facebook creeping.
    Good luck with the rest of the month!