Friday, June 5, 2015

A Nice Pair of Texas Plates

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In just 2 days Kickass Cousin & I will be embarking on Road Trip 2.0!  If you care to follow along with us on the trip you can either just follow us on Twitter (@lostthoughts5 & @nrthmeetssouth) and Instagram (@rebeccaval & @briannemcc) or you can just randomly check the hashtags #BeckAndBriShow & #RoadTrip2.  We also have a YouTube channel, that has videos from our first trip, & will have more added from this one as well.

I do have posts scheduled out for while we're on the trip but other than that I won't be much of a presence in blogland, with once exception.  There is still time to get any questions you have for us about road trips, in general or about us specifically, for our first co-written post on Wednesday.

On with the favorites!

Texas Plates - Curtis Grimes

According to the Phone
It may have only been for 8 hours, but spending time with OK was the best way I can possibly imagine starting off June.

Thank God for small town mechanics that take care of problems like this for next to nothing.

Back road driving with the windows down & the music up is exactly what the soul needs sometimes.

I had won Shane's 23rd birthday giveaway last month & I finally spent most of the money this week on these beautiful boots...because boots also make everything better.  Here's a better picture.



Funny Pictures Of The Day – 60 Pics

floor car


How to keep calm in traffic jams.

Hahaha that's awesome.


bahahaha so true

I mean, if the sign says it, it must be OK. Right? | The 28 Greatest Moments In The History Of Sarcasm

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  1. Road trips are so fun! They are our favorite way to get to a vacation spot! And back road driving is awesome! Would love to connect on instagram and follow along :)

    Alexis @ chemistry cachet

  2. Road trips are so fun!! Safe Travels.

  3. The sunset picture is amazing! And love all your quotes today!

  4. Have the best time on your road trip - that will be the best adventure!

  5. Ahhh have an amazing time on your road trip! Can't wait to hear all about it :)

  6. Cracks me up that you already have your youtube, twitter, and hashtags prepped. That is fucking awesome, lol. The travel bug is seriously biting me and I'm trying to be good and save dollas but it's painful and I just want to take a vacation!

  7. Have the best time, but sure and make time for some fun stops!

  8. Have a blast on the road trip!! Can't wait to see what you two get into!

  9. Have a blast on the road trip!! Can't wait to see what you two get into!

  10. Awesome quotes and your funnies are absolutely on point. Have a fun time on your road trip! I haven't done an honest to goodness road trip in a long time... Might have to add it to the summer to-do list!

    Southern Belle Secrets

  11. Dying at those funnies! Seriously thinking about putting bubble wrap on my steering wheel now.

  12. I need the bubble wrap for my steering wheel because I am a road rage-aholic!