Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Spells Out Beauty

I got my 5th tattoo!  I know you can't really tell the size but it's maybe as big as a quarter so it's not that big.  Back when I was dead set on leaving Texas for Minnesota, I knew I wanted something to commemorate my time in the Lone Star State.  Well, then I didn't want to leave but I still wanted something.  A star was perfect.  Because not only is Texas the Lone Star State, but Minnesota, where I spent the first 23 years of my life, is the North Star State.  So there you have it, a tiny little star to represent both of my homes.

Art Teacher went with me to get it done & afterwards we got Denny's.  I called Kick Ass Cousin as I was leaving Denny's & we then talked on the phone, and then for the first time Google Hangouts, which is kind of like Skype, for a total of SEVEN hours.  So basically I spent my day talking to my cousin.

We only stopped talking because I needed to head out to a concert.  I saw Mr. Wade Bowen for the third time.  If you haven't seen him yet, you need to ASAP.  If you haven't even heard of him you need to take yourself to YouTube & listen to his stuff.  You won't be disappointed, I promise!

Saturday was the only day of my 3 day weekend that didn't rain.  I was hoping to take more advantage of my favorite park in the world but it was FILLED with people who were celebrating Easter with friends & family so I walked the trails to get some steps in for the day & then headed back home rather than trying to find a spot in the park after my walk to read more of my book.  When I got my grocery shopping for the week done, planned out some of my road trip with Kick Ass Cousin, & then watched 5 episodes of How The States Got Their Shapes on Neflix.

Nothing.  I did nothing.  When I got myself out of bed I went to Starbucks & Shipleys.  Shipleys was an event in itself.  The poor cashier was so confused because, well I'm not entirely sure why.  Yes they were busy but more so in the drive thru, & really how hard is it to grab some donuts.  Sprinkles, filled, & glazed OH MY!  What I asked for: 2 chocolate sprinkle, 2 glazed, 1 bavarian filled, & 1 chocolate filled.  What I got, & of course got charged for, was 2 of each.  I normally would've corrected her but the poor girl already seemed confused so I let it go...I also wanted a chocolate milk but didn't even ask because I didn't want her head to explode.  When I got home I found there were actually 3 glazed donuts.  So to summarize.  What I wanted: 6 donuts, what I paid for: 8 donuts, what I got: 9 donuts.  Also keep in mind I live I'll be eating 9 flippin donuts this week ha.

I talked to my dad & Kick Ass Cousin on the phone for a little bit while I finished narrowing down districts to look at/apply to.  I only actually turned in one more application but I now have the final list of places to look at.  I also watched Man On Fire & Bridesmaids.  Basically I sat on my ass all day.  I did manage to make myself steak for supper.  It was the first Easter in my ENTIRE life that I've ever spent alone.  Up until I moved to Texas I obviously spent it with my family, when I was student teaching my roommates & I had a picnic, & my first two years of teaching my friend from college flew down to spend the weekend with me.  It really wasn't that bad because I've been so busy the past couple of weekends & will be out of town next weekend, but it was just weird knowing it was the first one I've ever been alone & everyone else was off spending the day/weekend with friends & family.

Hope y'all had a great holiday weekend & have a great week!


  1. your tattoo is awesome! 7 hours is a lot of time talking to someone :)

  2. I love your new tattoo - so cute! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Your new tattoo is so cute! Love the meaning behind it too! And 1800 calories?! Dang girl! I would have to run for 4 hours to burn that many calories! Glad you had a great weekend!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Look at you go with 1,800 calories that's super impressive! Jealous! Glad you had such a great holiday weekend :)

  5. I like the tattoo that you chose. It's simple and small.

  6. I like how your tattoo straddles both states that are close to your heart.

  7. Love that the tattoo ties in to both places! Seven hours!!! Woo boy that is a lot of talking! Awesome that you have such a close relationship!

  8. Love your tattoo!!!!!!! I want it! PS way to burn those fucking calories. Show me your ways!

    1. Whoops I usually edit out cuss words from comments. Yikes! lol

  9. I love what the tattoo represents. Way to go, you!