Friday, July 3, 2015

I Guess I Waited Too Long

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Brett Eldredge - Waited Too Long
Also, if you're on Snapchat...follow this man.  He is HILARIOUS.  brett_eldredge

According To The Phone
Going through stuff at my parents' house to decide what I wanted to keep/get rid of & I came across this gem.  Until I was about 6 my dad did bridge construction (& he actually went back to it when I was about 20) & was often out of town/state for weeks at a time.  It's a letter he had sent to me when I was about 5 from Kansas.
I spent about 3 hours on my parents' front deck listening to music, writing, & reading.  It. Was. Awesome.

My neighbors dog decided to walk the quarter mile to our house which turned into an adventure.

You can't really see them but there are cranes out there.  I love when I go for a walk down my road that all there is is fields, cows, & wildlife.

I made my shrimp spicier than the recipe suggests & also put pico and avocado on mine but coleslaw & sauce I followed the recipe.


Hipster Lupin


Friends.  Then sometimes they tell you when it's time to go to bed.

Basically lol. Every time!

Seriously this morning in PE I said a quote (joeys line "could I BE wearing any more clothes...maybe if I wasn't going COMANDO!") and I said have u seen that episode of friends and they're like what's friends and I was like are u living under a rock?!?!?

Ahahaha so true


One of my new favorite comebacks!


Lock your doors, Brenda…


  1. I love all of your quotes! Your parents' property looks lovely!! I have to go through a bunch of my old stuff that's just sitting my parents' basement too...not looking forward to it haha.

  2. I love all of those quotes and those memes are hilarious! Hope you have a great 4th!! xoxo

  3. Love long days on the porch just reading. Looks like a great piece of property. That last one would freak me out if I was Brenda!!

  4. Gosh, your porch reading time sounds absolutely amazing!!

  5. Mmm those shrimp tacos look delicious! And I love all the quotes!

  6. Those shrimp tacos look amazing! That property is amazing!!