Monday, November 2, 2015

Hello November

Friday was...well what they say about full moons, holidays, & students is true.  There were at least 4 separate fights among students,  Two of them involving students of mine.  Needless to say I was so happy to see the work week end.  

That night I went out to a sports bar with my friend and her boyfriend so I could watch the Wild v Blackhawks game & she could watch the Royals v Mets game.  It started out as a fun time, then the rain got really bad & the TVs kept cutting out, then her boyfriend & I got into a huge fight because he kept trying to say that teaching was such an easy gig & maybe teachers should try being in the military before they complain.  Cuss words were thrown, the car ride home was silent except for my poor friend trying to make conversation that no one was having.  I felt/feel really bad for her but I also won't put up with that or not stand my ground just because they're dating.  The first time I met him he made me cry because he was being a jackass about a guy I liked, the second time he was fine I was just bored as hell all night, & then the 3rd time was last night when clearly we got into it.  I think a big part of it is we are in fact very similar.  We got along the entire night & were even making jokes but we're also both very opinionated & strong willed so neither one was willing to back down.  

On the bright side the Wild beat the Blackhawks 5-4.  It's way too early in the season to actually speculate post season but I'm hoping that with the way this season is starting for each of our teams, the Blackhawks won't win another cup & be the source of upset tears for me.

Saturday morning I woke up entirely too early.  Now that I wake up at 5 am everyday apparently my body felt that 6:30 was enough sleeping in.  I laid in bed & played on my phone for awhile & some time around 9 I fell asleep again until 10:30.  I sat in bed all. day. long. catching up on TV shows.  I still haven't started working on The Walking Dead but I got caught up as far as I could on everything except for an episode or 2 of Chicago Fire.  

Around 6 I started getting ready for my date.  We went to a local winery called Times Ten Cellars.  Because it was Halloween & we got there around 8 it was dead.  As in it was us & the 4 employees.  I just got their Pinot Grigio & he got one of their red wines.  We also shared a cheese, meat, & crackers plate.  He was hungry & the place didn't have a full menu (they do have pizza Wed-Fri & their Dallas location as a chef so they do have a full menu) so we walked to Mash'd.  I had been there once just for a drink, he never had, & one of the employees recommended their food so off we went.  I wasn't hungry so I just got their corn queso but he got their meatloaf.  I had a good buzz going on because I had had 2 glasses of wine at Times Ten & then we each had a moonshine drink at Mash'd.  So basically I just kept talking & talking amusing the shit out of him apparently.  At midnight we both couldn't stop yawning & they were closing up so he brought me home.  He had bought me flowers but because they had stayed in the backseat the entire date I forgot about them until I was already back in my apartment.  If he asked again I'd probably go out with him because I didn't have a shitty time.  However, there wasn't really a spark so I also wouldn't be offended if he decided not to ask me out again.  He did tell me that he liked me & wanted to go out again when he dropped me off.  He asked about Sunday but I already had plans so I told him to let me know when else he was free.  We'll see.

I woke up insanely early yet again.  Luckily I had gained an hour of sleep so this time I just called it good & got out of bed.  I made myself some coffee & messed around on the computer a bit.  I don't recall if I ever really mentioned him or not but, Mr. Overseas & I attempted to skype Sunday morning as well but the connection was shotty.  So I finished catching up on Chicago Fire before heading out to eat pizza, drink beer, & watch some football.  

Last week Mr. Midwest text me a couple days after the whole not seeing us going any further conversation.  I decided to get over myself, grow up, & agree to be his friend.  So the two of us hung out all day Sunday watching football, drinking beer, eating pizza, joking around, & then watching some show called Nikita on Netflix.  I missed the first few episodes but I think I might have to go back & watch them because I'm hooked now. 


  1. Your friends bf sounds like a jerk. On a happy note, I love Chicago Fire!

  2. Wow, that sounds crazy on Friday night! Teaching is definitely a difficult job and this shows that teachers do not get the respect they deserve. I'm glad you had fun on your date, too!

  3. i stopped watching Walking Dead because it was so frustrating! they'd have a great, intense episode then 5 shitty ones, then when you're just about to give up, another great one and it went on like that for like, 3 seasons!

  4. Glad you had a good time on your date and maybe a stronger connection will grow. Sorry about your friends BF, seems like a jerk.

  5. That sounds like a good date! I would love that it was dead. Less people is always better, lol

  6. Sunday sounds like a good day with Mr kind of Sunday for sure..

  7. He sounds like a douche, but I've met those same type of people and butted heads.
    I'm skeptical about being friends with Mr. Midwest, just because I only see him trying to be like, ya I know I said nothing more, buttttt now I like you even though I said not interested... but can I get in yo pants? And as long as that's what you want, you go girl, but ya know, I care and shit.