Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Break Blogging Break

...aka the time I almost decided to stop blogging...

My spring break started at 6 pm on Friday March 6th.  As always, I linked up with Amanda for Friday Favorites & had every intention of linking up with Biana on Monday for my weekend recap.  In fact, I had plans to write everyday that week of spring break like I always do.

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In my head I even had pretty much my entire spring break planned out too

Friday: Track meet/possible drink with hot coach
Saturday: Chill at home/pack & clean
Sunday: Chill at home/apply for jobs
Monday: Lunch with my friend
Tuesday: Rodeo
Wednesday: Apply for jobs & pack
Thursday: Rodeo/hang out with hot coach
Friday: Corpus
Saturday: Corpus
Sunday: Corpus

Life has a funny way of going it's own way though when you have things too planned out.  So instead this is how my spring break actually went...  (FYI, after I missed the recap on Monday the 9th I had already decided to say screw this week & just do a recap of all my spring break for Biana's link up on the 16th.  But again, life.  It was at the point I knew that wouldn't be happening I almost decided to stop blogging completely for awhile.)

Friday 6th
Friday I got out of work early because I had to work a track meet.  So did hot coach.  I had every intention of asking him to get a drink even just hung out at the meet with other coaches & watching some of my kids compete until it was over so I could ask.  I didn't.  I chickened out.  We talked for awhile but then we both just left...I was kicking myself the entire night.  So instead I spent my Friday night with a bottle of wine & some sour patch kids.  I did get his number from another coach though because my intent was to ask him if he wanted to hang out at the rodeo on Thursday since we both had potential plans to be there.

Saturday 7th
I finally mowed my lawn!!  Y'all it was so flippin bad.  But between the rain, extreme cold, & me not getting home until after dark most nights due to softball I just never got around to it.  My yard finally looks like every other lawn rather than a white trash jungle.  That was about the extent of my plans.  I was just going to maybe pack some stuff up, clean, & apply for jobs...

...until Art Teacher said she wanted a girls night out.  That night out is what completely changed my spring break & almost caused my lack of a return from blogging.  For good reason though, nothing bad.  

Art Teacher & I met up at Bar Louie for some calamari & a drink before heading out to go two stepping with one of her co-workers.  We decided to head outside so that they could smoke.  It wasn't freezing but it definitely wasn't a warm night so we stood by the fire.  While over there a guy came over to me & asked if I would dance with his friend.  I said if his friend asked me himself I would.  Maybe 5 minutes later another guy comes over & asks me the same question.  My response was the same...with an added I'm going to buy myself another drink so he has some time to man up.

While in line the 2nd guy comes up to me & says WAIT my friend wants to buy your drink.  Said friend is nowhere to be found so I tell him that the friend can buy the drink but if I get up to the bar before he does I'm buying my own drink.  Another one of their friends is standing next to me the whole time laughing & ends up buying me the drink.  We then talked & danced all night.  At one point...well more than started raining.  Nearly everyone ran for cover & we just kept dancing.  Consider "dance in the rain with a boy" crossed off my bucket list.  Said boy's name is Oklahoma.  Well, at least for the sake of my blog it is because that's where he's from.  He lives in Oklahoma but works in Houston for the time being.  That original boy that wanted to dance with me never did talk to me.  Except once when he came over while I was talking to Oklahoma & that was only to basically be like WTF dude & then played middle man which turned into me giving Oklahoma my number.

All of his friends had left, & he needed to leave so he could go to work in the morning, but we kept talking.  At one point towards the end of the night he went to go use the restroom & my friends all went inside so I went with them.  I was watching the door for him, I didn't have my phone on me, but never saw him.  He never saw me either but he text me saying goodnight & that he wanted to see me again.

Sunday 8th
The previous Sunday I had started this Jillian Michael's detox thing that supposedly helped you lose 5 pounds of bloat in 7 days.  I didn't necessarily want to lose 5 pounds...& I clearly didn't...but the bloat certainly went down.  The best part?  I didn't change a damn other thing.  I continued to not work out & eat the same shit with some healthy thrown in.  The only thing I changed was drinking the gallon of detox drink a day.

This was where my blogging derailed.  Sunday evening Oklahoma text me telling me that he wanted to see me so I met up with him & some of his friends at a little dive bar where we played shuffleboard & hung out all night long.  I even made a potential new girl friend who actually does live in Houston.

Monday 9th
One of the few days that went according to plan!  I met up with my friend for lunch at BWW.  Aftewards I just spent the day packing some stuff, watching TV, & bumming around the house.

Tuesday 10th
I FINALLY got to see Tim McGraw!!  Back in 2009 I had tickets to WeFest, my first WeFest, & I did in fact go.  Tim played the last day of WeFest.  I had had tickets long before my cousin announced that he was going to be getting married on the last flippin day!  I went back & forth on going or not...we aren't exactly super close (he now has a 1 year old son who I have never met...I couldn't even tell you the last time I saw him or his wife).  In the end I felt guilty partly because he's family & partly because he got all puppy dog about it.  That story really isn't the point of the story other than I skipped an entire day of WeFest which included missing Tim to go to the wedding & 5.5 years later I finally got another chance to see him.

Art Teacher & I met up and ate ALL THE THINGS!  I had fried catfish, fried bacon, & a BBQ baked potato!  Heaven!  We missed most of the rodeo but saw the parts that mattered most to us: calf scramble, muttin bustin (I swear the second I have a kid old enough to throw on a sheep that's where they'll be), barrel racing, & bull riding.

We had planned on going to one of the bars at the rodeo afterwards to watch another band but instead just went to a bar off site that we'd gone to before.  We played some BINGO but neither of us won.

The picture is out of order & I didn't feel like moving it.  That morning I had gone to go to the bank & was just going to go home afterwards but I had a ton of time to kill before I needed to meet Art Teacher so I drove the 20-30 min to the town I used to live in to get cupcakes from one of the little cupcake shops.  Totally worth it!  There's a bacon maple & caramel mocha.

Wednesday 11th
I packed & applied for jobs ALL. DAY. LONG!  That evening Oklahoma came over & we just hung out talking & listening to random music on YouTube.  He showed me a lot of great songs/artists I had never heard of before.  The man definitely has good taste in music!

Thursday 12th
Art Teacher & I met up for happy hour at one of the bars we used to go to all the time in the town we both used to live in.  I really miss that place!  Even the server gave me a hug & asked why we hadn't been there in forever.  After that place it was still too early to head out to go two stepping again so we went to another bar in that same town to play some Jenga for awhile.  The bar with the Jenga is actually where I met Art Teacher for the first time back in 2013.

These all look like the same damn picture...and it's possible that they are ha...Google Awesome made it for me.  While we were out two stepping, the same place where I met Oklahoma, we ran into a guy that we played kickball with & some of his friends so we hung out with them all night.  I also ran into GT, the possible girl friend I made the night I played shuffle board.

Friday 13th
Later on Friday morning I started the 4 hour drive down to Corpus Christi to visit my friend.  When I got there we went to happy hour with some of her coworkers, who were a ton of fun, & then hung out at her house for awhile before heading out to a concert.  We got to see/meet Josh Ward.  We almost didn't though.  They didn't show up/start playing until almost 11!  No one, not even the bar, knew where they were.  We almost left before they got there but were waiting for our food.  We only stayed for 3 or 4 songs anyway before heading back to her house.  He was really nice & apologized profusely when we met him though.

Saturday 14th
The main reason I went down there was a block party...and this is how I went out ha.

It was...alright.  It probably would've been more fun if the group was smaller...or if there had been less drama.  It wasn't major drama just minor things between a couple that we were with.  The people watching was well worth it though!

Sunday 15th
Sunday morning I left Corpus...and in true Frank fashion (Frank is my GPS) he messed me up a couple of times.  But I got out of there & still shaved about 20 minutes off my ETA.  TAKE THAT FRANK!  I did tell Kickass Cousin that we would be using a damn paper map on our road trip this summer though because I'm sick of Frank's shit.

I had plans to hang out with Oklahoma that night as well & ran some errands, including FINALLY getting my hands on some thin mints, while waiting.

The last day of spring break was of course the only nice day of spring break.  It rained and/or was cold everyday I was in Houston during spring break.  So to kill more time I started reading The Notebook outside my front door because my lawn situation is a weird one.  Oklahoma & I just spent the night hanging out with pizza & YouTube music again.  He also informed me that he would be leaving within the next couple of days.  Which is about the time that the cruelest/sweetest thing ever happened (or according to Kickass Cousin the most throwy-uppy thing happened.)  Since we were finding different songs to show each other on YouTube he played the following song, held me the entire time, then kissed me goodbye & said he'd be back down for work in about a week.

And now you're caught up on my life...although I still don't know if I'm completely back into the swing of things here...

Oh yeah...& I never did contact hot coach because well...Oklahoma...


  1. Yay for not quitting blogging. Yay for Oklahoma. Yay for the Alabama song. Can't wait to see how more of it plays out!

  2. Yay for OK and things happening for a reason and taking a semi-blogging break and
    at least getting one good day of spring break weather!!

  3. Cute boy from Oklahoma with a good taste in music?? Excellent!

  4. Some time you just have to make time for other things. Glad everything worked out and Oklahoma sounds like potential! Enjoy!

  5. Ummm sign me up for that Gillian Michaels bloat thingy please!! haha I see you with the Oklahoma hints... love it. Glad you didn't quit! :)