Friday, March 20, 2015

It's All Or Nothing

Josh Door - All or Nothing
**This would be one of those awesome people/songs Oklahoma introduced me to**

According To The Phone
I think I finally got my ex to go away...

The girls decided I needed to have eye black on too for their game...someday we'll win...or at least come close.

I decided on my next tattoo...well I had decided awhile ago but I got crazy tattoo fever...that's definitely sharpie & not my tattoo but that's what it'll be.  I just need to get it priced because I'm aiming for April 3rd.

What was supposed to be an extremely rainy day...turned into an extremely hot & sunny day.  Summer? Is that you?

One of my softball girls that's in a culinary class at school made me empanadas.  They. Were. Bomb!


This is one of my all time favorites.

9GAG - Just For Fun

Totes Magotes - this is the only acceptable use of this phrase

harry potter funny

T-rex wizzing everywhere

I cannot stop laughing!


Freedom hahahaha

This made me giggle way more than it probably should have.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 81 Pics


  1. Bahaha the historical sex one. I think about this often and it makes me laugh because people are so shy about sex now. It's not like we invented these things people!

    Those texts with your ex are awesome. My response was: Ohh bitch, what!
    Finally, I'm super NOT excited about summer and hot temps. Just ugh. Give me back my winter temps and layers and blankets and lack of sweating.

  2. That conversation with your ex is too funny...hopefully he'll finally take the hint now!

  3. haha "sup rockstar" - I hope he got a clue. That was funny though.

  4. HAhahah... I'm glad you clarified that was Sharpie!

  5. Haha! The ex seems clueless, hope it gets rid of him.