Monday, September 14, 2015

My First Weekend In My New Home

Nothing...I did nothing.  After work I went & picked my car up from the mechanic.  As soon as I got home I planted myself on the couch with Netflix & a frozen meal.  After going out on a Thursday (WHY DO I DO THAT?!) all I wanted to do was sleep.  I decided that going to bed at 6 pm was ridiculous...and it was my last night sleep on my roommate's couch (woo!)...& that passing out in the living room at an insanely early hour was rude.  So Netflix & Chill all by myself happened instead.  Wild Friday...I know.  But my wild Thursday more than made up for it.  Thanks to whoever suggested Sing It On by the way.  I feel like it was Biana.  If I'm wrong I'm sorry & please correct me.


Starting at about 8:30 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon my day was spent moving my stuff from storage to my new apartment.  When I finally finished that I had just enough time to take a shower & head over to Dallas to see Mr. & Mrs. Hipster for a dinner party.  One of their friends, who is also a teacher but is an amazing chef, cooked all of us dinner.  I don't even know what all we actually had but it was all so good!  On my way to dinner I called Mr. Stockyards to see what he was doing since he had had a rough day & was going to be busy on Sunday.  He showed up after we had all eaten but played games & drank with us.  I was so incredibly nervous because I really like him & Mr. & Mrs. Hipster are two of my best friends.  I really wanted everyone to get along.  Well seeing as he wasn't able to make it until after dinner, the other 6 people besides me at the house decided they wanted to put him to some sort of test.  So they found the above "Fantasy Match Bingo" card, sent it out in a group text (which included me) & then anytime he fit the bill for one of the squares they alerted everyone.  At one point I had to shut my phone off because I didn't want to read them until I was home & it kept going off.  When I finally got home that night & read them I was laughing so hard at their commentary.  He passed by the way.  He liked them & they all liked him.


In the morning Mr. Stockyards went with me to return my rental truck (sad day) & then we got a quick breakfast before he dropped me off & headed home to do work.  I managed to make the entire day look productive without actually being productive.  When he dropped me off I called my mom, then I went to Target to get a few things, & then I went to Best Buy to get 3 different types of speakers (who am I??)  When I got back KState text me & asked if I wanted to go sit out on her patio with her for awhile.  I obviously needed a break from all of the unpacking I had already done so I headed over there.  Once home again I did manage to get all the hangers into my closet, the silverware into a drawer, & a few other random things either moved into the kitchen or put away.  I sat down with New Roommate & watched the end of the Packers/Bears game before heading to the grocery store for some frozen meals because unpacking & cooking real food clearly wasn't on my agenda for the day.  After I got home, instead of going right to unpacking like I should have, I sat down to type this out.  I'm just going to be optimistic & say that after I hit publish I at the very least got all my clothes in the closet...


  1. Unpacking is tough. The most important thing is that you got your clothes in the closet. That is always a big project so it's best to get it out of the way first. At least, that is how I think.

  2. Unpacking is a long haul!

    I'm glad your friends liked your new love interest.

  3. The food at your friend's dinner party looks amazing! Glad everyone liked your guy! Phew...

  4. OMG weeknight going out always kills me. these days if i do go out, it's for an early dinner and i'm home by 9pm LOL

  5. Packing and unpacking is the pits. Glad you had some time with friend in between. Looks like he is getting the thumbs up which is good!

  6. Hope you ended up getting all those clothes in your closet lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Packing an unpacking certainly sucks, but I'm a weirdo and love organizing everything and creating new spots for my stuff. Glad you enjoyed a great Friday night in, your Netflix binge sounds heavenly!

    Green Fashionista

  8. Oh goodness, getting settled after a big move is always exhausting. I can't rest until all is in its place! Sounds like an ideal Friday to me! :)

  9. YAY moving and Mr. Stockyards (interesting choice of name)
    Unpacking always makes everything worse so it can get better.