Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Friends & Family Tell The Truth

I am so sorry for whoever I originally saw post this but I can't remember who it was!  If I commented on yours saying I wanted to do it feel free to call me out & I'll fix my mistake.  I do remember that Erin @ Love Fun & Football was the second person I saw do it so check out her post!
Edit: Thank you to Steph @ Life According to Steph for reminding me that it was Steph @ Not Entirely Perfect.  You can see her post here.  Both Steph & Erin told me they got the idea from Kristin @ Mama & Mou.

I asked 11 friends & family members to tell me 3-4 things they thought I was obsessed with/loved.  This is what I got from them.

7/11 Country MusicIf you've been around this blog for any length of time you know that country music is pretty much my life as I'm constantly going to concerts.  I'm only shocked that this didn't get 11 out of 11.

5/11 America
I do in fact love America.  At the house I just moved out of I had a flag flying outside my front door, and American flag patterned door mat, a wooden flag hanging on my door, & a 48 star flag hanging in my living room.  Then there's the fact that I will wear/buy pretty much anything with an American flag on it & the 4th of July is my favorite holiday...

4/11 Cowboy Boots
I will find any excuse to try on/buy boots.  I currently own 7 pairs...6 that I can wear & 1 that I couldn't stand the thought of getting rid of so I planted flowers in them.

4/11 Men/Men In Uniform/Cowboys
This one cracked me up because I do like men but I would have never thought that people considered me in love with/obsessed with men.  The most hilarious part was that it was my brother that said men in uniform & my dad said cowboys.

4/11 Eric Church
I was also shocked that less than half the people said Eric Church considering I've seen him 5 times & even drove to Memphis to see him.  I've seen him twice on his current tour & cried when the show I was supposed to go to about a week ago got cancelled.  My love for Eric Church knows no bounds.

3/11 Texas
I've talked about leaving Texas a couple of times, & have even considered moving to Wyoming recently if my parents & brother ever really moved there, but when it comes down to it anytime I really think about leaving I get sad.  I love Texas.  I love pretty much every single thing about Texas.

2/11 Whiskey
I found this one both surprising & not at the same time.  Jack & Dr. Pepper is my go to drink.  It was Music Soulmate (who is also my Jack Daniels drinking friend) & one of my college friends that said this one because that's pretty much all I ever drink when I'm with her too.

2/11 Tattoos
I have 6, & always talk about wanting to turn my shoulder blade piece into a 1/4 sleeve so I guess that warrants an obsession ha.

2/11 Pickles
This one also cracked me up.  It was Mr. & Mrs. Hipster that each said this.  It all started because the first 2 things I ever made after meeting them for get togethers were pickle wraps & pickle dip.  I do love pickles though.  Pickle wraps, pickle dip, plain pickles, pickle shots...

1/11 Crack Dip
This one came from Kickass Cousin & it's 100% accurate.  It has been my go to thing for parties, family events, & just for myself at home since the first time I made it.  I've also mentioned it on my blog probably a dozen times.  In case you missed it the first dozen times I've mentioned it here's the recipe.  If you haven't made it yet...do it.  I promise you'll love it.  It's at the point where when I ask people what they want me to bring over food wise that's the answer 9 times out of 10.

1/11 Armadillos
It was Baby Bro not Kickass Cousin that mentioned this.  The Dead Armadillo game became a thing on the first road trip that Kickass Cousin & I took.  One year for Christmas "Mrs. Clause" even brought me a stuffed Armadillo (like stuffed animal not a dead one...)  I still don't know which family member actually got it for me.  I've narrowed it down to one of my aunts or my grandma but no one is talking...

1/11 Fried Food
Favorite College Roommate said this one.  I do love fried pickles (this love started when I student taught in Texas) & I brought it back to MN with me.  Pretty much anytime we all get together someone orders fried pickles...(again with the pickles).  Fair food in general is one of my favorite things...& it's usually fried.

1/11 Travelling
Favorite College Roommate also said this one.  I wish I was able to do it more.  Looking back I suppose I have done a lot.  Since I was a sophomore in college I've gone on 5 major road trips, plus all of the solo trips I've taken between MN & TX.  I want to see all the places!

1/11 Being Independent
Daddy said this one.  I am in fact fiercely independent.  Which, not according to my daddy but random boys, guys find intimidating.  However, because of said independence no fucks are given.  When I find a man who can deal with & appreciate my independence then I'll settle down.  Until then I'll continue to do my own thing.

1/11 Cows
I'm not surprised that most people didn't say this but I am surprise that only my mama said this & that daddy & baby bro didn't also add this to their list.  I bugged my parents as a small child for a cow & have begun doing so again.  People tend to think I'm joking when I said I want a cattle ranch but I am in fact dead serious.  It was one of the first things I told Oklahoma actually ha.

**2 people also tried to say themselves but I told them family/friends didn't count**

My guesses for the top 3-4, in no particular order, would have been:

Country Music
Cowboy Boots
Eric Church

So they pretty much nailed it.

PS: Today is National Tell The Truth Day


  1. This was fantastic & fun! (and I'm totally stealing it...but linking back to you, of course)

    I love that you planted flowers in cowboy boots. What a cute idea! I also love that you "love pretty much every single thing about Texas", but I might be slightly biased.

  2. national tell the truth day? hilarious. i love the idea of this post but i honestly don't think many people would know what i truly loved lol. I am totally shocked Eric Church & Country Music aren't both 11/11!

  3. I love the cowboy boot one! And lots of people know you pretty well! How fun!

  4. I think Steph did it at Not Entirely Perfect?

    This is fun. It's always interesting to see what people say.

  5. ^^ I got it from Kristin at Mama and Mou! LOL at your dad and brother calling out your love of men, that's hilarious.
    That dip looks amazing.

  6. I totally want to steal this.
    I would have at least guessed country music, Texas, and independence.

  7. Such a fun post to do!!! :) I'm glad you did it too hehe! I love cows, btw!