Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Let Me Just Say...

**I almost always carry a lighter on me even though I don't smoke**
Kickass Cousin: Why do you have a lighter in your purse when you don't smoke?
Me: Sometimes I just like to be the hero
KC: Do you really think anyone is going to even ask you for a light?
M: Ya never know...gotta be prepared
**About an hour later**
Random stranger: Do either of you happen to smoke
M: Lookin for a lighter?
RS: Yes!
M: *ha told ya so look*

**I love the freedom, but hate the lack of routine I have in the summer**

**I had plans cancelled 3 days in a row last week for various reasons.  It was wonderful**

**I've always liked salad but lately I want to eat all the salads**

(of course by salad I mean something along the lines of the delicious steak cobb salad I had the other day not just lettuce & dressing...And Steph...this kid a little bit reminds me of MFD...)

**Sports movies that are based on true stories are my favorite**

**I'm convinced I don't really have shoulders.  I have a dress, & now a tank top... where the shoulder strap, specifically the right one, always wants to slide off.  I'm the anti-Regina George**

("At least you guys can wear halters...I have man shoulders")


  1. I totally love sport movies that are based on real life. I also love reading sports biographies!!

  2. This is so fun! Summers really are more chaotic and I hate when plans are always getting canceled and switched around too!

  3. I secretly love when people cancel plans. I definitely like not doing things!

  4. I've been on a salad kick too. Last night I had a steak salad with egg, cheese, bacon, and fried onion strings. I don't care what anyone says, salads are healthy. Even that one.

  5. oh i love when people cancel plans. it's so refreshing haha. mm now i want a salad (like a bad one, with croutons and creamy dressing. yum)

  6. Hahahaha omg I love all of these! I've been eating a lot of salads but that's because I'm trying to lose a little before I gain a bunch on vacation haha.

  7. I struggle with a lack of routine as well, so I understand that struggle.

  8. ahhh cancelled plans are dreamy. so many times i wish plans would be cancelled so i can stay at home and read my book in my pjs.

  9. hahah the anti regina george. I love Mean Girls, there's always a good quote from it to use in any situation. and I have been all about them salads, too!! I can never get enough!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  10. I secretly love when plans are cancelled. I can totally see the MFD resemblance.

  11. I also love to not do things! It is so awesome when someone cancels plans you didn't really want to do anyhow!