Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It's That Time

More Coffee Less Talky

**I am 100x happier when I bring my personal laptop to work with me instead of just having to use my work desktop**

**I get stabby when students move my desks & don't move them back to their original location**

**The week leading up to a big break at school/work is simultaneously the best & the worst**

**I received news that chances are high that a couple of people at work will be leaving after this year...which means I'm hightailing it out of here as well if they really do**

**I always think about doing another "day in my life" post but never actually think about it until about mid-day & my OCD self won't do it if I don't start the moment I wake up**


  1. I always think of doing a day in my life post but then I think about it and I'm like nah I'm too boring. No one wants to hear that I sit in traffic for 45 minutes every morning. haha

  2. I agree with you on the "day in the life" posts haha So funny how it's like that.

  3. I've been meaning to ask: Do you find your animated GIF's somewhere, or create them? You have some unique ones.

    1. I just Google them based on the emotion of the topic.

  4. This week is ridiculous. I feel like children can just sense how exhausted you are by this time.

  5. Day in the Life posts are so much work though. It's always nice when ppl move on but it sucks losing coworkers you love

  6. i have thought about doing a day in the life a thousand times, but i'm the same... i forget about it until mid morning and then it's 'too late'. lol

  7. I always forget to do a day in life post til midday too!!! I will start out ok with my work out and coffee then after lunch time I am like oh man!!!

  8. My work laptop vs personal laptop depends on what I'm doing. Some of my actual work stuff I need to do on my PC because Windows vs Mac problems.
    I was actually the one to get stabby as a student when the desks would be out of place when we got to a classroom. I hate that shit. Put shit how you found it motherfuckers!

  9. Seriously this last week of work is like not really being there at all. No focus. day in the life posts are fun but a lot of work remember to take pics every hour.