Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hot Mess Express

This my friends is what one really looks like when they wake up...after maybe 6 hours of sleep...during Shark Week.  All aboard the hot mess express.

Thankfully practice was cancelled since we hadn't gotten back to the school until after 11 the night before but as coaches we still went in for a meeting.  Shark Week came at me with a vengeance & gave me cramps like no other.  I barely made it through the meeting without almost crying.  Luckily my head coach is awesome & at the end she gave me meds.

I thought I could suffer in peace in my room for a bit before 1st period athletics started but unfortunately the athletic director wanted to talk to each of the coaches individually so in pain & holding back tears I walked to his office... he kept reassuring me I wasn't in trouble which eventually made me awkwardly tell him that it wasn't him at all that "well I'm a girl & it's know I'm in pain" #ShootMeNow  It then got worse cause I'm trying to suffer silently & then he's suddenly trying to make sure I'm ok & wanting to send me to the trainer which just makes me want to cry more.  #ThanksEve #PeriodProblems

The students had an early release day so each class was only 30 minutes which basically meant students got a work/chill day in their classes.

Luckily somewhere around 2nd period the meds had kicked in so I wasn't in so much pain but I was still exhausted so Emily & I ran to the gas station for coffee because my first cup hadn't been enough.

Depending on if it's an early release, regular, or block day my lunch starts anywhere from 11:30-1.  The pain & exhaustion may have gone away but I was still feeling emotionally stabby & while I love them, I was having stabby feelings towards a couple of my co-workers during lunch.  People should not be allowed to be obnoxious when someone else is stabby ha.

My kids are all working on a poster about a European country so I employed a student who had finished all of his work in my class as well as another one of his classes to tear off enough butcher paper for all of the groups that needed it for my project #WinWinSituation

One of my students plays soccer which my friend Emily coaches.  Apparently he had said he wouldn't be able make it to practice because he was going to be on TV so when he came to my class I asked him about being on TV.  He tried asking me how I knew but I wouldn't tell him until he told me why he was going to be on TV.  His response? Game of Thrones.  Umm...

Early release days means that the students get to leave at 1:50 so we can sit in meetings for the last 2 hours of the day.  I realize that having staff development is required, I truly do.  But to spend an hour talking about something that could be said in a 5 line email irks me.

Especially when it's followed by an hour of stuff we've pretty much gone over countless times.  I'm getting stabby again just typing about it.  #SharkWeekMakesMeStabby

A little after 4:30 I finally got home.  With just enough time to sit down for a hot minute, eat a quick supper, & call my mama.

An hour later I was on the road again...back to school.

I could lie & say that I went to the awards banquet because I wanted to go & see all the kids get their awards.  Truth be told I went because they made it seem like it was required for all coaches to go.  I did not coach a fall sport which means I had 0 reason to actually be there.  Had I had more than 10 hours of sleep in the past 2 days & not already been stabby I might not have cared but all I wanted was to lay under a blanket at home.

The banquet only lasted a little over an hour & while it turns out it wasn't required for me to go, & a part of me wishes I had just stayed home, it was fun to see the kids all dressed up & accepting their awards for football, volleyball, cross country, cheerleading, & being an athletic trainer.

With my hot chocolate by my side I finally got to crawl into bed, catch up on some blogs, type this up, & go to bed.


  1. Such a busy day and cramps are no bueno!

  2. Crazy busy days like mine and cramps can bite it!!! Guess what? You still look cute!! Yes, because you're real girl!! We all have days like this when we feel like crap but the show must go on, it's life, not fake instas or everything is peaches. I love this post!!