Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Life Is A Numbers Game

4 -- The number of things related to athletics that are either strongly suggested or require my attendance this week.

2 -- The number of games I have this week

9 -- The number of people I bought Christmas presents for this year

11 - The number of days I get to spend in Minnesota for Christmas Break

5 -- The number of years it's been since I last had a boyfriend on New Year's Eve

6 -- The number of times I've been on a plane so far this year

8 -- The number of times I'll have been on a plane in 2015

16 -- The number of days left in 2015 after today

21 - The high for the day I arrive in Minnesota

3 -- The number of family gatherings I have while I'm in Minnesota over break 


  1. How can there only be 16 days left in the year?!? Craziness!