Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sh*t My Students Say Vol. 11

Wrecking Ball comes on Pandora
Male student: Hey! Me too!

Student: Miss, do you have a favorite shape?
Me: No.  What's your favorite shape?
Student: A cylinder
Me: Why?
Student: Because it's different from all the others...

Student: Miss by Monday you better pop, lock, & drop that attitude

Female Student: Miss, trust no one.
Me: Well that's not a good outlook
Male Student: Don't listen to her, she's been listenin to too much hip-hop...too much Drake.  DJ KHALED! TRUST NO ONE!

Female Student: Miss Male Student 1 is afraid of a girl
Male Student 2: Women scare me too...
Me: As they should.

Student: I finished my review!
Me: Good.  Now study it.
Student: No!  I must socialize!  I need friends!


  1. Haha loving all these gifs especially Chandler :)

  2. Funny! The GIFs are great! What age do you teach?
    Have a great day!

  3. Women scare me.. as they should! Haha! I can just see your face with half these comments!

  4. "Miss by Monday you better pop, lock, & drop that attitude" Bwahahaha love that one!

  5. I'm going to miss these over the summer. I remember getting extra punchy towards the end of the school year (not literally) and that included including the teacher in more jokes.

  6. Hahaha these are awesome!!! I think next time someone crops an attitude with me I am going to say pop, lock & drop that attitude.

  7. Hahahahaha!!! Pop lock and drop that attitude! Best line ever.