Friday, May 15, 2015

I'll Be Damned If I'm Leaving Now

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Before I get into some of my favorites for the week...don't forget to stop by my Wanderlust post from Wednesday & ask Kickass Cousin & myself some questions about our road trip (past or present) as well as any general travel questions you may have!

Thunder - Sundy Best

According to the Phone
I was basically shunned from my house on my day off on Monday.  I hired a cleaning company to do a big portion of the cleaning since I'm moving out in pretty much exactly 2 weeks.  They were there from 10-2.  While I was gone I got a text saying a realtor would be there 2-3.  I decided that I wanted/needed/deserved BBQ.  So when I was finally able to head back to my house I picked up some BBQ along with chocolate pudding & potato salad.  So worth being shunned from my house all day.

I took a stupid Buzzfeed quiz, because I often do that, & this one was what weird way will you die or something like that.  I laughed out loud when  I saw this because I was having a crappy day & all I could think was "yeah...probably trying to escape this place..."

I decided to move into the garage so that the spider could keep the house.  JK...but I did stand there & wait until the spider left my doorway...

I landed yet another interview!  Fingers crossed I get at least one of them!

Walk out of work & this is what I see...

I pretty much made this for supper everyday this week.



I need this shirt. Do they make a v-neck?

hahhah I have never thought of this

OMG! This would totally be my grandson!

UNCLE SI Boom you're Gone !

Haha always!

I don't always pin memes, but when i do, they're hilarious.

Another Miley Cyrus Meme



  1. Hahahahahahah Walk n Stalk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is hilarious. And ummm I have said we had to burn the house down before because of a spider so I get it. Have a great weekend!

  2. What a week!! My fingers are tightly crossed for you and your interviews :-)
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

  3. OMG the Miley one was hilarious! Good luck on the interviews.