Friday, January 30, 2015

I Know Where To Aim Hell I'm To Blame

Kip Moore - I'm To Blame
This song is on the radio now...& I hope y'all have had a chance to hear it.  I haven't heard it yet on the radio but that's probably because I almost never listen to the radio...

Crockpot Rigatoni Recipe ~ Easy & Yummy...  jar spaghetti sauce,  rigatoni,  ground beef, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni slices, optional mushrooms & onions
Crockpot Rigatoni
I only sort of followed the in I added 4 cups of cheese, however much pepperoni is in 1 package, a 24 oz jar of sauce, 16 oz of pasta, & 1 lb of ground turkey.  Oh & I mixed it all instead of layering.  What can I say...I'm a rebel.  It was still delicious though.  I also bought a second jar of sauce to add to it as I heated it up because it's always dryer when reheated.

According to the Phone
I was so tired when I got home from work that I said screw laundry...again...& just watched Friends all night instead.  That's how Mondays should be anyway right?

Guess who didn't do laundry on Tuesday either.  It was 80 degrees & I needed to get my tan on...

Softball practice started on Wednesday.  I'm coaching for the first time ever as the JV coach.  I didn't get home until after 6 which meant that once again I didn't go to the laundromat.  It's also very possible that softball is going to make me broke & fat.  I was so hungry on my long drive home which made me want to stop at every single restaurant on the way home.

I was craving poppers from Pappasito's (they are the best ever & only available during happy hour) so after softball practice I decided that sitting at happy hour was better than sitting in rush hour traffic.  If you have a Pappasito's near you (TX & GA only sorry) & have either never been or just never tried the it!

Last week I decided that every Friday after their warm-up I'm going to show my kids a video...this is this week's video.


You never realize how many people you hate.... until you have to name a baby!

I don't like the song, but this is a great parody!

All the time

When I get bored, I like to call in sick to places I don't work. Today I'm getting written up at Kohl's

One of our dogs is clearly smarter than the other...

Totally had this birthday party!

Just saved tons of money on Valentine's Day... hahahaahhaa omg

Hahaha I'm dying


  1. Oh my goodness! A fellow softball lover! I played for four years during high school. I miss it! That recipe is one of my favorites! By the way, laundry is totally over rated. ;)

  2. I miss playing Softball, how fun you are coaching! Watching friends instead is a good idea! Jealous of your 80 degree weather!

  3. those poppers look amazing!!! And I love the cinderella and raisin funnies!!

  4. Oh my gosh... I so laughed at all the funnies!!!
    I think I have a dumb dog just like that. They need the most love :)
    I'll never eat raisins the same now.

  5. Ok beyond jealous you got to work on your tan this week! And I haven't been to Pappasito's in years but it's SOOOOOO good! Happy Friday!

  6. Love the first quote! So needed at this moment of my life :)

  7. I love your funnies! They make my day! I would love to have some 80 degree weather. Thank you for linking up to H54F!

    Della@ Della Devoted