Thursday, December 6, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Jan-Mar 2018

In just under 4 weeks it will be 2019!  26 days to be exact.  That means it's time to start my annual year in review posts!  First up, January-March!

Blog Stats:
-Most Viewed Post: The First One In January
-Most Commented Post: Three On Thursday
-My Favorite Posts: A Balanced Life & Houston

My Life:
-I started 2018 by getting food & beers with Trey at Old Chicago, a place that I used to frequent & now never really make an effort to go, thus kicking off our 2018 shenanigans!

-If I were rich I probably would have gotten Nash a little brother.  However, I'm not the spend $5,300 on a dog type of girl turns out...

-My friend Kristie came to visit me for a few days & we explored Dallas-Fort Worth.  Most importantly we got to witness the Minneapolis Miracle together, in a Saints bar no less, a moment that is one of my favorite of the entire year!

-The softball season started & I was thrown not only into the interim head coach position, but also being the only coach...

-I went to San Antonio with a few people to celebrate Raeann's birthday.

Blog Stats:
-Most Viewed Post: Friday Five #5
-Most Commented Post: Boots on a Dance Floor
-My Favorite Posts: This I Believe & Something's Gotta Give

My Life:
-Softball games began taking over my life.

-Nash started getting walked during the day & I wondered why I hadn't thought to do this during volleyball season.

-I headed BACK to San Antonio for my annual San Antonio Rodeo adventure with Robyn.

-I celebrated 8 years of blogging.

-My friend Ryan was in town for his semi-annual training so we got to hang out.

-I bought a new car!

Blog Stats:
-Most Viewed Post: Currently In March
-Most Commented Post: Friday Five #7
-My Favorite Post: Coffee Date Vol. 1

My Life:
-My friend Melissa got married so I flew to Minnesota to be a part of her wedding

-I got a new tattoo

-Emily came to visit me over spring break...

-...and so did my parents

-I started my 4th 101 in 1001 list


  1. Love the new car! Congrats! Also, love the new tattoo! I am not bold enough to do one that big...mine are tiny but that is beautiful!

  2. Your car is still so sexy! and that tattoo!

    Love the recaps!

  3. At times I entertain the thought of getting a second dog. And then I laugh at myself