Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Monday Morning Coffee Vol. 12

Here we are yet again.  Another Monday Morning Coffee on a Tuesday...  I hope everyone had a great weekend & a wonderful Monday!  We are officially in dead week.  Meaning My kids have no work left to do...  They've already done their final project, well most of them anyway, a few will be having to take the final because they refused to do the project.  So, we are now watching movies until the end of the year.  I didn't want to have to watch the same movie 4 times a day so each class is getting their own movie.  I'm still picking though.  Yesterday we started with Disney: Emperor's New Groove, Hercules, Mulan, & Pocahontas.

I had my yearly physical on Friday so I took the day off.  Partly because the appointment was at 10 am 1.5 hours from where I work & half days start/end at 12:20, mostly because I wanted a 3 day weekend.  My appointment was just west of Fort Worth, in an area I have wanted to live since I first moved to Texas.  I may or may not have had a little breakdown on my way out there.  

There is a distinct line when driving west, about where I-30 turns into I-20, where I instantly feel calmer because the city is gone & the country shows up.  It was about there where I almost started to cry because I still want to live out there & feel like since moving to DFW in 2015 I've just moved farther & farther away.  That feeling only increased when I went to look at a rental house (well a room in the house) in a city right by where I work in north Dallas.  

I won't be renting that room by the way.  I could tell just walking in the door I would feel trapped in my room based on house size & who the 2 roommates would have been.  That, & a conversation I had with a co-worker that night kind of gave me another kick in the ass on the job front.

When I left the house I had every intention of going to Haystack Burgers in Dallas because my softball girls had given me a gift card, but I got distracted by calling my mom & soon found myself just automatically driving back home.  Not having much for food at home I went to a bar near my apartment to eat, watch some college softball, & listen to some live music.

Saturday was such a rainy day.  I took full advantage of this.  Nash & I stayed in bed a little longer than normal & we watched a lot of That 70s Show on Netflix.  I did also prepare some food for the week (Instant Pot Skinny Creamy Ziti & Hot Tuna & Egg Salad Rolls)  I also got out of the house for a little bit to meet Helen & Caleb at Duff's in Southlake for some wings.  I had never been before, but they had been to Duff's when they went to college in upstate New York & wanted to see if it was the same.  It was apparently very very close.  I liked that the wings were crispy & the ranch was on point.

Sunday was a complete 180 degrees from Saturday.  It was sunny & warm.  That called for a final pool day before Helen & Caleb's baby arrives.  A few of us met up at their place to hang out by the pool & grill for a few hours.  I went to Trader Joe's to pick up Cashew Fiesta Dip to bring along because I kept seeing it on Instagram.  But since I was there I also had to get Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus because I'm addicted and a PB&J bar because I had really liked the individual PB&J bites.  (The bites are better for the record.)  I then fell down a rabbit hole & grabbed all of the above to bring along with me...  Oh Trader Joe's, you got me again!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!  Yesterday was technically my Friday since I'm not at work today.  It's not really a fun reason, I have my yearly woman doctor appointment, but I made sure to make it on a Friday so that I could have a 3 day weekend rather than taking off a Wednesday or Thursday & having to go back to work the next day.  My big plans today include appointment & looking at a rental closer to work.  Really it's a room in a house, but it's closer to work by a long shot, cheaper than what I pay now, AND there is a backyard for Nash!  Fingers crossed people!

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From the Phone
We had our softball banquet & the girls got me flowers, made me this cute little sign that I'm going to hang up in my classroom next year, & then also got me a gift card to a burger place

Nash, because Nash

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this in my stories, but I was having such a day on Tuesday that I got all the way through sauteing my brats before I realized I didn't put the $%#$%# pot in the Instant Pot...

A couple mornings before work I took Nash to the fenced in "dog park" area at my apartment so he could run off some steam

I'm not settling down until I find a man that looks at me the same way...

Moments of Gratitude
**Only having a 4 day work week**

**Sweet gifts from the softball girls at our banquet**

**Setting up a meeting to view a place to live next school year**

**Having a backup phone charger**

**Free donuts at work**

Events of the Week
This week was actually pretty uneventful.  My students were all working on their final projects that are due today.  My 10th grade World History students all had to make a timeline mobile (like that hangs above a baby's crib, not like something you'd drive around) while my seniors all had to do a personal budget project.  Watching my seniors do the budget project was probably my favorite as always. "MISS I'M GONNA BE POOR!"  "MISS I DON'T WANT TO BE AN ADULT!"  "WHY ARE THINGS SO EXPENSIVE?!"  Welcome to adulthood children...

I was so tired most of this week.  I had considered going to a FREE concert on Wednesday night for a band that I really like, and it was even at a place where I could have brought Nash.  However, at 5:45 I was so exhausted that I knew my night was going to consist of couch & Netflix.

We had out end of the year softball banquet last night.  The girls got me a really sweet gift (see photo above) & did something similar for the other coach.  It was just a casual event at one of the girls' homes which made it really fun & easy to talk to people.  A lot of them have requested though that next year we do a fancy banquet so they can all dress up.

I woke up this morning to my phone on 2%... even though it was & had been charging all night long.  Thank God I had another charger in my car, because my internet is also being ridiculous (I'm currently using my phone as a hotspot), otherwise I'm not sure how I'd make it to my appointment or to view the house later as I don't actually know exactly where either one is or how to get there.  Oh technology... you've made me so dependent on you...


I hope that everyone has a fantastic Friday & a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Girls Weekend in Dallas-Fort Worth

Two of my best friends from college came to visit the first weekend in May.  It was so great to see them since I hadn't seen them since December, & it felt so nice taking a long weekend from work.

I picked them up from the airport around 1:30 on Friday afternoon & dropped them off again around 4:30 Monday afternoon.  We managed to pack a lot into our 75 hours.  If I was still working on my 101 in 1001 list their visit definitely would have counted as "be a tourist in DFW."

Friday night we went out in the Stockyards.  We of course went to Star Cafe for supper because Steak Salad.  Not only would that have been where we went because Sonja had never been & I feel the need to bring anyone, but Kayla asked before I could even suggest it.  I took her when she visited last year.  I'm telling you, it leaves an impression!  After supper we just hit up a couple of different bars down there & made friends with various people at each new place.

We went to brunch at Johnathon's in Oak Cliff.  I had been wanting to go there for awhile, & pretty sure I even suggested it as an option when Kayla was visiting last year when we met up with my friends Helen & Caleb.  We all got The Kure for breakfast & it was SO good!  Sonja & I did the build your own bloody bar while Kayla got a mimosa.  It was such a nice day out for the patio & despite being busy, our waiter was super awesome!

After brunch we wandered around Bishop Arts.  I love each of the different areas of Dallas, well I'm not really an Uptown Girl (cue Billy Joel), but I love how unique each area is.  I definitely like each of them for different occasions.  Anyway, Bishop Arts was Sonja's request.  So we spent the afternoon wandering up & down Bishop Ave in & out of different little boutiques.  At the end I made them take a detour down a side road so that we could go to Wild Detectives for coffee because I needed to be caffeinated.  We had been out super late the night before & still had a night ahead of us.

We went home, changed, hung out for a bit, & then headed to Deep Ellum.  Deep Ellum was Kayla's request & probably my favorite of the Dallas areas.  We had plans of mural hunting, & did see a couple, but hunger won out.  First stop, the Green Room because I am obsessed with their bacon wrapped jalapenos.  We hung out on the rooftop there for a bit sharing some appetizers & having some drinks before heading to Mama Tried.  Mama Tried is fairly new so I had never been there before.  It wasn't quite what I was expecting but the outdoor area was cool.  We played a few rounds of giant Jenga & my friend Raeann stopped by to say hi on the way to a concert.  We all decided that we were hungry though so I took the to Deep Ellum Brewing for some loaded tots.  We called it a night around 10-10:30 & headed back home.

Sunday we headed 2 hours east to Lindale so we could go to Miranda Lambert's Pink Pistol.  Sonja had never been, Kayla loved it last time, & I've managed to find cute stuff there every single time I've gone.  Which really isn't a ton because it's 2 hours away, but I've been a handful of times.  This time I walked away with a dress & a skirt.  Still trying to find tops & shoes to wear with the skirt.  I am open to suggestions!  We of course also got some of Miranda's wine while we were there.  Love & War in Texas used to be attached to the store & it wasn't until writing this post that I learned that in the last year it has changed it's name to Texas Music City.  The food was the same, the decor was the same, I would have never have guessed.  The food there is really good & it was obviously in a convenient location so we had lunch there before heading back to Dallas.

We had accomplished pretty much everything on our to see list by that point except for a few items.  I really wanted to go to a winery or wine bar near me, any winery/wine bar, because there are quite a few by me & I've never been to any of them.  We went to Umbra.  It was a fairly random selection.  We just went to Main St in Grapevine & wandered into the first one we saw that was open.

I also really wanted to go to Cauldron Ice Cream.  I would 100% be lying if I said I wanted to go for any reason other than Instagram.  However, the ice cream really is amazing & the Belgian waffle puff cone...YUM!  I just got salted caramel this time around, but now that I've done my Instagram thing I want to go back & try some other flavors.  They had one called Rose H2O & I'm really interested in that one!

On their last day in Dallas there was only one thing left on the list to do.  But first brunch!  We went to Ellen's in downtown Dallas & of course sat on the patio.  I got shrimp & grits which I have been craving for approximately a year & a half.  The fact that I haven't just gotten them at some point in the last year & a half while living in the south is 100% on me.  But I did it.  I got them.  They were good, not as good as the ones I had a year & a half ago in Deep Ellum, but still good.  I think I'm going to tackle my own this summer...

After brunch it was onto the last thing on our list, The Sixth Floor Museum.  The fact that I've lived in the DFW are for 4 years now, am a history teacher, & have never been there before is a little weird.  I blame it on the fact that you almost never do the touristy things in your own town though.  It was really well done.  You get your own headset with a handheld device that lets you go through the museum at your own pace.  

That museum is one of the 5 places you can visit if you get a CityPass.  However with the pass you can only choose 3 of them.  But now that I've done that one, I'm thinking that when I get back from MN this summer I'm going to buy the pass & visit 3 of the other ones (Reunion Tower, Perot Musuem, & Dallas Zoo) before school gets started again.

Because we still had some time to kill before they had to be at the airport & the weather was nice, we ended our busy weekend by just relaxing by the pool listening to some 90s & 2000s hip hop.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Monday Morning Coffee Vol. 11 ... On A Tuesday

So apparently instead of drafting my post for yesterday, & not actually writing it, I scheduled it.  That's how well I'm surviving the end of the school year by the way.  Just barely hanging on & praying that May 29th gets here ASAP.  I have a to do list a mile long & what feels like a million events on my calendar between now & then.  Enough of the whining.  11 school days left until the end of the year, & only 10 for me because I won't be at work on Friday!

This past weekend really wasn't all that hectic.  My Saturday was full but Sunday was chill.  On Friday I applied for a job still in the DFW area.  I wasn't originally going to apply because I figured if I'm staying in the area I should stay where I currently am for at least one more year just to get some more longevity on my resume.  Also, there was no posted date, it said start date was ASAP, & it said the closing date was "when filled."  I kind of assumed that it was a mid-year position that hadn't been taken down yet.  However, the head coach that I work with right now came from that district, & had just worked there last year.  She encouraged me to apply, said she'd be a reference, & told me who to email.  So I did.  The head principal got back to me fairly quickly & told me that he forwarded my information to the principal over social studies.  I found out yesterday that I had been correct.  It wasn't a position for next school year.  So, I will in fact be staying where I am.  Now I'm just trying to find a place to live so that I don't have to drive over an hour to work every day!

Saturday was my busier day of the two.  I went to brunch with a few friends at a place in Lower Greenville called Company Cafe & Bar.  It wasn't bad.  We were trying to decide between going there (where we had never been) or to Ten Bells in Bishop Arts where we pretty much always go.  We decided to try something new.  If given the option between the two again I'd choose Ten Bells.  I got the Deep Bowl (sweet potato, ground burger, avocado, egg, & salsa.  It wasn't bad but it wasn't great.

After brunch we walked to La La Land Kind Cafe for coffee because a)coffee & b)Helen said I had to do it for the 'GramIt's an Instagramable place for sure & the coffee was good.  I got a Thin Mint Latte.  Afterwards we all just went back to Helen & Caleb's for awhile to hang out.

That evening I met up with Trey & Jenn so that I could give Jenn a wine glass I had ordered for her off of Etsy for their engagement, & because I hadn't seen either of them in months.  We went to Buffalo Bros in Fort Worth because my only request was the place have good ranch.  I went there pretty much every Sunday during football season this past season & now that I'm moving closer to Dallas I'm going to have to find some new place to go.  Sad day.

Sunday was a mixture of lazy & productive.  Okay mostly it was lazy.  The only thing productive was going to the grocery store & meal prepping.  Other than that I watched a lot of Iliza Schelsinger on Netflix, got breakfast tacos, & laid by the pool for about an hour to get a tan.  Apparently that duck wanted to hang out too...  He had a grand old time in the pool, after first clotheslining himself on the gate during landing.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  May is flying by so fast!  I only have about 3 weeks left in Texas before heading to Minnesota for the summer & I still have SO MUCH to do!  This was a weird week for me work wise.  I had Monday off because I had friends in town & then Tue-Thur I was out of my classroom for state testing.  Needless to say, I'm glad it's Friday because my routine feels so out of whack this week.  I'm ready for some normalcy again!

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From the Phone
Nash has decided that he now needs to take puppy outside with him every time we go potty.  Except he can't hold him while he goes down or up the stairs so I have to carry puppy on the steps & then give him back when we're on flat ground...

I *finally* got to lay out by the pool for an hour, of course now it's cold again.  I'm going to need it to warm back up & ASAP so I can get more pool time in before I move & don't have a pool anymore.

**I still need to do a recap of everything my friends & I did while they were in town this past weekend...

...they were here last Thursday-Monday & we packed a lot in**

**My seniors are doing a Shark Tank project & this girl "created an app" that identifies palm oil in products & suggests palm oil free alternatives** #SaveTheRainForest

Moments of Gratitude
**Laying out by the pool & getting some sun**

**4 fun days with Kayla & Sonja**

**Getting my contract signed for next year**

**Free for Teacher Appreciation Day/Week**

**Not having to go grocery shopping or meal prep this week**

Events of the Week
**Monday my friends were still in town & we got quite a bit in considering all we had already done & they had to be at the airport by 4:30.  I'll try to get a post all set up about everything we did next week--I'm actually going to try to get multiple posts scheduled so I don't have another quiet blog week like I did this week**

**This week was a state testing week so I was displaced all week.  Luckily I'm able to post assignments online so that we didn't complete the entire week.  I remember back when I only had textbooks & seniors who NEVER had to test, testing days were usually just movie/free days because I wouldn't have anything for them to do**

**Wednesday was the US History test which meant that I had to take down everything social studies related in my classroom.  I got on a roll & just took EVERYTHING down.  My classroom went from so bright & happy looking to now looking like bare prison walls.  I'll have a "before" picture today on Instagram in my feed.  Maybe I'll also post a sad "after" photo/video in my stories**

**Our contracts FINALLY came in & so I officially have a job for next year.  I also finally get to teach government again because one of the government teachers is retiring.  Teaching government was my favorite**

**I kind of posted about it a couple of different times on Instagram but never outright said it.  I didn't get the job I really wanted down by Houston.  There are still 3 jobs I applied for that I could potentially hear back from, one closed yesterday & the other close on the 16th, but I've kind of decided to stay where I am for another year.  I don't want to go into summer not having a plan, especially because I need all of my stuff in storage & would like it stored where I'm going to be.  I'm calling on the 20th to get everything set up for storage, cleaning, etc so unless I hear differently by then I'll be back where I am...and I'm mostly okay with that.  I am excited that I'll be teaching government again & that I'll still be near all of my friends, I am obviously sad that I won't be going back to my little town...and a little sad I'll still be coaching, I'm ready to hang it up...**