Friday, September 21, 2018

The Official End Of Summer least according to the calendar anyway.  For me summer ends when school starts back up in August & I consider it to be fall once September 1st hits.  No matter, even though I posted my fall goals at the beginning of the month, I also created a fall bucket list.  I should really probably write these bad boys down in my planner or something or I'm going to forget about them...

This week was yet another weird week at work with yet another early release day as well as a waste of a day due to picture day.  I am happy that the weekend is here and hoping that this weekend doesn't end up as packed as last weekend.

Linking up with Amanda!

I'm normally a one holiday at a time type of girl, but I just have to mention these Christmas ornaments!  Sarah over at Meet the Shaneyfelts has an ornament fundraiser to help with the adoption process for her & her husband.  They are super cute & only $10.  Definitely check them out!  You can order through Oct 1.

Despite the fact that I didn't really doing anything Sunday, I was still super exhausted on Monday after having such long & busy days Friday & Saturday.  I had planned on just eating supper, showering, and sleeping.  However, then I started watching Netflix & remembered that I had some cookie mix from Miss Jones Baking Co & decided to whip up some cookies.  I promptly ate 3 or 4 right out of the oven as well as some "leftover" dough.  It was then that I decided that I should probably bring a dozen to work to share so that I didn't eat them all myself.

On Tuesday I woke up at 3 am & never fell back to sleep.  I woke up feeling a cold coming on.  My nose was stuffed & my throat was getting sore.  I got up once to make myself some tea but other than that I laid in bed hoping I'd fall back asleep.  Alas, I didn't.  So when my alarm went off at 5 I decided to get up & go for a walk/run in hopes that the heat & humidity would help.  Coincidentally while I was scrolling through my memories on Facebook apparently 6 years earlier I had had the same problem... I figured if running then had helped maybe it would this time too.

I had a training after work that was supposed to last an hour & a half that I was not looking forward to.  Not only had I already done the training last year, being sick & tired made it even less appealing.  Luckily I was there less than 45 minutes because the girl sped through it.  On my way home I kept going back & forth with myself on whether or not I should stop & get food because I was starving or just wait until I got home to eat the food I already had bought & cooked.  I thought about stopping at McDonalds because National Cheeseburger Day & then thought about stopping at Wingstop because it's one of my favorite places to get wings & National Chicken Month.  Right after I told myself to be responsible & just eat at home I made a right turn into Canes, got me some chicken strips, and promptly passed out by 8 pm.

Despite getting nearly 8 hours of sleep, which NEVER happens, I still woke up feeling like crap.  I stayed in bed an extra 15 minutes before going for another walk.  Being outside in the heat & humidity definitely helps my symptoms.  Going back & forth between the heat & AC is definitely making them worse.

Despite being way late to the party, I linked up with Andrea to share some Fall Kimono Fashion.  I wish I had jumped on the kimono bandwagon earlier but better late than never right??  Maybe doing so will actually inspire me to buy some more & wear them!

Thanks to my morning walks to get rid of the sickness, I have been nailing my FitBit goals.  Even though I had already hit my goals, in an attempt to at least match what I had done on Tuesday, I went for a walk when I got home on Wednesday with Mr. Nash.  Also because despite it being an early release day for the students, I was there later than normal so I felt bad for the lil guy.  I don't hate where I live, but I also don't want to live here forever.  The park by where I live is most definitely what I'll miss the most whenever I do wind up moving.

I also decided that since I had picked off most of the color on my nails, I should probably redo them.  While they aren't super long, I deemed them long enough to finally use one of the sets of ColorStreet nails I had ordered from my friend Kayla.  They weren't super hard to put on but I'm hoping that round 2 goes a lot easier now that I know what to expect.  I did get compliments on them all day from my students though the next day.

Thursday I woke up feeling super rough.  At one point during the day I even started losing my voice.  It never fully went, & my last two periods, my seniors, make it easy on me.  We had a mandatory meeting after work which I feel should not have been mandatory.  It was about voting in November to increase property taxes in order to help the budget for the school district I work in.  However, as much as I'd like a raise, I don't get a say because I, like many of the teachers, don't live in the district.

Despite not feeling well, although by the end of the day I was feeling slightly better & being outside helped, I met up with The Boyfriend for supper at a little hole in the wall that I had never even heard of before called Tributary Cafe.  It's cajun food & it was so good!  Blogger/Instagrammer fail I didn't take pictures.  Partly because I didn't feel well enough to care & partly because it was a tiny little place with like 2 other people in there when we arrived.  We shared some fried green tomatoes (the whole reason we went) and some fried okra.  I got the pasta special which had sausage, shrimp, crawfish, chicken, & an amazing cajun seasoning.  He got the seafood platter.  After supper we went and played a round of mini golf.  His first hit was a hole in one.  My first hit jumped the entire first hole and landed close to the second one... I got a rhythm, he lost a rhythm, and despite an armature par of 45, he got a 50 & I got a 55.  I guess neither of us will be hitting the pro golf circuit anytime soon... I had to call it quits after that because my cold was catching up with me.

Before the rest of the Friday Funnies to send you into the weekend, I'd like to share this little gem courtesy of one of my sophomores on Wednesday:

Student: Miss do you ride bulls?
Me: You know actually every day when I leave work that's exactly what I do...
Student: Really?!
Me: No
Student to another student: well she looks like she does... she looks like the kind of person that could fight anyone she had to...

And now back to your regularly scheduled funnies...

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fall Bucket List

Linking up with Sierra to share my fall bucket list for Girl Chat.

Earlier this month I shared my goals for this fall.  I decided to expand on some of those goals in order to create some of my fall bucket list.

1. Dallas Arboretum
2. Dallas Zoo
3. Fort Worth Zoo
4. Reunion Tower
5. Carve pumpkins
6. Take pictures of fall leaves
7. Have a bonfire
8. Toast pumpkin seeds
9. Make a fall wreath
10. Watch Hocus Pocus
11. Texas State Fair
12. Bake a pie
13. Make smores
14. Go to a haunted house/hayride
15. Drive in movie

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Fall Kimono Fashion

Happy Wednesday!  Linking up with Andrea & The Blended Blog for the Fall Fashion Frenzy.

This week's prompt is Fall Kimono.  While kimonos have been in style for quite some time, it's a trend that I'm late to the party on.  I've always thought they were cute on other people, but I haven't always been the layering type.  As a matter of fact I'm still not most times.  Call it lazy or call it simple.  Whichever you so choose.  Depending on my mood I might call it either one.

I own exactly one kimono.  I got it a few years ago at the San Antonio Rodeo & wore it for the first time at the beginning of this month.

While I got mine at a shop at the San Antonio Rodeo, you can get both this one, & ones really similar lots of other places such as Amazon.  I even saw it at the Dallas Farmer's Market.

I really do like the look of kimonos, especially paired with boots & jeans.  Perhaps I'll fully jump on the bandwagon & start wearing them more often.

Here are some other outfit ideas that I love:

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Monday, September 17, 2018

Halfway Through September

Hello Monday!  I am not excited to see you.  This weekend feels like it went by faster than normal.  Just one more day off would be greatly appreciated!  Linking up with Biana!

Friday was a LONG day!  I didn't show up to work until 10:15 because we were on pep rally/early release schedule meaning my first class wasn't until 11:05.  I still woke up early, 6, but I just hung around with Nash & read some blogs before heading to work.  I am so glad that I didn't go in any earlier.  Even though the students got out at 2, we had a parade that started at 4 & we had to be at our spot in the line up by 3:15.  While waiting for the parade to start it poured!  It did cool everything off for about 20 minutes before it then got insanely muggy.  After the parade we had about an hour down time before we had to start setting up for Dinner on the 50.  Different organizations get to sponsor a dinner on the patio overlooking the 50 yard line as a fundraiser.  Softball got homecoming.  The actual dinner part went just fine, however I didn't stay for even a full quarter of the game.  Why?  Because even though it was supposed to start at 7:30 we got rain delayed until 9 pm.  I stayed for the first touchdown & then headed home because I was so exhausted.

Saturday was another super busy day.  I went to Walmart for groceries, cooked, did the dishes, did some laundry, vacuumed, dusted, and picked up the apartment.  The boy who needed a nickname came over & we hung out for a bit before heading over to Helen & Caleb's for a potluck.  Rather than doing fancy dinners like we used to, it was decided that it be changed to potluck so that Steve wasn't the one doing all of the cooking and whatnot.  The theme this time around was brunch.  I made breakfast pizza & bacon and cheese deviled eggs.  We played a few games before I got really old and started getting super sleepy around 8.  We played one more game & then the boy & I headed home.  I managed to only take a picture of the cheesy potato soup that I made, but in addition to that and the brunch items I also made a burrito pie casserole.

Sunday was finally my lazy day.  The boy with no nickname got a nickname.  I may come up with something better but for now it's simply The Boyfriend.  That's right, after 8 years of either not dating at all, dating random guys & losers, or "dating" guys that simply couldn't or wouldn't commit, your girl over here has an official boyfriend.  We went to get coffee and donuts, and then just hung out for a bit before he headed home and I sat around doing a whole lot of nothing.  I watched the Vikings turn it around from 7-20 to a 29-29 tie calling for overtime.  I then watched them tie the packers at the end of overtime.  Ties in professional football are ridiculous.  Our kicker deserves to be traded.  At lease we didn't lose to the Packers like we were predicted to...  I did manage a nap and a couple of short walks with Nash.  It was too hot & humid to get any long walks in... which was honestly alright with both of us.  I was exhausted from a couple of long days and Nash was extra sassy.  He even put himself to bed around 6-6:30.  As tempting as going to bed at that time as well sounded, I stayed up to watch some Heartland so that I wouldn't be awake all night long or up at the crack of dawn.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Four Weeks Down

...and 32 to go.  

But seriously, I know I said it on Monday but this school year is already flying!  Linking up with Amanda.

The head softball coach brought her baby with her this week to practice & she is so stinking tiny and adorable.  I got to hold her a few times & I may have melted a little bit.

I don't know if it's because I'm back at work, the weather is getting cooler, or what, but Nash has been extra cuddly this week so on Monday when I got home from work we just cuddled on the couch & watched more Heartland on Netflix.

As I do every year, I made my students watch something 9/11 related all day on Tuesday.  This year I had them each do a WebQuest related to 9/11 while watching live footage of 9/11: America Remembers.  That night I had a third date with the guy I spent all weekend with.  He made me supper, chicken & black bean soup, which was really good.  I brought a couple of bundtlets from Nothing Bundt Cakes for dessert, red velvet for him & peanut butter chocolate swirl for me.  We watched Jurassic World since I had never seen it before.

On Wednesday I linked up with Andrea & shared some of my camo fashion.  Fun fact, I was originally so neutral about the first date I had with the guy I'm seeing that I wore the exact outfit that I'm wearing in my first camo fashion picture...

Since I had no plans on Wednesday after work I decided to finally tie dye a couple of shirts for the other softball coach & myself as well as a onesie for her new baby girl.  The onesie turned out cute, the shirts...meh.  I definitely should have used more color.  Especially since I had 2 whole bottles of color to do the 3 things.  I clearly haven't tie dyed in awhile.  Oh well.

Thursday I got to see the boy again (who after 4 dates needs a nickname... I'll work on it...)  We went for a walk by the Trinity River, got some coffee, some supper, & then some Steel City Pops.  He also invited me on an out of town work conference in early October & I invited him along on my birthday trip in later October.  As someone who has technically been single for pretty much the past 7 years, this is both super exciting & a little bit terrifying because I've been very independent my entire adult life.  I think I'll keep him around though haha.

After 3 full weeks of my classroom being a sauna the AC finally got fixed & now my classroom is heaven.  It's like a fall day up in there.  It's sweater weather temperatures & smells just like fall thanks to my Cashmere Woods scented plug-in (one of my favorite fall scents).

This week was homecoming week at the school that I work at & each day had a different dress up theme.  The overall theme for homecoming is kaleidoscope, which approximately nobody was impressed with, but whatever.  I will find any excuse to wear jeans or athletic pants to work whenever I can so you can bet your butt that I dressed up everyday.

Monday: Decades (Teachers dressed according to the decade they graduated)
Tuesday: Generation Gap (Teachers could choose to dress either old or young)
Wednesday: Kaleidoscope (Teachers wore red)
Thursday: Dynamic Duo (Everyone found a friend & dressed up as a dynamic duo)
Friday: Spirit Day (Everyone wore school colors)

I saw this the other day on Instagram:

Eisenhower High School in Houston is where I taught for my first 3 years so I thought that was really cool!  I was also the senior sponsor my last year there & a co-sponsor my 2nd year.  (I also looked it up on his Twitter account to see if it was legit or not... it is!)

And finally some funnies to send you into the weekend:

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Three On Thursday

The highs here are still in the 80s & 90s here most days but I am so ready for fall.  It's my absolute favorite.  And while it may not feel like fall outside, that doesn't mean I can't start pretending like it is inside with soups, hot dishes (or casseroles if you must...), & fall scents.  Here are 3 of my favorites from Glade.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Calling All Camo

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I'm back at it for another week of the Fall Fashion Frenzy with Andrea & the Blended Blog.  This week: camo!

It's not exactly what I would call fashion camo but it's definitely my style!

Shirt: Gander Mountain (no longer exists)

Jacket: Cabela's - Similar

Hat 1: Justin Boots

Hoodie: Gander Mountain (no longer exists

Other camo outfits I love: