Friday, July 20, 2018

My Last Taste of Freedom

Well my friends, this was it, my last full week of freedom.  Starting Monday I'll be back to work.  I know I know poor me ha.  Linking up with Amanda!

1. From the blog
Monday: I recapped my weekend filled with dates.  A date with a guy, a date with a friend, & a date with church.

Thursday: I shared 10 recipes perfect for summer

2. From the phone

3. What I was up to
Monday: As has been true for pretty much every day since I got back to Texas, I did nothing.  The high was 101 so outside was not going to happen.  Instead I started watching 30 Rock & ordered pizza for supper... Pretty much right as I was going to bed my AC went out so that was fun.

Tuesday: The high... 104.  Luckily around noon they finally got my AC fixed.  Once it was fixed Nash & I enjoyed the rapidly slowly falling temp in the apartment.

Wednesday: The high... 106.  After spending pretty much the entire time I've been back in Texas saying I was ready to go back to work, I went back to work.  Turns out I was not ready.  It wasn't even real work.  It was an optional 4 hour training that I chose to go to.  I chose to go because I thought I wanted something to do.  I chose to go because I missed my coaching friends.  I chose to go because it meant getting PD hours out of the way.  It. Was. Exhausting.  (yeah yeah poor me lol)  Afterwards I did get to go out to lunch with my friends which was awesome.  A nap also definitely took place when I got home which was almost as equally awesome.

Thursday: The high... 108.  The first part of the day was spent hanging around home & watching more 30 Rock on Hulu.  Around 2 Nash & I headed to Helen & Caleb's so we could hang out with friends for a few hours.  I hadn't seen Helen, Caleb, & Steve in probably a month & a half.  Nash hadn't seen their dog in months!  Unfortunately the fun had to end early for Nash & I so we could go to his Stop Being An Asshole Relaxed Rover Class.  I'm still thinking I wasted my money... we'll see, 3 more weeks to go...

4. Random Thoughts & Things
-I thought I was so ready to go back to work, I am not.  Mostly I'm not ready for the daily 5 am alarm & the sitting in traffic for an hour everyday.

-I feel like next week's class for Nash will determine if I wasted my money or not... I think I did.

-I'm going through a social media slump.  I don't really care about any of it.  There are days when I don't have any ideas for the blog so instead of always coming up with something random, I don't post.  This week is a prime example.  I used to post 3 times daily & now there are days when I just don't post.  It's not great for my 10k followers goal on my 101 in 1001, but I don't care at the moment.

-The other day I was throwing around the idea of moving elsewhere after this school year, like out of Texas elsewhere.
5. Entertainment

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Taste of Summer

Linking up with Sierra for Girl Chat!  This month's theme is summer recipes!

Here are 10 of my favorite recipes, including one for your pup, that are perfect for the hotter weather!

1. Creamy Jalapeno Ranch Dip
2.Pickle Dip

3. Lemon Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting
4. Easy Peach Cobbler

5. Sweet Tea
6. Skinny Blackberry Margaritas

Main & Side Dishes
7. Shrimp Pesto Pasta
8. Lemon Parmesan Asparagus
9. Tortellini Salad

Dog Treats
10. Pupsicles

Monday, July 16, 2018


Happy Monday Prime Day!  I have no idea if I'll actually buy anything or not but I'm excited nonetheless.  This is also my last week with no work.  That's not even entirely true.  I have a 4 hour training on Wednesday but it was optional.  I just wanted something to do, to see co-workers, & get out of the house for a bit.  Linking up with Biana for a little weekend recap!

I had planned on meeting up with a former co-worker for her unofficial going away party.  However, I didn't really feel like driving over an hour to a bar & I had met up with her & another recently for drinks anyway.  So instead, I went to the gym to do 2 miles on the treadmill, did some laundry, the dishes, and made both Green Chili Pork & 7UP Chicken and Rice in the crockpot.  The pork was amazing, the chicken was so bland.

I met up with the guy that I was supposed to go out with on Wednesday for supper.  It was last minute since we had originally moved our date to today, but when I wound up not going to the going away party he asked if I wanted to meet up.  I had a lot of fun.  He's really easy to talk to & funny.  Fingers crossed we go out again.

Mr. Nash had to go to the vet for his annual shots & check-up.  I asked how much he weighed (38 lbs) & she said that he looks really healthy but if anything she'd like to see him down to 35 lbs.  So this is basically Nash now...

That night I met up with my friend Raeann & we basically hopped all around Fort Worth trying to find something fun to do.  We had planned on Guitars & Cadillacs but we got there just a couple minutes too late & didn't want to pay the cover.  So we headed to the Stockyards.  We ate at Riscky's BBQ & then made our way down to Filthy McNasty's where some guy felt the need to put his hand on my ass & then get all offended when I told him I didn't want to dance or have his hand on my ass.  So we finished our drinks & walked a couple of doors down to the Thirsty Armadillo where no one was dancing.  We headed across town to the West 7th part of town.  We had a drink somewhere, I really don't know the name of the bar.  However, while standing at the bar I turned around & had to do a quick double take when I saw & realized that the athletic trainer from my first job up here was right behind me grinding on a girl.  I died laughing & text all of my old coaching friends.  Tired of being pretty much the only people above the age of 22 we headed to TheYard for a game of Jenga & then called it a night.

I had planned on going to the gym when I woke up but the second I put my tennis shoes on my left ankle killed.  It's raw right where my shoe hits my ankle & I knew there was no way I could do any significant time on the treadmill because it hurt just walking from one room to another.  So instead I made breakfast & hung out with Nash before heading off to church.  

The last time I went to church was over a year ago.  I've been wanting to go back for quite some time but I've been torn on the where to go.  No offense if it's the type of church you go to, but I'm not a fan of mega churches.  They just aren't for me.  That being said, that is the kind of church I went to knowing full well I probably wasn't going to love it.  I didn't even like this one at all though.  So now I'm church shopping.  Which is kind of like dating ha.  As to why I went to a mega church knowing I wouldn't love it... well, they're easy to walk into alone, especially when you haven't been to church in awhile.  It's so easy to just be there because there are SO many people.  That of course is also what I don't love about them.  I find them impersonal & theatrical.  The smaller & more traditional churches I do find intimidating to walk into alone.

After church I did a whole lot of nothing.  I wound up taking a couple of naps on the couch.  It has been so hot here that even though I was inside, it just had me exhausted.  I asked Friday night guy if he'd still want to go out Monday night since we had moved our Monday date to Friday & he asked if it could possibly wait since he was so exhausted & sore.  In all fairness, he spent the entire weekend building fence in 100+ degree weather.

So say a little prayer that not only I get a 2nd date with the boy, but also that I find a church that fits!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Summer Is Wrapping Up

Happy Friday the 13th!  It has been storming here the past couple of days, however luckily not as bad as it has been in my hometown.  My parents' house is fine however roads, & other houses I'm sure, have flooded.  The rainstorms over the past couple of days have brought my allergies back in full swing.  I hope that everyone had a great week & has a fun weekend!  Linking up with Amanda!

1. From The Blog
Monday: Rather than my normal weekend recap, I recapped it in numbers.

Tuesday: Fresh out of ideas, I shared 40 random facts about myself.

Thursday: In Throwback Thursday fashion, I shared some old blog posts.

2. From The Phone

3. What I Was Up To
Monday: I had my first date post-Pickles.  There won't be a second.  He was nice enough but a little boring & I just didn't feel anything.

Tuesday: I *finally* got my oil changed.  It had only been 7,000 miles...

Wednesday: I was supposed to have a date with another guy but he had something come up & had to reschedule.  I really like this guy so far so I'm really looking forward to our date.  Because I suddenly had no plans however, on a whim I put on my workout clothes, walked to the gym at my complex, & ran for 2.5 miles.

Thursday: It was the first week of Nash's "Relaxed Rover" class.  This week was people only though.  I'm hoping it helps, however based on some of the suggestions, I think Nash mostly just needs to grow up.

4. Random Thoughts & Things
-The other day I deleted most of my bio on Instagram, & I'm not saying that's what did it, but I am saying that I did that, went to bed, & woke up with like 100 new followers.  Instagram is weird...

-Next week is my last week off from work.  I am both excited & sad about this.  I'm so ready to get back to a routine, see people.  However, if it could just be a few times a week rather than hit the ground running that would also be swell.

5. Entertainment

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Blog Style Vol. 5

It's been over a year since I did a blog throwback, & I've been a little less than motivated to come up with things to talk about on the blog this week, so here we are.

30 before 30 - I was 21 when I wrote this list.  I am now 3 months away from turning 30 & have a whole new list.  Supposedly there was a link somewhere but I can't find it so I have no idea how much I completed.  My guess is little to none based on how I described it.

Military Mondays - Apparently I had weekly posts that were military, & probably Branden, related despite that we had broken up 9 months earlier...

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - I said it in my last blog throwback post too but I really do miss the whole Scavenger Hunt Sunday link-up.  I suppose the FMSPAD challenge I do on Instagram is kind of the same thing... 

Sunday Social - I also really miss this link-up.  This week it was music related.

It's What's For Dinner - Man I did a lot of link ups!  This one was for a blog a day link-up & the theme of the day is 5 people I'd want to have at my dinner party... I'd still like to have dinner with all of these people.

And The Thunder Rolls - A weekend recap that is worth a click if only so you can watch the 3 second video of me drinking a "Minnetonka Motorboat"

Money Money Money - For awhile I did annual debt check ins.  Then, I went to grad school, took out more student loans, & stopped.  Oddly enough though, just a few days ago I decided that I really need to get my financial life in check again.  I don't know what it is about July that makes me take a hard look at my finances...

Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting A Puppy - I've now had Nash for over a year, but at the time I had only had him for 3 weeks.  It's all still solid advice & not much has changed.  Except now he can't fit under the couch anymore...

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

40 Semi-Interesting Facts About Me

It's a slow week over here with nothing much to report.  I wasn't going to blog, then I thought about stealing Steph's "50 Facts About Me", & then as I was getting ready for bed I saw one of my old bosses posted these 40 questions on Facebook.  Winner winner chicken dinner.  You get to learn random things about me & I don't have to think.

1. Do you like bleu cheese? Only when it's in olives

2. Coke or Pepsi? Neither.  

3. Where is the last place that you flew in a plane? Minnesota

4. What is your favorite dessert? Cheesecake.  But no bake cheesecake.

5. What do you think of hot dogs? I love hot dogs. 

6. Favorite Show? I don't watch anything current that's on because I only have Netflix.  I loved Friday Night Lights though.

7. Favorite movie genre? Based on a true story sports movies

8. What do you drink in the morning? Coffee.  LOTS of coffee.

9. Do you have an exercise routine? No.  I need one though.

10. Favorite jewelry? I don't wear jewelry.  The only thing I always have on is my belly button ring because I never think about it & it's just there...

11. Favorite hobby? Eating, driving, driving to new places to eat.

12. Do you have ADD? It's not diagnosed but I'd say yes.  However, I'd also say that it's over-diagnosed & everyone is a little ADD.

13. Do you wear glasses? Yes

14. Favorite cartoon character? I don't have one?

15. Three things you did yesterday? Went on a date, started season 8 of Hawaii Five-O, chilled with Nash.

16. Planner or laissez-faire? Planner

17. Current worry? Budgeting

18. Optimist or pessimist? Realist?  I'd say I lean towards optimistic but I am fully aware that some things are shit & life isn't all sunshine & roses.

19. Favorite place to go? I love Colorado & Minnesota but Chicago & New Orleans are my favorite cities.

20. How did you bring in the New Year? On my couch with Nash.

21. Where would you like to go? Boston.

22. Favorite ethnic food? Mexican.

23. Color that you wear the most? Black.

24. Favorite art style? Modern?  I honestly don't know.

25. Favorite decor style? Modern rustic.

26. Pineapple on pizza? Pineapple has no business being anywhere.

27. Do you love costumes? Yes.

28. Favorite exercise? I don't have one.  I don't like exercising.  When I was doing it consistently I didn't actually hate running, & goat yoga was a blast, but I don't workout so...

29. What's in your pockets? I don't currently have any.  Usually nothing or chapstick though.

30. Last thing that made you laugh? Nash.

31. Favorite animal? Cows.  It used to be penguins.

32. What veggie do you detest? I don't think there are any.

33. Favorite author? Lord I'm boring.  I don't really stick to one author.  If a book sounds interesting I grab it.  The authors are usually all over the place.

34. Worst pain ever? I luckily have never broken anything or had any major injuries.

35. Do you like to dance? I do.

36. Favorite type of chips? Takis.

37. Do you enjoy camping? Yes.  I miss it so much!

38. Can you drive a stick-shift? No, I wish I could.

39. Are you in a relationship? Single AF.

40. How many kids do you have? 0.

Monday, July 9, 2018

The Weekend I Went Stir Crazy

I have reached the point in summer where I'm not entirely sad that going back to work is looming.  There comes a point in the summer where boredom inevitably sets in because while time is plentiful, money & people to spend time with are not.  The later was especially true this past weekend.  So while I'm still linking up with Biana to recap my weekend, rather than my typical here are some pictures & a run down of what I did each day, I'm going to give you my weekend in numbers.  Mostly because I don't want to bore anyone to tears here.  Not you while you read it & not myself while I write it because I. Did. Nothing.

100 - Times I yelled at Nash for barking for no fucking reason

0 - People I hung out with

97 - The temperature it was every. single. day.

Unnecessary - Number of episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee watched

1 - The number of times I had plans with a friend... also the number of times a friend bailed

3 - Adventures (aka car rides) I took Nash on just so we could get out of the house

105 - Consecutive hours spent just Nash & I

Ridiculous - Number of levels played on Toon Blast (thanks Kathy) & Farm Heroes Super Saga

11 - Naps Nash took every day

21 - Items I got rid of for the #MinsGame I'm doing thanks to Steph

5 - Pictures taken of Nash

4 - Sets of Color Street nails I bought because I'm tired of painting them constantly and/or paying a shit ton for powder dip nails

8 - Pesto Ranch Chicken Thighs I made in the crockpot

5748 - AKA "Naughty Neutral" by Francesca's, the color I painted my nails until my Color Street comes in 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Back In Texas

Confession: I don't know what day it is, like ever.  Even as I was typing this up yesterday, deep down knowing today would be Friday, hence the post, I spent most of the day thinking it was the weekend.  Cheers to the weekend to all of you now!  Linking up with Miss Amanda!

1. From the blog
Monday: I recapped my final weekend in Minnesota & shared my vacation preferences

Tuesday: I shared how my summer goals are going

Wednesday: I told you what I'm currently up to in July

Thursday: I explained why I want out of the city & for my future kids to grow up in the country 

2. From the phone

3. What I was up to
Monday: I left my parents' house around 7:30 in the morning to make the first part of my journey back to Texas.  Nash-o & I drove the 10 hours to Wichita, Kansas.  Along the way we stopped at my favorite spot of the entire drive, the Flint Hills in Kansas.  If I could live there, I would, in heartbeat.  The drive was mostly uneventful, minus some jackass who got all road ragey at me... I may have given him the middle finger back... When I crossed into Iowa there was also some confusion because my phone AND my Fitbit both said it was 11:30 while my car said it was 10:30.  I tried calling my mom, nothing.  Luckily my dad answered because I spent a few minutes feeling SO weird not knowing which time was right & what time it really was...  Once at the hotel we got some pizza, me the good part & Nash some of the crust, & fell asleep watching We Are Marshall because I'm a sucker for based on a true story sports movies.

Tuesday: We stayed in at the hotel than we normally would but I really wanted the free breakfast at 6.  So instead of just hopping out of bed at 5, getting ready, going potty, & leaving.  I took Nash out, got the car packed up, & then just laid around until 6.  I took my time eating breakfast & by the time we left it was nearly 7.  We also took the scenic route home so I wouldn't have to get back on it & off it again.  It only added maybe 20-30 minutes & it was really nice driving through middle of nowhere, small town Kansas as opposed to the same old same old.  We got home around 1 & did NOTHING!  Well I almost cried.  It was so damn hot out & I was so tired from having been on the road for 2 days that when I couldn't find my boot jack I thought I was going to have to live in my boots & jeans forever in the heat...  I found it, we lived.

Wednesday: I met up with a couple of friends for some drinks at noon.  Correction, I met up with A friend for drinks at noon.  The other one was supposed to meet us at 1 but got there around 1:30-1:45.  My one friend left at 3, which is when I was supposed to leave by, but I wound up staying until about 3:30.  I made it home by 4, which is when they shut my street down for the festival & fireworks that go on at the park behind my house to deter people from parking where they shouldn't.  I was curious how Nash would do with the fireworks.  I had him last year on the 4th of July & we got back to my apartment just as they were starting around 10 pm.  He was 3 months old & he handled it like a champ.  He has however gotten more anxious & protective lately.  He did NOT handle it fine. He was fast asleep when they went off & instantly he was throwing a fit.  So I got him his treat bottle & we sat in my bathroom, with the door shut, & the tub running to drown out the noise...  Then all was well until some jackasses started doing their own fireworks again around 11...

Thursday: Nothing.  Because having been on the road for 2 days, spending most of the 2.5 weeks I was in Minnesota either traveling to Canada or trying to see as many people as possible, and spending 4 days road tripping back to Minnesota with my brother, I wanted to just sit still doing very little & spending very little money... I watched The Waterboy, Friday Night Lights, & random comedy on Netflix.  I mean plus it's hot as balls out...

4. Random thoughts & things
-Starting next week Nash will be taking "Relaxed Rover" classes, or as I am calling them, "Stop Being An Asshole" classes.  Nash never did puppy classes or anything when I got him because I was so busy with volleyball, then volleyball & school, & then softball & school.  Now we have time & his barking/anxiousness have gotten out of control.  Fingers crossed!

-Driving through middle of Kansas on our little no toll road detour made me realize 2 things:

-I NEED out of the city.  I've been saying that forever but this next year I'm going to try to make it happen whatever that may mean

-I want to make a coffee table book or books.  That used to be something I wanted to do so badly, & then I just stopped thinking about it because life.  I WANT to do it.  I'm GOING to do it.  Even if they just wind up being for me.

5. Entertainment

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Dirt Roads & Tadpoles

I grew up on 1.5 mile stretch of dirt road 5 miles east of a town that is 20 miles from the nearest Walmart.  I loved it.  I don't think I thoroughly realized how great I had it until I left.  That's always the way it goes though right?  I've known for a long time that suburban/urban life is not for me.  As in pretty much the second I left to go to college.  I have been trying to move back to a small town and live in the country since I moved to Texas 6.5 years ago to start my teaching career & my "adult life."

This last time I was home though it hit me really hard.  It was the tadpoles that did it.  I was taking Nash for a walk down the dirt road when I saw dozens of tadpoles in the puddles that had formed in the ditch because of all of the rain.  All I could think about was how badly I wanted to be able to share that magic with my future kids someday.  I want my kids to get to catch tadpoles, to lick the salt block in the pasture just to see what it tastes like.  I want my kids to collect umpteen precious rocks in their pockets, to get to see the miracle of birth whether it be a calf or a chicken.  I want my kids to be able to lay on the ground & see the stars at night, to try to catch lightning bugs in a jar.  I want my kids to experience the magic that is growing up in the country and in a small town.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Currently In July

Linking up with Anne & Shelly for another round of Currently!

Accomplishing some de-cluttering thanks to inspiration from Steph.  

Buying "Get Your Shit Together" classes for Nash.  Just kidding, the actual title is "Relaxed Rover"

Day Dreaming about owning a home

Drinking coffee

Eating fresh fruit

Enjoying summer vacation

Feeling a little sad about not being in Minnesota anymore

Knowing I need to work on my loan forgiveness paperwork

Laughing at Nash's love of watermelon 

Listening to a lawn mower

Looking forward to only coaching one sport this year

Loving America

Making cold & easy meals because Texas heat...

Needing to create a new budget

Waiting for all of my friends to also get back to Texas...

Wanting an InstaPot

Watching Queer Eye season 2

Wearing as little as possible because it's 85 degrees before 6:30 am these days

Wondering where I should live next year

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Summer Goals June Recap

June flew by!  Let's be honest though, what month doesn't at this point?  As far as summer goals go, I did very poorly.  I only completed 1, the food one go figure.  I did get quite a few 101 in 1001 goals completed though which is a part of one of my summer goals so there's that!  This month is when I'm going to have to hit it hard if I want to stand any chance of doing well since school starts again August 10.  Today I'm on the second half of my journey back to Texas so I'll be able to catch up on blogs when I get back as well as hopefully get to work on some of these goals!

1. Have 3600 IG followers
July 3: 3119

2. Write 45 blog posts
June: 16

3. Read 3 books

4. Send 3 postcards via post crossing

5. Try 10 new bars/restaurants (completed in June) 
a. Turning Point Brewery
b. Anna's Mexican Grill
c. Legal Draft Brewing Company
d. The Grease Monkey
e. Buddy's BBQ
f. Zushimaki
g. The Row
h. Rock Creek Cafe
i. Northwoods Family Grill
j. Caribou Restaurant & Wine Bar

6. Make 10 pinterest food recipes

7. Have a treat yoself day

8. Attend 3 concerts

9. Go to brunch 3 times

10. Complete 9 101 in 1001 items (6/9)
(These could change... just what I'm thinking on focusing on)
a. Read at least 30 minutes before bed for a week
b. Attend DFW Restaurant Week
c. Pay for someone behind me
d. Visit a brewery
e. Go at least a year without starting a new job
f. Visit a distillery
g. Buy new boots
h. Use my passport
i. Leave 100% tip