Friday, April 9, 2021

Friday Favorites *4/9*


Linking up with Andrea

Happy Friday!  This was the week that just kept doing.  I didn't really even have to do anything most of the week.  There was state testing Mon-Thu & because I have seniors I had "study hall" from 9:20-1:40 all three days & I only had 2 kids show up each day.  The last hour was the last period of the day but I only had between 4-6 kids each day.  That being said, I spent most of yesterday *thinking* it was Friday so the fact that it's finally Friday for real makes me happy...

1. What I'm Grateful For
-Having an easy week at work
-Not having to buy much from the grocery store this week because food in the freezer
-Getting to take Nash to the dog park everyday after work
-Getting to lay by the pool
-Making the decision to not move any of my big stuff back to Minnesota

2. What I Accomplished This Week
-Getting to over 50% on my 2nd MN real estate course
-Applying to 2 jobs within an hour from my parents
-Got Nash scheduled for a doggy daycare meet & greet
-Finally responding to emails from when I was gone the second half of the work week
-Finding a class sponsor replacement for me for next year

3. From The Phone

Just so you have as much context as I do... this has now been sitting outside my downstairs neighbors door/the stairwell for days now.  That's it.  That's all I know.  My only semi-logical assumption is that they just moved in so maybe they used it to help them haul stuff?  But also I live at least ghetto adjacent...

4. Other Careers That Interest Me
-Real Estate Agent
-Flipping Houses
-Virtual Assistant
-Sports Marketing
-Something involving travel: travel agent, travel blogger, or just a job that allows me the freedom to travel/work remotely

5. Funnies

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Currently In April


Linking up with Anne

Arranging... care for Nash when I go to Austin next month.  I'd really like to find a place that's over that way to take him rather than one here.  That way he can be in the car with me, he is closer to where I'll be, & it makes drop off & pick up less stressful.

Craving... burnt hot dogs.  I keep smelling neighbors grill & I really just want a good, cheap hot dog burnt on a charcoal grill.

Discussing... the ideocracy over the fact that we're still doing state testing this year, even after we had a statewide testing failure yesterday causing districts all over the state have to reschedule the test because the state's system failed.

Enjoying... the fact that I only have around 30 days left of showing up to work this school year

Preparing... for my trip to Fort Worth next week!  Nash & I are going to Fort Worth to meet up with a friend of mine from grad school & her dogs for the weekend!

Monday, April 5, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee *4/5*


Happy Monday!  I hope that everyone had a good Easter weekend!  I had a 5 day weekend & it was so nice!  I'm sad that it has come to an end.  This week should be a fairly easy week though & then I'm back to two back to back short weeks.

Honestly I don't remember much of Friday.  I had such big plans.  I was going to finally go to the fancy Goodwill, maybe take Nash to a brewery with a food truck!  But then I bought a new course to help out with future career plans & instead signed up myself up to do DoorDash over lunch & supper.  I was only scheduled for an hour & half for lunch but I only made it an hour.  I made $15 & then had to go home.  My allergies were kicking my butt!  I wound up taking a nap a couple hours later for probably an hour or so & then STILL went to bed early.  My scheduled Dash for supper did not happen.

Again, more grand goals that did not happen.  I had signed myself up for 2 DoorDash shifts again, did neither again.  It was too nice being at home with Nash.  I got my meal prep done for lunches (buffalo chicken salads) & suppers (sausage one sheet pan meal.)  Since I had decided to stay home I thought maybe I'd start my new course, but I have to print a few worksheets for it so I decided to wait until this week to start it.  My next grand plan was to get to the halfway point on my second MN real estate class.  I had left off at 18% & told myself that if I worked on it all day I should have no problem getting to at least 50%... I got distracted & quit at 22%.


Sunday was the big day.  Sunday I did all the things!  I set my alarm for 4:30, but wound up waking up at 3:30 & laying there for about an hour, took care of Nash, ate some breakfast, & then was on my way!  I've been wanting to watch the sunrise in Galveston for awhile now & finally did it.  I took myself down there, enjoyed the sunrise & walked along the beach & the seawall for about an hour before heading into Houston.  I thought about just going home but then decided to find the love lock bridge with a view of the skyline.  I found that & then briefly walked around that park.  Then I figured since I was down there I should find more murals, & what do ya know I found SIX on one building!  Score!  And then since it was nice out, & there were next to no people out, I decided to walk around downtown for a little bit & even took myself to the one & only Einstein Bagel (my addiction when I lived in Dallas-Fort Worth) in the Houston area before finally heading home to Nash.  I took him to the dog park for like 30 min or so but was SO exhausted from my morning that we headed home.  I spent the rest of the day both trying to nap & then fighting a nap.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Friday Favorites *4/2*

Linking up with Andrea

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm not going to lie, I forgot today was Friday so I'm finishing up this post this morning.  I got my second dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine Tuesday evening so I was only at work Monday & Tuesday this week.  We had today off because of Easter weekend I assume but I also took Wednesday & Thursday off just in case I felt too crappy after the vaccine.  I got lucky though & other than being a little more tired than normal, a sore arm, & very brief chills accompanied by a VERY low grade fever, I was just fine!

1. What I'm Grateful For
-Having little to no symptoms after the 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine
-Getting my tire repaired for free
-My friend giving me free access to her Peloton account so I can workout
-2 day work week

2. What I Accomplished This Week
-Got my 2nd dose of the Covid Vaccine
-Getting a new car battery
-Getting one of my tires patched up
-Applied to two more districts in Minnesota
-Repainted my fingers & toes

3. From The Phone

Ready for his pup cup from Starbucks

Such a good nap buddy

4. How I Survived The Covid Vaccine
-Lots of fluids
-Netflix & nap
-Sunny D w/Sprite
-Getting fresh air

5. Funnies

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

What's Up Wednesday *3/31*

Linking up with Sheaffer & Shay.

What I'm Eating... I made stuff for buffalo chicken salads for lunches and southwest chicken burrito bowls for suppers.  But I also grabbed some apple sauce and chicken noodle soup just in case my 2nd Covid shot knocks me on my ass this week.

What I'm Reminiscing About... My last 9-9.5 years in Texas in general

What I'm Loving... That all of my teaching observations are over

What I've Been Up To... Trying to do all the Houston things before I move.

What I'm Dreading... the countless teaching applications I'll be filling out.  Why can't it just be one & I select all the places I want to send it to?  The application is the same for every district, but I have to refill it out every single time.

What I'm Working On... Applying to teaching jobs in Minnesota as well as getting my Minnesota real estate license

What I'm Excited About... That my work week is over!  I only had to go to work on Monday and Tuesday so now I'm off until next Monday!

What I'm Watching/Reading... For some reason I'm watching Letterkenny on Hulu.  I'm into season 2 & it has it's moments but its more of a train wreck I can't stop watching/background noise that I don't have to pay attention to.  I'm "reading" Agent 355 on Audible.

What I'm Listening To... bits & pieces of the Chauvin Trial

What I'm Wearing...
What I'm Doing This Weekend... I honestly have no idea.  I'd like to go to Galveston to watch the sunrise, and because when I first moved to Houston that's where I spent every Easter when my friend Bridgette would come visit.  I might do that, maybe take Nash to another brewery, maybe go to Goodwill in the rich part of Houston.  The possibilities are endless!

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month... I'm meeting up with a friend from grad school in Fort Worth & also have a friend from Minnesota coming to visit me in Houston.

What Else Is New... Trying to think of other possible career moves for the future.  All I know is I don't want to be a teacher forever & I'd love a job that allowed me to work remotely most or all of the time.  Flexibility with my job would also be a big plus.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee *3/29*


Happy Monday!  It's the last Monday in March & I'm not entirely sure if this month took forever or flew by.  I'm leaning towards took forever.  I am pumped for April because I get to see a couple of different friends that I haven't seen in forever!  Tomorrow I'm getting my 2nd dose of the Covid vaccine so I only have to be at work for two days this week!  Excellent way to end March!

Out of nowhere on Friday my anxiety skyrocketed around lunchtime.  I made it through the rest of the day & then immediately grabbed Nash when I got home & took him to the dog park for a hot minute so we could both get some fresh air.

My mom sent Nash a couple of different dog beds to try out from Amazon & the first one arrived Friday afternoon so when we got back from the dog park Nash tried to decide how he felt about it (he's still unsure but has progressed to sleeping next to it or using it as a pillow) while I watched Drunk History on Hulu.

As far as anxiety goes, Saturday wasn't much better.  I had had a few different nightmares so I just had that awful unsettled feeling when I woke up.  I laid around & listened to meditation music for awhile to calm myself & then got ready to take my first Minnesota real estate exam.  I was pretty much having a panic attack through that whole thing too because I thought I needed a 70% to pass but I needed a 75% & I had been thinking that I was fine because my practice exams were all 72%-78%.  I wound up getting a 78% on the exam so all was well.

After the test I took Nash to the dog park for a bit so he could get some energy out & I could try to get my steps in.  Nash got good and tired out, I hit my step goal, & then we met my friend/coworker at a local brewery for a few beers & some food.  As always, Nash was the star of the show.  Wherever we go everyone falls in love with him & he eats it up trying to be everyone's best friend.

On the drive home I started crying.  Finally.  It's been trying to happen for awhile but I'm usually somewhere super inconvenient when the tears start coming so I just push them back.  But I cried pretty much the whole 15 minute drive home listening to sad music & then I felt better.  Anxiety be gone.  Nash was super worn out from the dog park & being the life of the party at the brewery so we pretty much just laid on the couch until bedtime.


On Sunday I had planned on going to Goodwill in the rich part of Houston but while waiting for them to open I started & finished listening to one book on Audible, started another, did my laundry, & meal prepped.  After doing all of that I just didn't have the energy or want to drive into Houston to go shopping.  So instead I started watching Letterkenny on Hulu.  I half ass watched it most of the afternoon/evening & I don't know why.  I wasn't super paying attention because I was also getting all of my lesson plans set up for the week, writing this blog post, & playing on my phone.  But anytime I did look up it was like a car wreck.  Despite how bad it was I just couldn't turn it off.  Worn out from his big weekend, Nash just alternated between napping by me & staring me down for treats.  

Friday, March 26, 2021

Friday Favorites *3/26*

Linking up with Andrea

1. What I'm Grateful For
-Winning a giveaway on Instagram
-My mom sending Nash 2 different dog beds from Amazon to try out
-Getting "proficient" across the board on my formal evaluation
-Feeling so happy I cried
-Being able to pre-order & schedule grocery pick-up

2. What I Accomplished
-Picked up the junior class shirts
-Happy hour with a coworker
-3 straight days of 5k+ steps
-3 straight days of 64+ oz of water
-Applying to a 2nd MN school district

3. From The Phone

4. What I'm Looking Forward To In April
-Going to Fort Worth for a girls' weekend
-My friend from MN coming to visit me in Houston
-Only having to be at work 15.5-16.5 days
-Nash's 4th birthday
-Getting to spend time by the pool working on my tan

5. Funnies

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

If It Makes You Happy - Part 5

In part of finding myself again I decided to revive, and edit, my 4th 101 in 1001 list.  One of the things on my list was to find 100 things in life that make me happy.  Rather than overwhelm you will 100 things at once I decided to make this a 5 part series.

 81. Burnt hot dogs from a bonfire/campfire

82. Meditation music at night

83. Build your own bloody mary bars

84. Being the "favorite" teacher

85. Fleece blankets

86. Being at my parents' house

87. The Food Network channel

88. Spotify Wrapped playlists

89. Not wearing a bra

90. Young adult books

91. Autobiographies read on Audible

92. Candles

93. Dazed & Confused

94. Fair/Rodeo food

95. Massages

96. Pedicures

97. People playing with my hair

98. Looking into a crowd at a concert

99. City murals

100. Spontaneous shenanigans

Monday, March 22, 2021

Monday Morning Coffee *3/22*


Happy Monday everyone!  I'm back at work & less than thrilled about it.  Going back to work after a long break is always hard.  The countdown is on though!  There are 51 teacher days, 48 student days, & I only have 42-44 days!  My parents were here for the week during my spring break so rather than doing a blog post on Friday with a partial recap of my spring break, I decided to just hold off until today & do the whole thing in one shot.

Monday 3/15
Monday morning Nash & I went to the dog park early.  It was nice being one of the very few people/dogs there.  Afterwards we hit up Starbucks & headed home.  We got home only to find out that the cops & SWAT had been at the complex since right about the time we left for the dog park.  They were there for SEVEN hours.  Apparently some guy pulled a gun on his neighbor & then barricaded himself in his apartment & refused to come out.  In the end he finally surrendered & went to jail.  Luckily no one was actually harmed during any of this.  That meant that we spent most of the day just hanging out in the bedroom waiting for the chaos to end.

That evening my parents arrived & we hung out for a little while & ordered some Mexican takeout.

Tuesday 3/16
Tuesday we went to a few antique shops (I'm desperate to find old undeveloped film and/or an old diary) & then got some BBQ & chocolates.  We spent the rest of the day/evening just hanging out at my apartment.

Wednesday 3/17
Wednesday took us on an adventure.  The weather was supposed to be crummy around Houston so we headed west.  My dad has a couple of old Jeeps & happened to see a Jeep part online so we went & picked that up from someone's house, hiked around Palmetto State Park, & then got some BBQ at Kreuz Market.  We got back relatively late that night so we didn't do much before going to bed.

Thursday 3/18
Thursday we headed down to Galveston.  We walked along the seawall for awhile & then went to go find Galveston Island State Park to hike around a little more.  However, there was a crazy line to get in so we opted to drive to Kemah instead to have lunch on the boardwalk.

Friday 3/19
Since it was my parents' last full day in Texas we just had a very relaxed day.  We took Nash to the dog park for a little while but mostly just watched movies at my apartment.  For supper we went to Spring Creek BBQ which is the first BBQ place that we ever ate at when I first moved to Texas.

Saturday 3/20
After breakfast on Saturday morning they loaded up the truck & started their drive back to Minnesota.  Nash & I went to the dog park again but he only lasted 30 minutes before he wanted to go home.  We spent pretty much the entire day watching Netflix and napping.  My first ever Shein purchases arrived & I was pretty stoked.  I got myself a new phone case & attempted to get Nash a cow jacket.  It doesn't fit him.  It's not wide enough.  But you know who it will fit?  Any future baby I have lol.  It unsnaps & looks just like those animal baby bathrobes.  Human baby getting the fur baby hand me downs.  I have no shame.  I also ordered some actual clothes for me which I love.  I will try to take pictures & make a blog post showing them all off.

Sunday 3/21
Sunday was another very low key day.  We went to the dog park for probably about 45 minutes until some rat dog came at Nash out of nowhere & I just about lost my mind.  Nash was just chillin by me & the rat dog came running at him barking & tried biting at him.  Rather than punt the dog across the park like I wanted to I put Nash on his leash & we went home to just lay around again all day watching Netflix & attempting to mentally prepare for my return to work.