Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adios 2013


-I started the new year off by visiting 3 of my favorite people: Kickass Cousin, Mini Me, & First Little Love (That's Mini Me BTW)

-I went to a local brewery with some friends. (St. Arnolds - Houston, TX)

-My first semester as a teacher ended & I had to say goodbye to some of my favorite kids (5th period)

-I went to a few high school soccer games to cheer on 2 of my favorite students.

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-I went to a few more soccer games (what can I say I was a good teacher)

-Went to Galveston's Mardi Gras with a couple friends

-Went to visit a friend in San Antonio...

...where we went to the rodeo...

...and saw Kip Moore in concert!

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-Watched U of H take on Baylor

-Went to South Padre on Spring Break with some friends

-Did my first 5K...the Warrior Dash!

-Saw Luke Bryan at the Houston Rodeo...but completely missed the rodeo due to the above race...

-Went to the Tomball German Heritage Festival

-Attended more HS soccer games

-This is the night Art Teacher & I met and became friends.

-Went to NASA for the first time

-Took my friend who was visiting from MN to Galveston.

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-Took my family to the Tomball Farmer's Market & some antique shops

-Took my family to Galveston

-Celebrated Art Teacher's 28th birthday

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-Celebrated Little Miss Chicago's 25th birthday

-Had a random game night at Art Teacher's apartment

-Helped out at the senior prom

-Participated in the World Beeries

-Said goodbye to another awesome group of students.

(No photo but I started talking to Mr. Fireman on May 25th...)

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-Drove the 1300 miles back to Texas to spend a week w/Mr. Fireman

-Ran my 2nd 5k...The Color Run

-Spent some time being nostalgic on my college campus

-Hung out with some awesome high school friends in our hometown

-Met up with my high school friend who lives in Duluth.


-Had one last pre-work outing w/Art Teacher & Miss Indiana

-Went back to work...if only my classroom still looked this neat

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-Hung out w/Favorite Student teacher one last time before she went back home

-Went to Art Teacher's Halloween party

-Went to more high school football games

-Dyed my hair

-Celebrated my 25th birthday

-Finally explored the town I've been living in for over a year by myself.

-Went back to Minnesota for deer hunting & Thanksgiving.

-Hung out with some high school friends for the annual Thanksgiving Eve get together.

-Went to my first concert all by myself & saw Whiskey Myers.

-Spent time with family on both Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

-Spent time with high school friends.

-Spent time with college friends

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