Friday, June 28, 2013

It's A Boy!

On June 18th I went to go see my cousin & my 2 favorite kids in the whole world.  My cousin is pregnant with her 3rd child & I got to help out & be there for when they found out what gender the baby was.  I was driving to her house when I got a phone call asking if I had gotten her text message about bringing a camera.  I hadn't gotten the text but as always I had my camera.  She hadn't originally cared to find out if she was having a boy or a girl since she already had one of each but he husband wanted to know & she had the technician put it in a sealed envelope.  So I show up to her house & hear what her plan for finding out the gender was.  Then it was off on a wild goose chase to find a giant box, some black garbage bags, & balloons.  Because she wanted to be surprised I was sent into Party City to rip open the envelope & pick out the balloons that needed to be filled.

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