Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Adventures in Online Dating: Why Would You Say That

I haven't been on a date since Mr. All Wrong.  There was Mr. Too Far Away & another guy who isn't even worth writing about because he's blown too many chances.  Other than that there hasn't been any real contenders.  I've hung out with Mr. Fireman & we potentially have a date on Saturday depending on if he gets called into work only not... but I still wanted to post about online dating so here are just a few of some messages that I've received from guys that definitely made me say WTF?! And why do I do this?!

"I like your profile, can I print it and post it on my refrigerator"

"How about slow dancing,  long kisses, and a deep ****ing :p"

"I wish you were my pinkie toe, so I could bang you on all of the furniture in my house."

"You would look amazing in some shiny black leggings, you are sure goddess!"

"Are you an archeologist? Because I have a big bone for you to discover."

"Could you suck my dick. I need the emotional attachment."

And then there was the 61 year old who asked me if I could look past his age because he wanted to spoil me and hoped that I could give him a son soon...


  1. wtf. i deleted the duplicate comment, not my original one!!!! gah! i hate blogger sometimes.

    anyway, my comment was the following: i have heard that online dating can be brutal with a lot of trolls but i also have many friends who have been successful and even married the person they met i guess it's all trial and error, right?

    Vodka and Soda

    1. Lol it can definitely go either way. Mr. Fireman & I met online...and if it weren't for timing we'd be amazing...cause we are amazing as whatever we are ha.