Friday, December 13, 2013

A Week of Winter Weather

1. I added $200 to my work health fund just by taking a survey (something in my life I never imagined would make me so happy...)
2. I got both Doritos & Twix from teachers on Tuesday...I got Twix because I was the first to nominate a student for a spotlight program & then my friend brought me Doritos because I was having a crappy day & craving them.
3. I finally got a brand new pair of black boots.  I already owned 4 pair of brown cowboy boots but I finally bought a new color.
4. I managed to avoid my meeting with my admin until sometime next week.
5. Mr. Fireman & I got to just joke around Thursday night while he was at work and it was actually really nice.

1. My classroom was ice cold on Monday!
2. The students in my 2B were so obnoxious & rude on Tuesday...I'm so over my job that I can't wait for districts to start posting openings for next year (I'm looking at 105 districts right now...)
3. My least favorite admin. told me on Wednesday that I need to go see her on my conference the following day...she hates me...for no reason...

Five For Friday
1. The worst part about starting a TV series on Netflix is that it becomes all I ever want to do until the series is over!
2. I am happy, sad, & indifferent all at the same time over the fact that I have only 3 weeks left with my 1st semester students.
3. Elf on the Shelf weirds me out & I'm not entirely sure why...sorry future children...
4. The few days leading up to my period I crave everything...Chipotle, Big Mac, Doritos, loaded baked potato...nothing particularly healthy.
5. I can't help but think while watching the Friday Night Lights TV series for the first time...some of these situations are really awkward considering these boys are in HS...

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  1. my office is ALWAYS cold in the winter; like so cold that i have to wear my coat all day!

    Vodka and Soda