Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Blind Date?

So like I mentioned yesterday in "This Weekend I..." my friend Meg tried to hook me up with her boyfriend Dustin's friend Adam.  This is not the first time they've tried to set me up.  This is the first time they've brought the boy around however.  At one point they tried to set me up with his friend...Mike?  I flat out refused because they told me right away he was short.  For those of you that don't know I'm 5'10. 

So I'm out at a dancehall on Saturday night with my friends Bridgette & Alina when I get a message from Meg...we told Dustin's friend about you & he wants to see a cute picture of you.  Ummm how about he sends one first...so he does.  He's not ugly but he's not that great either.  So I send one...he thinks I'm really cute.  I ask how tall.  She says "taller than Dustin" to which I responded "well that doesn't take much."  Anywho, so those 3 show up at the dancehall.  A)The guy was extremely awkward.  B)The guy was extremely short.  C)He was a complete city, collar poppin, new sports car lovin kinda guy...aka the opposite of my time.  Meg apologized profusely the next day over drinks for attempting to make that happen lol.

Meg & I work together & Monday afternoon I get this email from Meg:

I was joking with Dustin's mom yesterday about how horrific the set up was for you and Adam. Obviously not your type. She goes "Well duh, he is way too short for her!! She needs a tall, down home country boy!" LOL And she asked this guy at her work (apparently really cute and 6'4!) he said he wants to meet you. Would you give us another chance? We could do a double or something.

I've met his mom ONCE & she nailed me head on.  However, it's slightly awkward/humorous/sad that my friend's boyfriend's mom is trying to set me up with someone.  I agreed.  I Dustin's mom would be sending him some info so we could Facebook stalk the guy.  I'm slightly nervous & slightly excited.  I've only ever been on one date before.  My only stipulation was that it wasn't a dinner date.  First of all, it's over played.  Second of all, they're awkward so it's going to be "something active."  So we'll see what happens, & don't worry, I'll keep y'all updated.


  1. you're 5'10"!? i would LOVE to be that tall! :D

  2. Ha thanks. I used to hate it, & sometimes I still think that 5'7 is the perfect height but I've come to terms with it.