Monday, April 22, 2013

This Weekend I...


This Weekend I...
-Went to Wings N More with some co-workers for wings & beer
-Picked my friend Bridgette up from the airport
-Met up with some friends for drinks & late night Whataburger

This Weekend I...
-Went out for brunch with Bridgette which consisted of chips, salsa, queso, nachos, & margaritas
-Went to the Texas Crawfish & Music Festival where I saw UNCLE SI from Duck Dynasty!
-Went out to Whiskey River where my friend Meg tried to set me up with her boyfriend Dustin's friend Adam...more on that later.

This Weekend I...
-Went to Target where I got some sweet free stuff in honor of Earth Day
-Bridgette & I met up with Meg & Dustin for drinks & appetizers
-Napped & watched Pitch Perfect


  1. Hey girl! I love Target. I went there multiple times this week! :)

    And we would totally be real life friends! We'll both be in Texas, so I'd love to meet up sometime if we can make it work!


  2. We should definitely see if we can make it work sometime while I'm still down here!