Saturday, June 22, 2013

They Call Him The Fireman...

...but that's not his name.
(The video has nothing whatsoever to do with this post other than the boy is a fireman & why not include George Strait when I can)
Since I was 20 years old I have been off & on dating sites.  First of all, no 20 year old who is in college has any reason to be on a dating website...try I don't know talking to the thousands of people you run into on a daily basis.  Anyway, it was at 20 that my ex & I broke up for the first time so I decided to do like a couple of my other friends were doing & joined a couple free dating sites.  In the past 4 years I have joined sites, hid profiles, deleted profiles, created new profiles.  Talked to guys on the sites, talked to them on Facebook, talked to them on the phone, & came very close to meeting one.
Fast forward to May of this year.  For some reason I reactivated a couple of my accounts.  I really don't know why.  That really isn't how I wanted to meet anyone, I didn't want to stay in Houston, & I was about to leave Texas for the summer.  But, I did.  I mostly went on & went through the whole would you wanna meet this person "yes" "no" "maybe".  Then a few guys messaged me & I started talking to a couple of them but I was definitely more into one than the other.
On May 25th I started talking to Mr. Fireman.  A week later, I was out dancing with a girlfriend when he text me saying the website told him I was within a mile or something like that & asked if it was true.  I told him yes & came out for a drink.  He bought me a couple beers & we slow danced for awhile.  We kept talking & had a date set up for a few days later.  Unfortunately something came up & we had to reschedule.  Luckily, it happened the very next day.  We tried to go to a movie theater with a bar but the bar was closed so we just sat & talked before the movie.  My car had been having issues & so we were supposed to hang out but I asked him if he could come over because my car wouldn't start.  So he came over in the morning, he looked at my car, he restrung my guitar, & we just hung out...all day.  The next day I went to his house in the morning & we hung out all day.  He had to work the next morning & I was leaving in a couple days so I spent the night.
Since May 25th we've talked every day since.  We've called each other a few times since I've left Texas & have plans for when I'm back for a week in July.
I really like this guy y'all.  Like really, really like him.  He's so unlike any other guy I've ever met.  He's tall & handsome.  He's so funny & I can be 100% real with him.  He's so nice & he's just so...perfect.

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