Thursday, March 21, 2013

South Padre Island: Day 3

We missed free breakfast...again.  Seriously what hotel only runs breakfast from 7-9?  Especially when it's spring break.  We totally would have made it if it was until 10 everyday.  We went to the same place as we did the day before, this time without the shuttle.  Having rested most of the night before Darin, Devin, & Rody were ready to go.  Gregg & I on the other hand having hit it a lot harder were not so keen on the drinking idea.  We all still drank but definitely not as much.  I mostly drank so I didn't have to bring alcohol back with me. (I still ended up having to bring a bottle & some beer back.)

We headed back to Coca-Cola Beach for the day.  Here these young fellas are making their parents proud by being arrested in swimwear.  Later there was another guy being arrested & filmed for I assume the news.  You stay class South Padre.

 They had a Bic station set up so Gregg & Rody decided to get their faces shaved.  Even though they didn't need it I got my legs shaved just to have someone else do it for a change.  I got a free tank top out of the deal.  I also got a free hat from the National Guard stand.  Yay for free stuff.

Here we see parenting at it's best.  I get it.  People actually live on South Padre Island & take vacations there with their families.  However, there is NO need for you to take your small child into the Coca-Cola Beach area.  It is literally walled off & separated to the point where you need to be ID'd & have your bags checked.  Dear lady, please take your daughter elsewhere...she doesn't need to be around belligerent (see guy getting arrested for fighting), half naked, drunk people. 

These lovely church people were also at Coca-Cola Beach everyday telling everyone they were going to hell & what for.  It honestly made me miss college a little because they would come preach on a hill at my school just to get a rise out of people.  I also got into a verbal argument with these people at Mardi Gras last year.
After the beach we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the night.  Gregg & I ended up passing out for a few hours while the other boys got haircuts & did who knows what else.  When they came back we ordered pizza & showered before heading out to Louie's one last time.  We weren't there real long before heading to a smaller bar next door that had a live band.  It was a lot more chill & a good way to end our trip.  We ended up closing that bar down.  The next day we woke up, picked up the hotel room, & drove the 6 hours back to Houston.

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