Wednesday, March 20, 2013

South Padre Island: Day 2

After missing free breakfast at the hotel we went on a mission to find a place for breakfast.  First we headed back to the dive bar to get Bloody Marys.  After being told a place to get free breakfast we hopped on a free shuttle to get to the place.  Turns out not only had we been 2 blocks away so we could have just walked there, we got on a completely wrong shuttle that took us first off the island than back on the island where we basically toured the whole place before being dropped off ultimately where we had started the morning.
This time we took a cab so we could actually make it to Coca-Cola beach.  We had given up the day before because we started at the wrong end of the island.

Coca-Cola beach was hoppin but still not quite what I expected.  Honestly, I expected it to be a lot crazier than it ever got.  Most of those flags are college flags.

We all got separated again.  Devin & Rody went off to find girls, God knows where Darin went, & Gregg & I decided to try the National Guard challenge to get some free stuff.  Push-ups are apparently not my thing.  I still got the free towel anyway.
Once again we all found each other & just hung around the beach for awhile drinking.
Rody, Gregg, Darin, Me, Devin

They boys were all tired so Rody, Darin, & Devin napped while Gregg & I headed to the dive bar for a couple drinks so the others could rest before heading out for the night.
Rody, Darin, & Me

The plan: get a drink or two, go back for the other boys, go to the club.
What actually happened: Gregg & I went to the dive bar & got a couple drinks.  Those couple drinks led to us meeting & sitting with a group of Canadians in their probably 30s-50s.  Sitting with those people led to a few rounds of karaoke.  That led to us meeting a couple more people after the Canadians left.  Apparently Rody & Devin showed up at some point but I don't really recall that other than their vague existence.  The boys all played pool where I poured my heart out to the lady, again probably in her 30s-40s, about being the other girl which led to me trying to throw up while she sat in the bathroom with me.  That led to the boys taking care of my tab & getting me a cab back to the hotel while they went to the club.

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  1. ahhh vacation! sounds like you had a crazy fun time!