Tuesday, March 19, 2013

South Padre Island: Day 1

We arrived in South Padre around 1-1:30 on Saturday afternoon (3/9).

After getting all settled in at the hotel we all changed & headed to the beach.
Devin, Me, Gregg, Darin, Rody

Of course it being spring break & in Padre we decided to hit up a few beach bars & shots ensued.
Devin, Gregg, Darin, Rody

After a few hours at the beach we headed to the hotel to get ready for a couple drinks at a dive bar & then dinner.  The boys decided to be...well boys...& were wrestling around the hotel room.  This happened literally everyday.
Gregg & Rody

We finally made it to dinner.  Where we lost Darin.  He went to the bar with Gregg to get a drink & didn't return until we all magically showed up at the hotel at the same time.  Great start to the weekend.
Rody & Gregg

We changed once again & headed out to Louie's Backyard.  Within about 10 minutes we were all separated & doing our own thing.  Darin found some girl, Gregg went God knows where, Rody went up on that stage, Devin found people to smoke with, & I wandered around where I found someone I went to college with.  Gregg & I eventually ran into each other & tried to find everyone else.  After a few rounds of the bar & phone calls we decided to head back without them.
That would be where Gregg (drunkenly? semi-drunkenly? soberly?) confessed feelings for me which ended up in us hooking up & me crying about the whole thing, while he tried to hold me & calm me down, because he's been seeing someone one...sort of.  They work together & sometimes hang out outside of work but never with each other's friends...I don't know weird.  Whatever.  We were cool the rest of the weekend but have yet to talk about it & quite frankly I don't know that I want to.  He's a really great guy but a)I don't want to potentially ruin a friendship b)he is sort of seeing someone & c)he's ultimately not really my type.

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  1. Oh no! I'm sorry that your weekend ended with drama. Hope that it all clears up for you!