Saturday, November 16, 2013

Playing Tourist In My Own Town

I have lived in Tomball, Texas since August of 2012.  Guess how many times I've wandered around by myself...NONE.  It's really a shame too because I live in a cute little town.  There are two distinct parts of this town too.  There's the side where I spend most of my time because it's where everything I need is...and the side that I wish I spent more time in because it reminds me of your stereotypical small southern town.  Today I spent a couple hours wandering around antique shops, main street, & even woke up at 6 am to head to a park to watch the sunrise.  I decided that I need to do this more often.  I didn't explore as much as I wanted...or take nearly as many pictures because my camera died...but enough to remind me that "I may hate Houston...but I don't live in Houston.  I live in a cute little town with antique shops & a farmer's market every Saturday.  I live in a place where if you got me out of the city limits I could be happy here forever."  So now I just need to find someone to explore more of these places with me (I found 3 very cute little restaurants I didn't know existed) or man woman up & go at them alone. 

Tomball - Home of the Cougars (I'd kill to get a job in this district)


I loved the accidental bokeh effect that happened.

One of the many cute antique shops.

Different shops.

I love that they have this every Saturday I just need to start having cash so I can buy things.

Depot Plaza

I don't actually know these people...or really anyone in town for that matter...

One of the cute restaurants I didn't know existed.


People will literally make/buy anything...this is so creepy!

I want this more than you can imagine...

Old newspapers are at the top of things I love to find in antique stores...along with license plates & postcards with writing on them.

I need this sucker for my classroom.

Adorable book ends

License them!


  1. That Cabbage Patch Doll head thing is SO creepy!!

  2. The flag sign is pretty! Sounds like a cool place to live. Like you, I rarely go to the older district in our city. The things I need are pretty close together, and I just don't get out of my comfort zone very often. I'll have to go check out our oldtown!
    Jamie @ Coffee With Us 3