Thursday, September 12, 2013

That One Day I Ran A 5K & Bought A New Car

I was originally going to link up with "This Weekend I..." & talk about these but then this weekend took a dramatic turn & well I've basically been a zombie since Sunday evening.  At some point that story will come out too but for right now I'm not ready.  So instead I'll give you some happy news.
On Saturday September 7th I ran my first solo 5K.  Back in March I did the Warrior Dash with a few friends & in July I did the Color Run with some other friends, but this is the first one I've ever done by myself.  Honestly, I kind of liked it that way.  There was no pressure to wait for others or feeling like they were waiting on me. 
The night I came home from the Color Run I decided I wanted to do another 5K.  Since I wanted to do it alone though I didn't want it to be another fun run, I wanted it to be a race that meant something.  So I searched what 5K's were coming up in the Houston area & found the 9/11 Heroes Run.  Sold.  I signed up instantly with the intent to train regularly...that didn't happen.
I was so nervous for the race.  Luckily I had Mr. Fireman texting in the days leading up to the race constantly telling me that he believed in me.  The race was at 8 am with an opening ceremony starting at 7:30.  The race ending up starting a little late but I had no real other plans for the day so it was no big deal.  It was fairly cloudy & there was light breeze so it was perfect.  It even started raining for a little bit which made the run even better.  However, after the rain it got super humid & sunny which made the end of the race terrible.
I didn't have a real goal for the race other than finish it & I was just hoping I'd do it in under 45 minutes.  I know I definitely could've done better.  I walked more than I needed to but seeing as it was my first actual race & the weather got hot & humid fast I didn't want to over do it.  Even with my walking I ended up finishing it in 37 minutes & 25 seconds.  Now I have a goal to beat for my next one...whenever that may be.  I finished in the top half overall & in the top third for women overall.  I know I could've done better but considering it was my first race & that there were military personnel, police officers, fire fighters, & first responders running I'm quite pleased with where I finished.
So after the race was over I headed 30 minutes away to test drive a car.  My GPS got my slightly lost & told me that the dealership was a field...LIES!  So I tried the GPS again and found "it."  I saw a dealership on the other side of the freeway & assumed that to be it so I shut my GPS off.  It wasn't until I was in the salesman's office that I was at the wrong dealership & didn't have the heart to walk out & go next door after I marched in there asking about a certain car... Fortunately, it seemed as if the guy had nothing to offer me so I thought I was just going to leave & then head next door.  Wrong!  He did end up finding a car!  A 2010 Ford Fusion which is what I had been looking for.  So he tells me he found a gray 2010 Fusion & to sit tight while he brings it up front for me to test drive.  All while I'm sitting there thinking, "odd, the car I wanted to test drive was a gray 2010 Fusion."  So we take the test drive & I love it...that's when I get nervous & ask how much...'s the exact same price as the one I wanted to test drive.  It wasn't until all negotiations were over that I find out that this was in fact THE car I had gone to test drive.  They went to the dealership next door & got it.  I'm in love y'all.  Nervous now that I have a payment again, especially one that's more than my last one had been, but in love nonetheless.

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