Thursday, March 28, 2013

20 Things I Learned In College

I was doing my daily hourly check of Pinterest when I came across "20 Things I Learned In College...But Not In Class"  It linked me to this post.  I loved her list of 20 Things & wanted to create my own.

Mine is more of a "Dear College Self"

1. Quit your high school job & get one in your college town.  Leaving every weekend to work means less time spent with your new friends, making even more new friends, & really getting the whole "freshman experience"

2. Instead of spending your free time during the week doing absolutely nothing: study, do your homework, or join a club. 

3. You will meet tons of people in college so when you & your boyfriend break up for the first should probably be the last time.

4. Rent your textbooks...but don't do anything until you know if you're actually going to be using the book.

5. As romantic & grown up it seems to move in with your boyfriend at 19 years old...don't do it...accept your new friends you made in the dorms offer to live with them.

6. Carrying the entire contents of your trunk into your apartment in one trip IS possible & it will be the greatest tip you take away from college.

7. Rate My Professor will be your best friend.

8. That boy that you'll fall for your junior year & end up liking until past college...just tell him right away.

9. When someone suggests going to a party, a game, downtown, or anything really...DO IT.  You'll have plenty of time to just sit around at home when you have a "grown-up" job.

10. The friends you make freshman year will wind up being some of the most important people in your life.

11. If there's a club you want to it.  You're going to regret not doing it later & think of the friends you could make.

12. Take advantage of the dining hall as much as possible freshman year.  You may think it's kinda crappy but you're going to spend the remaining 4 years wishing you had a pass to eat there because you miss the food.

13. Make an attempt to be more to people in class!  The more friends the better!

14. Study abroad.  Not doing so will be one of your greatest regrets in life.

15. APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS...ALL OF THEM.  That way you won't be 80K in debt later.

16. Go on dates...even with people who you may not think are your type.

17. Just because it's easy...don't eat so much ramen & other crap.  You'll thank yourself later.

18. Take advantage of the fitness center & workout'll thank yourself for that too.

19. Work is important...but events like move in weekend, homecoming, & Halloween are more important during college.  Take those events off.

20. Your freshman neighbor who is a borderline alcoholic but a hell of a time will be the first one to become a mom a few years later...& she'll be great at it.

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  1. My favorites…
    #7 rate my professor will be your best friend (SO TRUE!!!)
    #18 take advantage of fitness center & workout class
    AND #20… your freshman neighbor who is a borderline alcoholic but a hell of a time will be the first one to become a mom a few years later & she’ll be great at it…. ---- thhat’s me!! I am so happy you wrote and she’ll be great at it :) !!!