Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Forgotten Update

My last Air Force update was 3 weeks ago!  2 days after I last posted I finally got ahold of the recruiter.  Here's what I learned:

-Even though I was on the fence about going in as an officer, I learned I cannot.  Why?  Well because due to what I majored in (education) & the GPA I graduated with (2.7) I'm not even in the competition.  Competitive majors include those along the lines of engineering.  Competitive GPAs include those 3.5 & higher. 

-I still have the option of going in as enlisted & he said based on the questions he asked I sound very qualified.  However, there is a current wait list to ship out that is at minimum 6 months long.  Which means I wouldn't be able to ship out until December at the earliest.  (My mom talked to a co-worker who's daughter is also trying to go in & her wait list was even longer...like a year+ longer)

-He then told me to keep thinking about it until June & if I'm still interested call him when I get back to Minnesota.

I then called me mom & told her everything he said + my worries.

Verdict: I'm not doing it. 
I know I was hoping to leave in January however, knowing that it could be a lot longer than that worries me because I can't afford to not have a job really for even 6 months let alone even longer.  Yes, I could sub...which was my plan but that would be cutting it close enough.  So if I'm going to have to get a job possibly for a year anyway...I should just keep teaching instead of getting some sub or retail job that won't really pay the bills.

Also, the lack of freedom & knowing how often I like to try new things & new places was starting to freak me out.  There are so many places I want to visit...maybe even live & so many things that I like to randomly do that joining the Air Force wouldn't let me do.  Especially because for the first year+ I would be in almost constant training.

Finally, the fact that I would be nearly 30 when I had the option of getting out REALLY freaked me out.  I know I'm still young but I am ready to start figuring my shit out & I feel like I would almost be putting my life on hold until then.

So I'm going to give the teaching thing another shot.  I've been doing A LOT of research on other places...especially Georgia.  I'm going to be applying in smaller towns (20K & less...10K & less would be ideal but I can't get too picky just yet) in Texas, Georgia, & Tennessee.  I recently passed 1 out of 2 tests that I need to in order to get my Texas teaching license.  I take the 2nd test on April 3.  If I don't pass that one I'll still have another shot but I'm also going to apply in Minnesota since that's the only place I currently hold a long term teaching license.

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  1. I'm sorry your Air Force plan won't work out, but I'm excited that you've decided to look at teaching again and have so many fun options!