Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When I Was...

Take a look back at 20, 21, 22, & 23

When I was 24...

I celebrated my birthday with a few friends at an outdoor concert.

Went back to MN for just over a week where I went deer hunting... the zoo with my 2 favorite kids...

...celebrated Thanksgiving Eve w/HS friends...

...saw my college friends...

...and celebrated Kickass cousin's 26th birthday (ahh that's me now!)

I went on my first date since my ex & I had broken up back in Oct 2010

I went to my first & last Houston Aeros game (they no longer exist)

Saw Stoney Larue in concert.

Went back home for 2 weeks at Christmas & celebrated with some friends from college.

Celebrated NYE in my college town & passed out before midnight...

Went to St. Arnold's Brewery for the first time.

I considered joining the Air Force (a thought that never really went away)

Went to Mardi Gras in Galveston

Visited Robyn for the first time in San Antonio for what would be come our annual rodeo tradition.

I went to South Padre for my first "real" spring break trip.

I ran my first 5k (Warrior Dash)...

...and saw Luke Bryan at the Houston Rodeo on the same day.

My friend Bridgette came down to visit me for what would become an annual Easter trip...& I met Art Teacher.

My family (& brother's now ex gf) came down to visit me.

I started spending more time with Art Teacher & other new friends...including what would become an annual crawfish birthday festival.

Got my 3rd tattoo

Chaperoned my 1st prom

Attended the World Beeries with some coworkers.

I completed my 1st year as a teacher!

I attended the Houston Beer Festival as a last hurrah before heading back to MN.

I road tripped home with my mama.

I met/saw Maiden Dixie

Was reunited with friends at the Buffalo Rodeo

Got to be the VERY first, as in even before her, to know what Kickass Cousin's 3rd baby was going to be.

Road tripped my ass back down to Texas to spend a week with Mr. Fireman over 4th of July.

Ran the Color Run...well we walked...there was a lot of walking & skipping around like fools.

Where I won VIP seats for none other than Eric Church.

Back in TX we had a trashy celebrity party to kick off the school year...or send out summer whatever.

I ran my first solo 5k (no that's not me...) the 9/11 Heroes run...

...and bought a car all by myself the same day! (The first 2 my dad was with me when I bought them)

Mr. Fireman & I took our first drop on our roller coaster of a "relationship"


  1. oh goodness, what a jam packed year. i am running (walking lol) my first colour run in june, so excited!

  2. Wow, lots of milestones and events in one year - I always love looking back and seeing what unexpected things took me by surprise each year!

  3. Some big events all in one year! It's nice to look back on those events over the years and see how things changed.
    Love this idea for a post.

  4. Why did you not join the Air Force? I love how many concerts you go to, so fun!

  5. Another great year with all the concerts!! Yay for your first 5k in this year!