Wednesday, February 18, 2015

When I Was...

My life at 20, 21, & 22.

When I was 23...

I threw myself 2 birthday parties...

...because golden birthday!

I celebrated Halloween in my hometown with some friends from high school.  (Actually I have no idea who the 2 girls on the left are...well I have a guess at 1 but definitely not the other...)

Went deer hunting again for the first time since I was probably 14ish...

Celebrated Thanksgiving Eve back in my hometown

Had a pub crawl with the greatest major in the world.

Threw myself 2 going away parties...

...before I moved to Texas.

I took my first solo road trip & moved myself down to Houston, TX for student teaching.

It was family at first sight for my roommates & I...

...with whom I'd spend the best/most exciting 4 months of my life pretty much to date.

My parents came to visit me.

I went to Mardi Gras!

My life in Texas Feb 2012 summed up in a 2 min video...

Spent 2 back to back weekends in Austin... of which we went on a self guided Dazed & Confused themed tour & ran into one of the guys from Eurotrip during SXSW

I went to the Houston rodeo for the first time & saw Miranda Lambert.

A 2.5 min video summary of March.

Attended the Opening Day of baseball.

Had a Texas family Easter picnic complete with baskets.

Went to the Titanic exhibit completely decked out.

Took myself down to Kemah...

...and over to San Antonio

& said goodbye to some of the greatest people I've ever met.

The month of April in 3 minutes.

I took an awesome road trip home with Kickass Cousin.

I graduated from college.

Got to see my friends from college for a Twins game.

Made it back to MN in time to attend the annual keggar in my hometown.

Had my 5 year HS reunion (that's not all of them...but fairly close ha)

Got my 2nd tattoo.

Kickass Cousin & I threw one of our cousin's a bridal shower...

...and a bachelorette party (remember the poles?!)

Attended a friend's deployment ceremony.

Moved myself back down to Texas to start my very first grown up job.  The drive & move were full of drama.

Flew back to MN to be in my cousin's wedding

Got to meet Josh Abbott...and part of Band

Saw Kip Moore...

...Justin Moore...

...& Eric Church in concert. (It was all one concert & I haven't seen a better line up yet)

I went horseback riding for the first time in way too long...and sadly haven't gone since.

I went up to Dallas/Fort Worth & saw the State Fair, the place where Kennedy was assassinated, & Chris Young in concert.

I was also a piss poor blogger at 23 so you'll just have to take my word for all of this...

23 is probably my favorite year on Earth.


  1. You did so many fun things! Namely concerts, weddings, bachelorette parties :)

  2. wow! you did so much! i love that you threw yourself 2 birthday parties and 2 going away parties.

  3. What a fantastic amount of things you did! And what a great idea to keep track of such a fun-filled time in your life. I love that you've embraced Texas - boots and all :)

  4. Its insane that you remember these years so well! Another great year for the books!

  5. Hahaha... isn't is funny when you find old pictures and you're like: Who the hell IS that person??? lol