Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Road Trip Home & What's Happened Since

I'm such a shitty blogger.  I think about blogging fairly often but I just don't do it.  So what have I been up to in the past 2 months since I last posted?  A lot and nothing all at the same time.  Let's see, for starters I had an amazing road trip home with my favorite cousin.

Friday 4/27 She flew down to Houston where we two-stepped the night away & I temporarily lost my cell phone in a cemetery.  The phone was just ready to die and apparently wanted to be left behind in a National Cemetery.

Saturday 4/28 We left early in the morning for our adventure.  (Excuse the lack of pictures...I'll make a video)  First stop: New Orleans.  We took the very long, & very scenic route.  We turned a 5 hour freeway drive into something like a 12 hour bayou back roads drive.  I loved every second of it though.  We drove along the Gulf of Mexico where we of course got out to take some pictures.  There never being a dull moment I got my car stuck in the sand while we were trying to leave & she had to get out and push the car while I steered us out.
...Perhaps I should back-up a couple of hours...
We made it approximately one hour away from my apartment when I was pulled over by a Texas State Patrol.  It went something like this...
*See a state patrol standing OUTSIDE of his car WITHOUT a speed gun*
Me: What's he going to do?  Look at a car & think oh they look like their speeding, better get BACK in my car & go after them?
...Well that is EXACTLY what he did.  I didn't realize just how far over I was going btw...I thought the speed limit was 75 not 65...So he turns on his lights & I pull to the side of the road.
Cop: Ma'am pull the car over
Me: How far does he want me to pull over?!
...He then comes up to the passenger side of the car hand on his gun...because I look REAALL terrifying. He then proceeded to talk about the WI governor, asked me to step out of the car while we chatted about what I was doing in TX & why I was leaving, and let me off with a warning but not before we straightened out who the MN & TX governors were.
Anywho, so we finally arrived in New Orleans late at night after being pulled over (fail), getting stuck in the sand (fail), getting stuck in the sand (fail), & seeing 0 alligators (fail). We walked around the French Quarter, saw Bourbon Street, & ate at Cafe Du Monde before heading back to our hotel & calling it a night.

Sunday 4/29 Knowing we had another long back road drive ahead of us we headed out early again.  Destination: Nashville.  We drove along the coast into Mississippi & then up through the state into Alabama.  Realizing that we still had a long drive ahead of us & there were things we wanted to see (The Chattahoochee, Rome GA, & a cave outside of Chattanooga) we decided to take the freeway for awhile.  We took the freeway all the way through the rest of Alabama & into Georgia where our first stop was the Chattahoochee River.  We needed to see for ourselves if in fact Alan Jackson was right about it being hotter than a hoochie coochie.  Right he was at a humid 90 some degrees.  Our stay at the river didn't last long because we still had a lot of ground to cover if we wanted to make it to that cave in time.  Long story short...we skipped Rome & still didn't make it to the caves in time.  We finally made it to Chattanooga real late at night where we sat for no lie, an hour, in stand still traffic due to construction.  I'm sure the Great Smokey Mountains are gorgeous but due to it being somewhere around 11-midnight...we couldn't really tell as we drove through them to Nashville.  We got to the hotel and crashed.  OH!  Dead Dilla game.  During day 2 drive we noticed that there were a lot, & I mean A LOT, of dead armadillos on the side of the road.  We decided to turn it into a game with points & everything (who calls it first...loss of points if you're wrong...etc) of course by the time we made the rules they all disappeared, but now we know for next time.

Monday 4/30  There was really only one thing I absolutely HAD to see in Nashville so we drove to the Grand Ole Opry, took a picture, got in trouble for driving/parking somewhere we shouldn't due to that's where the musicians are (fail), and then headed out of town.  There was nothing that either of us really wanted to see in Kentucky or Indiana (we were headed to Chicago) so we agreed that we'd had enough back roads for awhile & freeway-ed it the whole way there.  We did make one pit stop at Mammoth Cave National Park.  We had missed the tour and didn't have time to wait around for the next one so we headed as far into the cave by ourselves as they would let us.  It wasn't far but it was sufficient.  When we got to Chicago it was cold & rainy.  So much for the nice warm & sunny weather I had left behind me in Texas.  We walked around downtown, saw the bean, went to Navy Pier, at real Chicago style pizza from Giordanos (or something like's famous I guess ha), & then went back to our 1970s inspired hotel.  While at the Pier we rode the giant ferris wheel and attempted to take some skyline pictures.

Tuesday 5/1 The day we headed home.  I really wanted to see Wrigley Field so before leaving we headed over there so I could take some pictures.  It was the point in the trip where you've had a lot of fun, you're still having fun, but you also just want to be home.  I was ready to be home again for the first time in 4 months but I also didn't want the trip to end.  We took the freeways again through Wisconsin and into Minnesota.  There were no real stops except for the normal road trip stops this time.  We both agreed that Wisconsin is gorgeous and at times forgot that we were in WI not MN.  They are an awful lot alike after all.

...Not much has really happened since.  I graduated college on May 5, had my grad party May 12, and have been working 25-40 hours a week since.  I did recently have my 5 year reunion and managed to make it to a single Twins game.  After applying to well over 70 school districts I finally got a job offer back down in Texas.  So in just 7 short weeks I'll be headed back down there, this time it'll be for a lot longer than 4 months though...

**If you read all of this give yourself a pat on the back**

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