Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Road Trip 1.5 Brianne 0.5

I woke up this morning & since I only had a 5.5 hour drive, I should have gotten to Dallas about 3:45, I decided to call the electric company & cable/internet company to get that set up.  I call the electric company first.  They cannot process it over the phone because I don't have a Texas drivers what?  But have no fear all I have to do is fax over my license along with my apartment information.  Done deal.  It was going to take until Friday night to have electric but I was going to get it.

I call Comcast & get my cable/internet set up no problem.  They told me that they also worked with a company to set up electric.  ...Should've called them first...

I get most of the way through Oklahoma when I get a phone call saying that they could not process my request because I am not from Texas.  Sweet... So I called them & cancelled my service.

I then spent the next hour on the phone with my new electric company.  They couldn't process my request.  Why?  Because the other company didn't actually cancel my request.

So...I call the old company back & they finally cancel it.  I call my new one back & BAM I will have electricity tomorrow.

I totally treated myself to steak.  I had an amazing steak, loaded baked potato, & salad delivered to my hotel room.  $26 & totally worth it.

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