Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Texas So Far

I arrived in Tomball, Texas around 2-2:30 in the afternoon on Thursday the 9th.  I got a bed for my apartment, signed my papers, found a bank, & got all of my boxes moved into my apartment.  My neighbor is nice, the apartment lady is nice, the people at my bank are nice.  All is fairly well as far as people go.  I already have a few friends down here from when I was in Texas before which is nice.  The downfall is that they are all 30+ minutes away from me.  I need to make friends in my town somehow.  I know I'll meet more teachers but they will be just as far away and driving that far to see people all the time is a lot of gas money.

The cable/internet situation is a whole other story.  As you already know I was all set-up to go with Comcast.  I had the equipment sent to my house to save myself $50 of having someone do it for me.  It was really easy to set up, however, no one ever came to hook-up my outside cable.  They were supposed to do so on Thursday but either couldn't or didn't.  Someone was then supposed to come yesterday but once again didn't or couldn't.  I called today pissed.  The soonest someone could come out? Tomorrow.  That doesn't work for me however because I will be in meetings until at least noon if not longer & they don't give you a time of when they are showing up & I have to be present.  Plus, I was so sick of dealing with them.  I talked to 6+ people from Comcast from 8:30-11 today.  I was supposed to be called back twice & wasn't either time.  I finally called back a final time & told them I was not going to deal with them anymore & to cancel any outstanding appointments I have because I'm going to return their equipment.

So now? Now I have ATT.  It's $30 a month cheaper, I get free DVR, & I'm hoping they are a lot easier to deal with.  The downfall?  Because I waited until just now to do so the soonest I can have it hooked up is Sep. 1.  They have weekdays open as soon as the 22 but I will be in meetings all day & therefore cannot be there when they show up.  I'm hoping to turn my phone into a hotspot until then.  It's $14.99 but it's cheaper and easier than coming to Starbucks everyday.  I've spent almost that in the 3 times I've been here & that's nearly 3 weeks away.  I'm sad that I'm missing Shark Week but really I'll be in meetings for most of it anyway.  I can live without cable/TV I did so for 4 months & survived just fine.  I can still watch movies on my laptop & will have plenty to do during the week until then.  The internet is a whole other story.  I can't really prep lessons & such without it and classes start the 27th.

Very long story short: Comcast sucks & I will never ever deal with them again.  Also, as much as I do love Texas once I'm down here...the past week of my life has made me so ready to move home next year.

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